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Pella Windows By Horne

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Customer Complaints Summary

3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

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Complaint Resolution Log (3)BBB Closure Definitions
09/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Pella Windows by Horne REFUSES to stop soliciting despite many requests
In the time frame of November-December 2012, I requested an estimate for window replacement. At the time I scheduled the appointment, I specifically requested to OPT OUT of any and all future sales communications and that my information not be sold/rented/shared with other companies.

After receiving the estimate, I called the company to advise that (a) I was not interested; and (b) to stop "following up". Again, this was in November-December 2012. This is now September 2014 and - to date - I receive at least one to two solicitations each month. I have returned at least eight (8) over this time period with the notation "Refused: remove from mailing lists".

Pella CONTINUES to mail unwanted solicitations. Also, prior to the estimate I received very, very LITTLE "junk" mail from the USPS. It 'appears' Pella has also sold/rented/shared my name and address as - since the estimate - my junk mail has dramatically increased.

Note that this is nearly twenty-four months of junk mail since my original request to stop mailing.

Desired Settlement
1. I want a written acknowledgement from Pella Windows by Horne to STOP mailing unwanted solicitations.

2. I want a written acknowledgement from Pella Windows by Horne that they will not sell/rent/share my name, address, email address and/or telephone number with any other businesses or firms.

3. I want a written acknowledgement from Pella Windows by Horne that they will NOT engage in door-to-door solicitations at my home.

Business Response
Pella Corporation handles all advertising for local branches. We have contacted them regarding this complaint. Pella Corporation has added ***** **** to the DNC (do not call) list which will prevent unsolicited mailings in the future - it typically takes about 60 days to completely close the process.
As for other unrelated parties contacting ***** by mail or otherwise, I cannot comment on what their practices may be. I would refer ***** to Pella's privacy policy on
Pella makes every effort to prevent unwanted solicitation and we apologize for any frustration.

02/27/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Pella charged us to inspect windows. It was determined that windows to be replaced under warranty.
We called Pella window company because of leakage issues with windows purchased through Pella. They charged us to have a warranty/service technican to come to the house. The technican informed my wife and I that 8 windows and one a slider door would need replacement. Because they were leaking from seals in the windows, he said they were covered under warranty. He said that parts would be at no charge and that we would have to pay him or someone else to install the warranty products. So we went ahead and got estimates for installation from local contractors. After not hearing from Pella for quite some time, I called to check on windows. There reply was that the Pella representative that came out to our house (at our expense, the homeowner) made a mistake. The windows were defective because of a 10 year warranty problem and not a 20 years warranty problem, so we were not getting the replacement windows as promised. Apparently if they could find fault with the windows for some other reason other than the apparent seals, then they could bypass the 20 year warranty and refer to the 10 year warranty..

Desired Settlement
We were promised 8 window sashes and 2 slider door panels under warranty. Labor to install at our cost.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****************-Service
Contact Phone: **********
Contact Email: **************************
As you may be aware, the customer's product was the subject of a class action lawsuit. Pella has always maintained this suit was without merit, but did negotiate settlement with plaintiffs, which resulted in a settlement that was approved by the Court. As a member of that class, the customer's interests were represented by plaintiffs' counsel in the negotiation. Again, the Court approved the settlement Pella Corporation proposed, finding the settlement to be fair and reasonable.

The terms of the settlement included a 45% discount off list price towards purchase of replacement product for original units that were deemed to be in year 11 from manufacture date. Our service team has confirmed that the customer's product is in year 11 from manufacutre date. I understand that it was originally communicated to the customer, in error, that his product would be covered under the 10 year warranty terms, which we corrected once we realized our error. Our service team compensated the customer the initial service visit fee of $100 for the frustration our initial error may have caused.

Pella Corporation is bound by the terms of the settlement approved by the Court. As such, the customer is only eligible for the 45% discount as listed above.

If the customer would like to proceed with the quote that has been provided, he may contact our service team at ************.

Thank you for the opportunity to address the customer's complaint.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The seals are leaking and have a 20 year warranty. That is according to the Pella salesperson where I purchased the windows. You are trying to use a class action suit against yourselves to nullify my 20 year warranty. Be fair and make it right.

Final Business Response
Thank you for the opportunity to further address the customer's concerns. IG seal failure was not observed in the customer's windows. To clarify, IG seal failure is when the seal between the two panes of insulated glass has been compromised or otherwise failed, allowing moisture and/or debris to accumulate within the airspace. Visual inspection of windows where IG seal failure has occurred typically show moisture collection on the interior sides of the glass panes, in either a 'streaking' or 'cloudy' pattern which typically obstructs the view when looking either in or out of the windows. Wood deterioration would not be a direct result of IG seal failure. The customer's windows exhibit obvious signs of wood deterioration, which is typical of either: 1)glass to frame sealant failure or 2)condensation accumulation on the windows.

1)Glass to frame sealant failure is where the sealant applied between the glass and the sash portion has failed, creating gaps/voids which allow water from the exterior of the home to infiltrate behind the exterior cladding, flowing underneath the glass where it sits in the sash groove and is absorbed into the wood of the interior sash, resulting in wood deterioration.

2) Condensation on the interior of windows and doors is not caused by the window or door product. Condensation is the result
of high humidity levels in a home. Air with high humidity holds water vapor until it comes into contact with a surface temperature
less than or equal to the dew point (the temperature at which air becomes saturated and produces dew).
Because glass surfaces are usually the coldest part of the home, condensation appears on windows first, generally in the form
of water droplets or frost on the room side of a window. Over time, condensation causes wood deterioration.

As stated in our initial response, Pella Corporation is bound by the terms of the settlement approved by the Court. As such, the customer is only eligible for a 45% discount off list price towards purchase of replacement product for original units that our service team deemed to be in year 11 from manufacture date.

11/18/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Got first order wrong, drivers seriously damaged 2nd order, sub-par quality, refused expedite even though it delays contractors, no communication
My first window order was 2" too small on all 18 windows and did not have built-in j-channel as ordered. Pella did give me a credit for j-channel, however, reluctantly and only after I followed up on two weeks of delay. Then, Pella drivers damaged my replacement bay window (the largest by far) so severely that it required complete re-fabrication due to broken glass and a damaged frame. The mess ups in my order have delayed my project by 6 weeks as of now and are likely to delay job completion another 2 weeks. Pella thus far has refused to expedite its order schedule or use a third-party shipper because their "experience has been poor with 3rd party shippers with damages to product". (How ironic! They're drivers don't appear to do any better with my windows and I watched them mishandle the wrong-sized windows they picked up from the first order). The 17 correct-sized windows in the second order had excess plastic which required filing before installation; popped, buried and stripped screws in the frames of the windows; plastic "burs" in the window seals and improperly sized or installed seal frames around the windows. Not only is the quality average at best, the customer service has been deplorable. We are unable to reach the sales manager on the status of my order AND two complaints filed with Pella main offices on their company website have provided no assistance or concern other than to state that my complaint has been forwarded to the local sales manager who is the same person that I am experiencing difficulty with in the first place.

Desired Settlement
I want my order to be expedited and confirmed by the factory (meaning one week fabrication from last Thursday), delivered expedited to my house (meaning not more than two day and preferably overnight) by a third party carrier at Pella's expense and a Pella regional manager on-site on the date of delivery to inspect the delivered product (and installation if they chose).

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***********
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: **********************
This letter is in response to the BBB complaint that was filed by Mr. *****.
On August 26, 2013 the original window order was placed for Mr. *****. At this time his contractor, ***** *** with ****************, signed our legal contract and our window attribute checklist stating that what was in the documents was the product that was needed.
On September 18 we delivered that original order. I received a call within the next couple days by ***** that the product was incorrect size and that it did not have J-channel(an optional attribute) on the window. Throughout this conversation it was determined that we delivered exactly what was signed for on the contract and checklist, but now ***** and ****** were saying that was incorrect. At this point I could have walked away and told them that we ordered what they signed for on the contract, but I wanted to ensure we had a satisfied customer.
I offered to provide a refund if they could still use the product, if not, I would reorder all of the windows and throw away the original order. We agreed that reordering was the best long term solution, and that new order was placed on September 24. This order was expedited and we anticipated being able to get the new windows to them in 2 weeks instead of our typical 4 weeks.
We received those windows on Oct 8 to our warehouse, in the process of moving one of the windows it was damaged by our employee. I immediately called ***** to discuss what had occurred, he informed ****** and I had conversations with both of them on our options. I recommended two options, 1) order a new window and expedite it again knowing that it would take 2 weeks or 2) keep the original window and I would refund the original purchase price of that window which was $850. Based on the scenario, they chose to have the window reordered and the rest of the windows were delivered as planned on Oct 9.
The reorder occurred on Oct 8 for the one window, we worked with the factory to expedite this as much as possible. Due to the fact that the factory had to acquire materials to make the window, then manufacture it, then ship it to us, they could not provide it to us quicker than 2 weeks. This was relayed to both ***** and ****** and I informed them that I would be in contact with ***** daily to let him know if the factory altered their delivery date to us. I have done this every day up to today, Oct 16. When the window arrives at our warehouse on Oct 22 it will be inspected by two Pella by ***** employees to verify it is damage free.
In addition to providing new windows at a considerable expense that we were not contractually obligated to provide, I have also refunded Mr. ***** 20% of the purchase price, which was $617.98 as a goodwill gesture.
Please contact me should you need any further information on this complaint. Our response to Mr. ***** thus far has been professional, expedient and consistent.

Sales Manager
Pella Windows & Doors by *****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
****** has not addressed a number of the items outlined in the original complaint, specifically;

1) Two requests for intervention or at the very least, CONTACT, were requested at the Pella website BEFORE leaving a complaint with the BBB. Both were forwarded to his offices with a promised response, I NEVER got a single response to my website complaints from the local Pella office.

2) ****** asserts he has contacted ***** every day since this order was placed. This is not correct according to ***** AND, even when I know he has contacted *****, it was to report that he had not heard anything from the factory and that my request for expedited shipping was "no change".

3) ****** did not address the "quality" issues at all outlined in my complaint. Further, in addition to the items I enumerated previsouly, one of the j-channels was delivered with a 6 inch peice, (2 complete nail holes)completely broken off. Normally, we would have returned this is damaged, however, because the job was so delayed and my house exposed, we installed it anyway. Is this a proper representation of Pella quality. (I have pictures of all the product as it was delivered and prior to installation by the way).

4) ****** has not contacted ME, the customer, a single time. I have requested contact multiple times and the only time I have spoken with him is when I called him directly. After that initial conversation he has not taken my call, nor has he returned my calls or contacted me as promised twice by representatives at the Pella site.

5) He did give the credit indicated above, but not quickly and not nearly as readily as he seems to indicate above. I had to request the credit and then call him over two weeks after he promised the credit to inquire as to why my credit card company had no record of it being initiated. He indicated "oh we were waiting to cut you a check". Why? Had I not followed up I can only wonder if this credit for "customer satisfaction" would ever have been issued.

6) The original order was signed off by my contractor in haste without a thorough review. That was clearly my contractor's fault. But in his order, called in on my behalf it clearly states j-channel built in and different window sizes. Because he didn't catch this on the order, there is no way of proving what was discussed with the original sales employee who is unavailable for comment because he is no longer employed by Pella. This was also conveniently left out of the discussion above.

7) I expressed to ****** that the reason I needed Pella to do better on the shipping time than 1 full week is because my house siding had been "torn-off" and was exposed to the elements. Further, I can not install siding until the windows are installed. This project was originally slated to be COMPLETE in mid-September, now we are still waiting for the biggest window in late October and expecting 30 degree temperatures and some snow showers tonight. He was unwilling to use a 3 party shipper to get this window to me quicker after the SECOND window was damaged in his warehouse (I was told it was damaged in shipping, so this is news to me) because they have had bad experiences with damage. Ironically, this is what they to their own product and it wasn't just the glass, it was the frame. Now how does one of the worlds largest window companies not know how to move their own product? The original order was 4 weeks (Wrong size), the second order 2 weeks (Damaged) now this order (assuming it is delivered without damage) is another 2 weeks, a total of 2 MONTHS to get the right sized window HOPEFULLY undamaged and he expects me to be happy about this experience? This is totally unacceptable.

His responses have been professional I guess, but the have never been expedient or consistent as he asserts above. There has been an enormous lack of communication on his part and I have done everything I know to do to communicate my concerns but have not been able to address my concerns at a higher level than the person about whom I have concerns. Pella really needs to have a better system of addressing this issues rather than giving snarky email responses telling me they have forwarded my correspondence back to the local sales manager. They either didn't read my issue or don't care, neither of which shows much customer service.

Final Business Response
I understand Mr. *****'s frustration with his Pella window experience, I will address each numerical item accordingly.

1) I did receive the complaints that he processed with our corporate offices and made contact from those complaints. I did not specifically state that I was calling to address the complaint as there were other conversations and issues that we were addressing in conjunction with his formal complaint to Pella Corporation.
2) I was in contact with ***** daily from Oct 8-16 regarding the delivery of the window. In every conversation I had always heard from the factory, unfortunately my update to ***** was that the factory was not able to move the delivery date up.
3) The quality of the product met the manufacturers specifications. It is clear that this did not meet Mr. *****'s quality expectation, which is an issue that should have been addressed when the windows were sold so that Mr. ***** understood the potential aesthetic issues with a vinyl(plastic) window. Regarding the 6 inch defect, this did occur and was on our nailing fin. I discussed this with *****, we determined it would not be an aesthetic or performance issue and made the decision to keep the window.
4) I do not know how many times I have had conversations with both Mr. ***** and his father, but it has been multiple times. Most of my conversation early on was with ***** ***, the contractor, because he is the one that purchased the windows from us and was installing them.
5) Mr. ***** is correct that there was a delay, shortly after I had agreed to provide the credit was when the decision was made reorder all new windows. I was waiting to ensure they came in and were delivered. I did not communicate my intent on this to Mr. ***** which was my error, it was never my intent to not provide this credit.
6) I agree that we cannot go back on past conversations between the contractor and my sales rep because my sales rep is no longer employed by our company. This is one reason why we have contracts that are reviewed, verified and signed by the purchaser, which was ***** *** with ****************. This step in the process is critical to uncover any miscommunications or errors prior to ordering, and this step was not completed thoroughly.
7) Mr. ***** and his father have been clear about the timing issues that were created due to the windows needing to be reordered. I have worked diligently with the factory to expedite these orders and ship them damage free. It is beyond acceptable that we damaged one of the windows on the second order, this is an abnormality for us and I know it created further timing issues for Mr. *****. I chose to not utilize ****** or *** to ship the product because this would have thrown greater risk into an already bad situation. I understand that Mr. ***** has had a poor experience.

Since Oct. 16, I have been working directly with Mr. ***** to ensure proper communication is getting to him in regards to remaining service items and credits.


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