Have you Requested A Quote lately?

April 15, 2011

If you have gotten a chance to check out the new BBB Business Reviews, you may have noticed the Request A Quote feature. While this is not a new feature, it has been revitalized. Formerly known as BBB e-Quote, Request A Quote has a new name, and a new position at bbb.org. You can now request information directly from a company’s Business Review. Since managing the placement of this consumer and business-friendly feature, BBB Request A Quote inquiries have increased greatly! This means that your BBB is directing even more consumers to your BBB Accredited Business when they want information on a job, and ultimately want to make smart shopping decisions.

What is Request A Quote?

Request A Quote is a lead-generating program for BBB Accredited Businesses that allows consumers to request information or a specific job - quote via bbb.org. Those requests get sent directly to the company or companies the consumer inquired about.

How Does It Work?

You can use Request A Quote directly from a particular company’s Business Review, or there is the option to go to the Request A Quote page on bbb.org and request information from several BBB Accredited Businesses at once. This feature allows you to narrow your search to businesses within a specific distance, and you can click on any of the companies named to view their individual BBB Business Review. You have the option to contact each company directly, or you can fill out the contact form provided that allows you to describe what type of service is needed, and your preferred contact method.

Who Cares?

Request A Quote is mutually beneficial for businesses and consumers. Businesses get the opportunity to communicate directly with consumers, gaining additional customers that they may have not gotten the chance to do business with otherwise. These businesses have pledged to comply with BBB standards - this creates an easy, effective method for consumers to work exclusively with companies they know they can trust. 

For more information, visit BBB.org and see how Request A Quote can make choosing (or being chosen as) the right business as easy as point-and-click.