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Gold Star Window Cleaning Inc

Phone: (206) 817-4082Fax: (425) 806-0871

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Customer Complaints Summary

3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (3)BBB Closure Definitions
01/06/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel

Complaint: Requested service was not provided in timeframe agreed to at initial project discussion. Business owner threated customer when service was cancelled due to weather conditions. Homeowner was told the work WOULD BE COMPLETED DESPITE HER REQUEST to cancel/reschedulE, the HOMEOWNER DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHANCEL THE SERVICE BECAUSE SHE HAD SIGNED A CONTRACT.

Homeowner's stated plan was to RESCHEDULE the service during appropriate weather and in fact HAD NOT signed a contract.

Business owner became verbally abusive when home owner indicated she actually had not signed a contract. Business owner threated that he was going to go ahead and do the work, that there was no weather problem with doing the work at this time, and that home owner would have to pay for the service.

This is in the context of below freezing temperatures for several days and below freezing temperature on the day the service was to be completed and the process would use water to pressure wash the roof, windows, gutters, and side walks.

Business owner indicated that "he should not have trusted the homeowner) and that he knew more about the homeowner than he wanted to". Business owner hung up on Customer twice when she tried to calmly explain her reasons for postponing the service.

Homeowner sent an email to the business explaining her reasons and indicating that she felt the business owner had acted inappropriately and she would be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Initial Business Response
Howdy- Told *** was a 500.00 job- she couldn't afford that so I discounted to 400.00 just for Dec 2013- told her price 500.00 latter date- *** agreed to price- set date- temp dropped so called her would be there on date forecasted proper temp- # days later she cancelled according to her- I had a garbled message on my phone could not understand- when arrived gave my son excuses- to cold etc. Went next door did her neighbor- **** loved the job- honest person- person of her word- I called *** told her past 3 days of signed contract- to late to cancel- more expenses got upset defensive- informed me she didn't sign the contract- then I remembered I was leaving and noticed I forgot to have her sign contract- had done same job for her # yrs ago and said didn't have to sign cuz I trusted her not to cancel-she agreed- I did find out more about her than I wanted to know didn't I- she cancelled because she decided she didn't want to spend the money in other words in my opinion her word could be bought for a lousy $395.00- The minute I realized what I was dealing with I hung up she called back said we got disconnected- I told her I hung up on her- she got aggressive so hung up again- my job is not to listen to whiners- she moved in to the victim mode immediately- she categorized her self in my opinion by her actions- they (actions) speak so loud don't they. Guess hurt her ego so wrote BBB hoping to get back at me. In my opinion- we nail it 98% of the time- 2% we don't- After 31 yrs owning this business the **** of this world are forgotten when I get off the phone- it was worth 395.00 just to find out my judgement still isn't as good as I thought- Somewhat humbling huh!- Guess *** sent me a email-didn't know until you sent info from BBB- my wife is a real lady and would never show me a email like that she heard conversation with *** and knew I was not inappropriate- just told her the truth and in my opinion her self image couldn't handle truth- wish *** all the best in future just doesn't qualify as a customer in future- you can tell a lot about a person by what it takes for them to get upset. Last time I will respond

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response from **** from Gold Star is consistent his attitude and behavior during the phone conversations that precipitate my complaint.

My goal in submitting this complaint was to document his behavior and threats. He had indicated that he was going to perform the work regardless of my requests that he not do so.

I am satisfied to the extent that Gold Star did not try to perform the work against my wishes. I would not recommend this vendor to others because of ****'s lack of professional demeanor and his aggressive behavior and inability to negotiate a positive resolution to a conflict with a customer.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined the company provided proper verification that indicated there was no obligation to resolve the issues of the complaint.

10/23/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel

Complaint: *** ******* apparently feels it is appropriate to lie to customers, get water inside their homes, no allow them time to see what the damage is and then try to intimidate them into paying prior to allow them to inspect the work and potential damage. He has now threatened to place a lien against my house since he didn't get his check immediately even thoug damage had not yet been assessed. 1st) He never at any time told me that payment immediately upon completion was a requirement. 2nd) I never agreed to pay him immediately upon completion. Having said that I probably woulf have agreed to those terms until it bacame obvious that his workmen had potentially dmaage the ceiling system and insulation in the roof.

Initial Business Response
It is always our policy to please every customer. ** ******** did not want our help. We tried to speak with him, and he refused our help. We are sorry ** ******** feels as he does. I'm sorry this is late getting to you. I was in the hospital and **** -my husband was overwhelmed with my situation. Sincerely,
****** *******.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It is quite obvious that *** ******* has a very selective memory and has used just enough of the truth in his response to sound legitimate. That fact that he talked to my wife over the course of two years is accurate. The fact that I called him to see about getting the roof cleaned is accurate. The fact that I told him I did not want a pressure washer used on my roof is accurate. The fact that His worker got water inside my house is accurate. Very little else in *** *******'s statement is accurate.

*** ******* specifically told me he did not use a pressure washer, but did have a "special machine" made exclusively for cleaning roofs. As I have previously stated, that "special machine" turn out to be a pressure washer. You can call a horse a duck, but that doesn't make it one. A horse is still a horse and a pressure washer is still a pressure washer even if *** ******* chooses to call it something different.

I have had three separate evaluations done on the roof since *** *******'s employee was here and finished his work. Each of them independently came to the conclusion that the work done by *** *******'s employee took years off the life of the roof and in several places all the granular material was removed from the composition shingles, exposing nothing but the tar underneath. At least one of these folks that provided an evaluation of the situation is recognized by the courts as an expert witness. Two of these folks were not even told that a pressure washer had been used on the roof until they had done their evaluation and tried to understand what could have done so much damage to the roof.

It is now apparent that we will need to replace the roof very soon. If we are lucky we will probably not need to do that until next spring when the weather improves. I have had two separate bids to get the roof replaced. The lowest bid so far is more than 7500 + tax. If one assumed the best case scenario for *** *******, where his roof cleaning took only two years off the life of the roof, the resulting dollar amount of damage would be in excess of $500. If on the other hand the damage done by his use of the pressure washer took five years off the life of the roof, the resulting loss to the life of the roof would be more than $1,250. Either one of these damage loss dollar figures is more than the $450 he thinks he deserves.

As for *** *******'s ability to demonstrate respect, I'm not at all sure he is able to show respect to anyone.

Now on to another matter. I have contacted the department of Labor and Industries and have been informed, by them, that *** ******* business is not licensed to clean roofs or use a pressure washer, which then means he is not bonded for that activity either even though he is taking these roof cleaning jobs and representing himself as being licensed and bonded for cleaning roofs. I believe that is called fraud or at least that is what the department of Labor and Industries calls it. According to the Department of Labor and Industries *** ******* is licensed and bonded for window cleaning only. The Department of Labor and Industries was also very interested to know that *** *******'s employee was not tied off while working on the roof, which is required by Washington State Law, and yes we have eye witnesses to support that also.

As opposed to *** *******'s statement which primarily couched with phrases such as "in my opinion" or referring to his pressure washer as a "special machine", up to this point I have cited only facts. Now I will express an opinion. I believe that the only reason *** ******* has had as few complaints as he has is due primarily to the fact that very few if any of his clients have had an expert go onto the roof after the work was done and have any possible damage done evaluated. Quite frankly we probably wouldn't have taken that step either if it wasn't for the fact that his employee had gotten water into the house.

My advice to *** ******* is to cut his losses before the damage to his reputation suffers any more than it already has. There certainly are other measures I can pursue if it becomes necessary. As stated in my previous response, I would much rather just agree that we both made a mistake and move on with our lives. I agree that he made a bad choice is deciding to do work for someone that actually expects work to be done correctly and stand up under scrutiny by experts. I agree that I made a poor choice in allowing someone to do work on my house without doing my normal due diligence.

Final Business Response
Over a 2 year period I spoke with *** ******** twice. they had moss and stain on their roof and if left on it could damage it. They had a real mess. Approximately 2 years, ** ** ****** called and wanted his roof cleaned. but not with a pressure washer. I explained to him we could leave roof looking great but not without using a machine. I explained, that in my opinion he had 3 choices. 1. he could have someone scrape and brush roof but that would get part of the moss off-but not the moss growing under the shingles. the roof would still look stained .Some businesses charge 300-400$ for this and in my opinion the value for money spent to do it is not there. 2. He could have someone use a high volume air blower but it would not get all the moss off or the stain. the roof would look just as bad in less than 2 years , in my opinion. 3. we could clean it with our lower velocity pressure washer and it would look beautiful. We have cleaned approx 15-20,000 roofs with this in 30 years. we have had great results and happy customers and no damage. In fact, we have cleaned roofs for the same customers every 5-6 years for 30 years! Happy customers. The word pressure washer is a very broad term and misleading. . some are so strong =3500 psi -they could do a roof in 2-3 hours.that is too strong in my opinion. our machine is less than half that psi and takes us approximately 8 hours to clean a roof. then we also clean the inside and outside of gutters and wash all the outside windows. Then we clean up all debris and haul it away. After talking to *** ** ****** he said to come clean his roof. Explained that he would give *****-our employee who has been with us for 20 years-a check after job was completed. he agreed.
** ******** has a large vent across the top of his roof. We are always careful to not spray water at wrong angle but when ***** was cleaning roof some water splashed upward and got in the vent. An honest mistake but none the less we were responsible. ***** called me immediately. I called ** ******** immediately and explained that we would let it dry out for a couple of days. He said ***** could finish the job of cleaning the roof. there were no other water issues and the roof looked beautiful. (Note: over the years some homes have leaky vents or skylights-it usually drips through a light fixture with no long term effect.) this job took ***** over a day to complete. we charged $750.00. explained that we guarantee no moss return for first 2 years but many homes don't have moss return for 4 years which has been proven out over our 31 years. When I called him about the check he said he would not pay till he opened up his roof and checked for damage. He said he could not trust us to do it because we lied about using a pressure washer. Oh, Really? After I explained two times in our original conversation that we use a low pressure machine? So he refused our help..
When I spoke to him again he told me he had torn it open himself and damaged the wood in the process.. We would have paid my carpenter to open it up free of charge to him and let him see the results. We would have made sure it was satisfactory to him.- dry and no damage He choose not to let us do that. We offered. We would have gotten paid and everyone would have been happy. I am very disappointed in ** ********. . He can send us a check for $450.00.. we will send him a receipt marked Paid in full when the check clears and move on. This will pay ** ******** 300 dollars for the damage he created .
**** *******

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

08/15/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel

Complaint: I hired Gold Star to pressure wash my house, decky and patio cover. They were unable to complete the cleaning of the patio cover to my approval. The workers were wonderful and their supervisor offered to take $100 off the bill. When I called the owner regarding this he inferred that it wasn't worth taking $100 off and that he now knew "more than he wanted about what kind of person I was". He then hung up on me. I feel that it was a direct insult and is not acceptable. Again I want to stress that the workers who did the job were very good at their work and polite.

Business' Initial Response
At this time we have provided the customer with $100 off and wish the customer to not call us again. We do not feel an apology is necessary.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Not only will I not call the company again, but I will make sure all of my contacts know not to use this company for any work. While the workers did a great job the Management is very unprofessional. The only reason they gave me the $100 off was at the suggestion of the workers supervisor. The owner told me that as far as he was concerned he did not want to give me the discount even though they were unable to complete the job as agreed.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

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