Prize Giveaways: What You Should Know!

July 07, 2014

If you attend an event where a free trip giveaway is offered, find out about the company as much as possible. It’s easy to give out your information:  phone number, address, and email in hopes of winning a prize. What can happen as a consequence can be a complete nuisance and even cost you some money.

Some of these prize giveaways are enticements to get your personal information. After signing up for a prize giveaway, you may begin receiving spam email or unwanted calls. You may not have won anything at all, but the business did!  They see you now as a potential business lead.  Ethical businesses will tell you exactly what they will do with your information, including NOT giving it out to 3rd parties for more spam and nuisance calls. This is something you need to ask:  “What will you do with my personal information once they have it?”

Apart from nuisance spam and calls, there may be hidden costs or unwanted fees tied to a prize-giveaway. Recently, a man from the Northern Indiana area reported having won a free trip to the Bahamas for 9 days and 8 nights from one of these prize giveaways. Supposedly, the trip he had won was to be given free and clear with no strings attached, but then $124.80 was deducted from his bank account. Had he researched the company on in advance, he may have learned of negative customer experiences with the company, which might have prevented him from entering the contest in the first place.

It’s always good to check companies out, before doing business with them and even signing up for prize giveaways. If possible before making a decision, visit our website at or the BBB iPhone App. This feature can be downloaded, by visiting iPhone’s App store.

Here are the features you will find on the BBB App. For more questions contact the Better Business Bureau at your location. Certainly, let us know if you learn of any shady business practices with any prize giveaways. Our aim is to help!