Use Caution When Responding to "Free" Water Tests

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers to use caution when responding to Door to Door salespeople offering “Free” water tests.
November 06, 2013

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers to use caution when responding to Door to Door salespeople offering “Free” water tests.
Recently there has been an increased amount of consumer inquiries coming into the BBB regarding companies that are soliciting their services in this manner.

Calls to the BBB allege that the salesperson implies that they are working for the municipality or that the “Free” water tests are sponsored by a government agency. Once in your home these companies use high pressure sales tactics to get the homeowner to purchase a water purifier.

Despite claims made by salespeople, local authorities closely monitor water treatment plants to assure that only safe drinking water is available. If you doubt that your municipal or private (well) water supply is safe, your water can be tested.

The Ministry of the Environment regulates the water testing industry and water testing must comply with the Ministry of the Environment standards. For a list of certified water testing labs contact the Ministry of the Environment at 1-800-565-4923or go to

BBB would like to remind consumers that you do not have to decide immediately whether you want to buy the products or services being offered to you. Reputable sales people will not pressure you, and will give you time to think about the purchase and compare offers from other companies.

BBB provides the following advice if you are looking to purchase a water purifier:

  • Get estimates in writing, and be sure to get more than one quote so you can compare prices.
  • Ask for a detailed description of the product and service they will provide for you so you can get a fair comparison when receiving quotes.
  • Investigate all claims made by the seller,and ensure that the product will meet your needs. Different Water filters are designed for different uses, some will remove contaminants while other will simply make the water taste better.
  • Depending on the work needed ensure the company has the proper licensing and find out if any plumbing permits or inspections are required.

In Ontario consumers have 10 days to cancel a contract signed in their home. This cancellation must be done in writing and you must be able to prove that you cancelled the contract. Proof by registered mail, fax, or an e-mail receipt are best. This of course applies only if the installation of the product has not been completed.

Check the company’s report with the BBB by calling 519-673-3222 or visit our website