Use Caution When Purchasing DIY Legal Kits Online

July 27, 2011
Do-it-yourself legal kits may provide consumers with a low cost to method to write legally binding contracts or agreements without the services of a lawyer. Some examples include Separation Agreement, Pardon, US Waiver, Living Will, and Last Will & Testament Kits

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging consumers to use caution when purchasing these kits online. Not all legal kits are the same and neither are the companies that sell them.

The BBB has received a number of complaints from consumers regarding problems using the legal kits purchased online. In many cases when the consumer contacts the company who sold the kit they receive little to no customer service and in some cases inappropriate and abusive responses.

If you are considering purchasing DIY Legal Kits Online:

  • Make sure you are purchasing the legal kit you need.
  • Ensure kit is up to date & written by legal professionals.
  • If you are downloading the forms from a website make sure you read the instruction and understand the terms.
  • Check the company‚Äôs BBB Business Review to see if there are any unanswered or unresolved complaints