BBB's Top 10 Complaints and Inquiries for 2016

January 13, 2017

London, ON – 2016 was another busy year for BBB Serving Western Ontario. We received nearly 1,600 complaints, published over 1,000 BBB verified customer reviews, and fielded almost over 500,000 inquiries through our website. That’s a lot of work to stuff into one year, not to mention our other big projects like Top 10 Scams, our coveted Business Integrity Awards, and dozens of public and trade show appearances. Now that the smoke has cleared, we can now show the public the Top 10 industries that get the most complaints, and the Top 10 types of businesses that people inquire about when looking for a service provider.

“Some of the types of business that get the most complaints do so because they are very large businesses, we expect that,” says Ashley Casselman, Communications Manager for BBB Serving Western Ontario. “Others have little oversight when it comes to guidelines and regulations.”

The Top 10 Complaints by Type of Business:

  • Health Clubs: 59 complaints
  • Auto Dealers: 57 complaints
  • Safety Consultants: 54 complaints
  • Furniture - Retail: 43 complaints
  • Roofing Contractors: 37 complaints
  • Home Improvements: 32 complaints
  • Windows: 24 complaints
  • Financial Services: 23 complaints
  • Internet Services: 23 complaints
  • Concrete Contractors: 22 complaints

The Top 10 BBB Inquiries by Type of Business:

  • Roofing Contractors: 30,740 inquiries
  • Home Improvements: 28,480 inquiries
  • Auto Dealers: 20,153 inquiries
  • Charities: 15,746 inquiries
  • Auto Repair & Service: 11,651 inquiries
  • Windows: 11,627 inquiries
  • Health Clubs: 10,583 inquiries
  • Heating & Air Conditioning: 10,552 inquiries
  • Plumbers: 8,713 inquiries
  • Concrete Contractors: 7,880 inquiries

“What BBB means by inquiry is that a consumer has searched our database for information on a type of business or particular business,” says Casselman. “The consumer may be looking to hire a service provider and wish to view their BBB Business Profile or they may be looking for information on a company they think might be questionable. With almost 20,000 Western Ontario businesses in our database, there is lots of information to share.”

The Top 10 BBB Customer Reviews by Type of Business:

  • Auto Repair - Windshield, Glass Shops: 75 reviews
  • Roofing Contractors: 59 reviews
  • Audio-Visual Consultants: 54 reviews
  • Auto Dealers: 50 reviews
  • Home Improvements: 35 reviews
  • Windows: 17 reviews
  • Air conditioning & Heating Contractors: 16 reviews
  • Pest Control Services: 13 reviews
  • Credit & Debt Counseling: 12 reviews
  • Eavestroughing: 11 reviews

"There is more transparency in BBB Business Reviews now because of the access to what BBB has to say about a company and what customers are saying in their reviews," says Casselman. Customer reviews are not posted immediately on a company's BBB Business Review. Before the review is posted, the reviewer must verify their submission by clicking on an email link sent by BBB. Businesses are notified by email each time a customer review is posted to their BBB Business Review, and are given the opportunity to publicly respond and alert BBB if the reviewer did not have an interaction with their company.

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