Use Caution When Buying Water Purifiers

January 28, 2011

Recently companies have been calling homeowners on the telephone or going door to door in an attempt to sell water purifiers by stating that your drinking water may be unsafe or dangerous.

Despite such claims made by a salesperson, local authorities closely monitor water treatment plants to assure that only safe drinking water is available. If you doubt that your municipal or private (well) water supply is safe, your water can be tested.

The Ministry of Environment regulates the water testing industry and water testing must comply with The Ministry of Environment standards. The Ministry of Environment’s drinking water hotline 800-565-4923 can provide a list of certified water testing labs.

The BBB suggests that you not make a hasty decision. If you do decide to buy a water purifier, comparison shop, investigate all claims made by the seller, learn what plumbing permits and inspections are required, and check to see if the unit meets the Ministry of Environment regulations.