BBB New Ratings Get Solid Grade From Consumers

February 06, 2009



News Release #020209
Issued: 02-06-2009
Contact: Ken Vander Meeden
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BBB New Ratings Get
Solid Grade From Consumers

Initial feedback to the BBB from both consumers and businesses has been positive according to local BBB of Western Michigan President, Ken Vander Meeden.

“Our new letter grade ratings (A through F) have been noticed by both inquiring consumers and concerned businesses. While our 24,000 local reliability reports have always contained detailed information, the use of school-type grades has garnered immediate feedback of a company’s trustworthiness.”

Consumers in every type of industry can relate to what our “A” report means and in these challenging economic times, being “accredited” by the BBB coupled with an A or B grade can encourage consumers to seek out the more credible companies.

Vander Meeden noted:

“Our regional western Michigan BBB is one of the first to implement ratings but all of the 115 U.S. Bureaus will be on-board in the next 60 to 90 days. Collectively, having over 4 million reports with grades will assist both consumers and reputable businesses in making better purchase decisions and better customer service decisions.”

All BBB reports are located at As a side note, Vander Meeden stated,

“The 1,000 plus D & F reports in our regional database generate a much needed response from those businesses seeking to find out how they can improve their grade in the future. We got their attention with these poor grades and it will benefit everyone if they too improve their performance.”