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The best protection against phony invoices is knowledge and vigilance.
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Most firms are already doing what it takes to become a BBB accredited business. However, sometimes BBB accreditation applications get "stuck" because of problems that could be avoided or handled in adva..
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This country’s 28 million small businesses create nearly two out of three jobs in our economy. Today, half of all working Americans either own or work for a small business.
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Increasing your sales doesn’t always have to mean spending money. Take a look at what is already working for you, and find ways to build on those successful elements. The Direct Selling Education Founda..
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Gone are the days of having to rely on your “brick and mortar” store to drive shoppers to your business. These days, traveling retailers can make a sale with just the touch of a button and the swipe of ..
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With cold and flu season upon us, the transfer of germs and illness in the workplace increases. Better Business Bureau advises business owners to take initiative in preventing the spread of illness.
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Customers expect that every business — large or small — that collects their sensitive personal information will protect it. Beyond customer expectations, there are legal requirements, as well.
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A warm smile and a kind gesture can brighten even the gloomiest of days. When working with customers, it’s always important to recognize the integral part of quality service. September is National Court..
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No matter what your business, you need two things: a happy, loyal customer base and a steady stream of new prospects. The Direct Selling Education Foundation (DESF) offers some great suggestions in its ..
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Better Business Bureau offers answers to the following frequently asked questions on what happens to a policy-holder’s coverage if their insurance company goes out of business.
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