Don't Fall for Fake Cancellati​on Emails

May 16, 2012

Online shoppers beware! The latest email phishing scam looks just like an order cancellation notice from Be sure to double check suspicious emails you receive from the online retailer before clicking on any links.
About the scam:

This scam email comes from an email address, such as, and contains the subject line "Your Cancellation" and an order number. The email body tells the recipient that "your order has been successfully canceled" and provides a summary of the order.

What to do: cautions email recipients to delete any cancellation notice with an eight digit order number. However, just because your email has a longer order ID number doesn't mean that's real.

To double check your email, be sure to hover over the links to verify their destination. Amazon emails only link to sites that begin with "http://"something"" (Note the period before "") Sites such as "" are not actually Amazon. Amazon also never uses an IP address (a string of numbers seperated by periods) followed by a directory name, such as http://"123.456.789.123"/

If you want to confirm a cancellation:

  • Go to by typing into your web browser. Don't click a link in the e-mail itself.
  • Click "Your Account" in the upper-right corner.
  • Visit "Your Orders" and see if an order matches the details for the one in the e-mail.

More information

For more information about phishing scams using's name, please see the information on their website.

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