Scam Alerts
This afternoon, unknown scammers began sending a wave of bogus emails to business owners and consumers. These emails were disguised to look like Better Business Bure..
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Next time you call the customer service department of your credit or debit card, be sure to double check the number. Scammers are purchasing phone numbers similar to thos..
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March 25, 2015 - London, ON - BBB is warning consumers to double check any correspondence coming from Canada Post by email as it is likely a phishing scam. How the scam..
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Looking for an easy way to supplement your income? Don't fall for fake emails that offer to pay you $300 a week for simply wrapping your car with a company logo. How the ..
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It’s one of those scams that just keeps reappearing… each time with a new twist. The customer survey scam is back, this time as a phishing email that tries to trick you i..
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