London Police Service issues ATM Scam Alert.

November 22, 2010
The London Police Service is warning the public of an increase in scams in relation to ATM's.

Suspects approach unsuspecting members of the public claiming to be having problems cashing a "cheque" and desperately needing cash to purchase items such as diapers for their children.

The victim is talked into depositing the "cheque" into their account using an ATM and withdrawing the cash. The suspect then gives the victim a small token, such as twenty dollars, for their trouble.

Within days the bank will determine that the "cheque" is either counterfeit, or was not actually put into the envelope, and the victim will be held responsible for all money lost.

Recent occurrences have seen the suspect targeting teenagers around local high schools.

Be very aware of the risks of cashing cheques, or being involved in any financial transactions with strangers.