BBB Announces New Website Feature

February 27, 2014

Starting with trust is important to you, so we'd like to introduce you to the newest feature on our Business Reviews: the Trust Button. Along with our existing features, like checking if a business is BBB Accredited, viewing its BBB rating, or seeing its complaint history, you can now let others know about businesses that you trust.


Do you trust a business? Simply go to the company's Business Review at your local BBB's website ( On the Review, you can click the company's Trust Button and share your support of the organization via your Facebook or Twitter account. This provides friends and family with a link to read the company's BBB Business Review. Your BBB's Trust Button can only be clicked once, so each separate user who clicks the button will increase the trust count for the business by one.


Phil Catlett, President and CEO of the BBB serving Western Michigan, says, "The Trust Button will make BBB Business Reviews even more useful and interactive.  Positive experiences with local businesses are easily shared and understood by consumers using to inform their buying decisions.  If you trust a local business, show your support by clicking the Trust Button on their Business Review to show your feelings about that business!"