4/8/2014 I acquired on a truck that they had posted online for $34,500 including custom black wheels ( according to the website ). I test drove the truck and was really interested in buying the truck. After going over the price, I was informed the black wheels were not included in the online price, so the price was actually $38,500. I fought for days with them, went to the store manager and the vice president of the company, only to get $750 off the wheels. I told them numerous times that I would buy the truck for $34,500 with the wheels and they would not budge. False advertising and would not honor the price online. They stated that the company could not take a hit of $4,000 ( which is understandable if the mistake was not made ). When I make a mistake at my company, my company takes the hit in order to please the customer, what happened to the customer is always right ? Besides this situation, salesman were extremely pushy after I stated numerous times I would not buy the truck without consulting my fiance. Overall terrible experience and will not recommend Bergstrom to anyone I come across, should have taken the $4,000 hit on the rims because I will make sure this company loses customers left and right !
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Dissatified Customer on 4/8/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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