BBB/LJR Ethics Scholarship

The BBB is looking for ethical business students attending the Dillard College of Business at MSU. Our proceeds from the annual Torch Award luncheon fund this scholarship. We give away several thousand dollars every year to MSU students. This scholarship is called the Better Business Bureau/Louis J Rodriguez Ethic Scholarship and was created in 1999.

Requirements include:

  • Recipient must be a permanent US resident and live in one of the sixteen counties in North Central Texas served by this BBB.
  • Recipient must be enrolled in at least 6 hours and have declared a major in the Dillard College of Business.
  • The application requires two letters of recommendation and an essay in which the student must describe a situation where you witnessed someone's ethical decision making practices-either positive or negative and how it influenced you.

If interested, go online to MSU’s scholarship page and fill out the application.