National Consumer Protection Week Daily Tip #3: Beware of that promise of free money!

March 05, 2014

Free Money? It's probably a scam.  Like many other Americans, you may know someone who has fallen victim to emails, letters, or phone calls saying that you've won large sums of money through international lotteries.  However, these lotteries not only promote illegal activity (playing the international lottery is illegal), they end up taking more money from you than they claim that you've won.  Participating in these so called lottery offers makes you more susceptible to other telemarketers.  Your name will be placed on a list that is sold to other scammers.


If you receive these tempting messages, say NO to them (we know, it's hard!) and take the following measures instead:


  • Always remember to keep your identity and credit card information secure.
  • If you receive international lottery material, send it immediately to the attention of your local postmaster as well as your BBB.


As tempting as an offer of "free" money can be, these offers are neveractually free.  The fraudsters may request that you send them a sum of money and in return they will send you your award.  Don't be a victim, and say NO to tempting international lotteries!  Be sure to warn all of your family and friends as well.