Local Company Takes Money and so Far is Leaving Consumers High and Dry!

July 01, 2014

poolThere is no swimming yet at the homes of two area residents this 4th of July holiday weekend, despite these consumers reportedly having paid Doughboy Construction thousands of dollars for swimming pools that were promised to have been installed weeks ago. 

Polly Stilson from Spring Lake reported that her family purchased an above-ground Doughboy pool and installation from Jack McCoy, owner of Doughboy Construction in Zeeland on May 5, 2014. The pool and installation were contracted to cost $6,600.  The local resident paid $5,000 to McCoy, who reportedly promised installation on June 3rd.  Since then Polly reports that McCoy gave seven more dates to install, and three times he even said he was on his way, but he did not show up.  

A home owner in Hastings says her family paid for a pool from Doughboy Construction on April 27, 2014.  Jack McCoy reportedly told them the pool would be installed on May 7th, 8th, and 9th. He did not show up again until May 11, and reportedly dug a deep hole in their backyard.  McCoy collected the other half of the money for the pool on that visit, and had not been back until this morning. This family's small children have not been going outside into their yard because of the dangers of falling into the mud hole, and the mosquitoes are thick.  The consumer says she has been in contact with Jack McCoy daily trying to get him out to their site and he has had a different excuse every day.  Hopefully with McCoy on site today, the pool will be installed and working properly very soon.

Jack McCoy responded to the BBB about complaints from these two consumers last night.  He e-mailed us that the bad weather had put him "60 pools behind schedule". He provided pictures of a consumer's new pool in boxes. He said that "2 months of rain or freezing cold non liner setting weather" had caused this situation.

BBB investigation has determined that Doughboy Construction is not licensed in the State of Michigan to do the work it is contracting to provide.  It is also apparent in looking at the Doughboy Construction website and Facebook page that both may be attempting to give the impression that Doughboy Construction is affiliated with Doughboy Pools.   BBB has talked with the regional representative from Doughboy Pools Corporation, and Mr. McCoy's business is not authorized to sell Doughboy Pools.   BBB also talked with a representative of Findlay Pools, who told us that they only sell to distributors and have no direct contact with retailers or installers.

BBB is warning area residents who are considering purchasing a pool, or pool installation, to be aware of  the complaints related to Doughboy Construction of Zeeland.  BBB also is giving more general advice for all construction and installation purchases.  If you are considering making a significant purchase, check out the business first at bbb.org to assist you in determining if a business is trustworthy.  If you are having any type of construction done that requires licensing from the state, make sure the company doing the work is properly licensed and  verify the company is insured to cover any damage they may do in the process of their work.