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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Delivery Issues3
Problems with Product / Service1
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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08/16/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Order ***** placed in about May, 2012 and paid for thru paypal. No shipment made by this company, only excuses. Where is my lantern?
See above

Desired Settlement
I want the lantern I ordered and paid for well over a year ago. The problems have supposedly been worked out as far as production by this company and was promised that shipments would begin in May, 2013. No lantern so far, where is it? I'm tired of hearing that they are working on shipments.

Business' Initial Response
If Mr. ******* does not wish to wait for shipping of his order, he can simply request a refund.

Due to high volume of orders, for this product, Mr. *******' order will be shipped as per the date his order was paid.

Please advise Mr. ******* that, if he wishes a refund, that will be arranged. We will not inconvenience our clients who have reserved their products, before Mr. *******.

Again....If Mr. ******* wishes a refund, we will be happy to do so, and cancel his reserved order.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Please send the refund to me, ** *** ***** ******* ***** ME XXXXX. After waiting 15 months for the product I give up.
After seeing the new price list I believe these
people are selling at the higher prices and hoping that those
on back order will cancel since the original order was at a
cheaper price. In my opinion very poor business people.

Business' Final Response
Please advise Mr. ******* that his refund will be issued via PayPal, which is the manner in which he paid BriteLyt, Inc. for product.

Mr. ******* reserved the product, at the discounted pricing, and, no, we do not wish our clients to "cancel their original order" in hopes that they will order at a higher pricing.

The pricing for the new design, has been set, due to the fact that we have implemented higher grade of brass materials, the lantern he would have been receiving holds almost 2-quarts of fuel, more safety features, etc., etc.; thereby, our costs of the manufacture of this new design is much higher.

Again, we do, sincerely, apologize for the delay; however, we will not ship product that has not passed our strict quality and safety requirements, due to it's various fuel-type usages.

Below is a copy of Mr. *******' refund:
Transaction Details

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 69AXXXXXKPXXXXXXX)

Sent to:
**** ******* (The recipient of this payment is Verified)
Amount sent:
******** USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD
Net amount:
******** USD

Jul *** 2013
******** EDT


BriteLyt Refund - Order *****

A refund has been issued for your orig PayPal trans. ID#5EJXXXXXPCXXXXXXC dated 4/29/12. BriteLyt, Inc. is not responsible for any fees deducted by PayPal for this refund. Your order has been cancelled, and we do apologize for delay of manufacture; however, we will not compromise on quality & safety
Funding Type:
PayPal Balance
Funding Source:
******* USD - PayPal Account

You can report a transaction problem in the Resolution Center within 45 days of this payment. Have a problem with this transaction? Click here to resolve

07/08/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Non-delivery of product in time specified plus an additional 120 days and refund not made after request to cancel order.
On September 25, 2012 I made an on-line purchase from BriteLyt, Inc. for a BriteLyt 500CP nickel plated brass lantern with accessories. What they now list as a Premier Package. Order Number ***** Item ****** The amount of the order was $229.73 which was paid for via ******* On their web-store they listed the item as "backordered for 120 days". On May 12, 2013 I sent an e-mail asking about the status of my order, since it was more than 100 days overdue and I had not received anything from the Company as to why the order had not been sent. BriteLyt, Inc. sent a reply that they were in production and would be shipping items "soon". When I replied and asked for a better time line on soon, BriteLyt, Inc. replied "Were in production and should start shipping in June we will send out a new update in the Newsletter". To date, I have NEVER received a Newsletter or any other type of correspondence from BriteLyt, Inc. E-mail, US Mail or other.

On June 16, 2013 I sent another e-mail to BriteLyt, Inc. asking that they cancel my order and refund my ****** account for my order within the next 5 to 10 business days. To date, which has been 10 business days, I have not received a reply or refund from BriteLyt, Inc.

Desired Settlement
I'm requesting a refund for the full amount of my order which is $229.73.

Business' Initial Response
A refund has been issued to ***** *******, in the amount of $229.73, via PayPal Transaction ID#72PXXXXXFSXXXXXXE dated 7/8/13. BriteLyt, Inc is not responsible for any fees deducted by PayPal for this refund, as his request for refund was past the 45-day time limit, as per PayPal policy.

Updates were issued; however, some Firewalls or Spam Blockers could affect the receipt of such/any notices issued via email.

We do apologize for the delay of manufacture; however, we are strict regarding safety & quality of this product.

Mr. *******'s order has been cancelled.

Consumer's Final Response

I filed an on-line complaint against BriteLyt **** **** ***** New Port Richey Florida XXXXX

I have since been able to contact them and resolve this situation and wish to retract my complaint.

Thank you,

***** *******

02/04/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

I sent a check and placed an order with BriteLyt 13 months ago for a lamp with attachments. They have not delivered
I sent a check and placed an order with BriteLyt 13 months ago for a lamp with attachments. Every two months or so I write them or call about my order. Every time they push the delivery date out two or more months. They also provide implausible stories and excuses.

I do not want my money back at this point; I want the product (lamp and accessories) they committed to provide.

I have been in machine design & manufacturing for 25 years, I have a Master degree in Engineering. I have not been to visit their manufacturing site personally, I can only presume this company is either running a Ponzi scheme, or is completely incompetent.

Desired Settlement
I sent a check and placed an order with BriteLyt I want the product (lamp and accessories) they committed to provide.

Business' Initial Response
Ms. ******:
While we can appreciate your "Master degree in Engineering", and understand your frustration, and impatience, due to delays in manufacturing; however, due to that fact, we would believe that you would appreciate the fact that BriteLyt, Inc. will not ship product that has not met our strict safety & quality standards.

Due to the fact that our product's moldings were showing some imperfections, we would not allow the product to be shipped. As an "engineer", then you must be aware that acquiring, set-up, installation of new machinery, does take considerable time and effort, as well as the fact that the time-frame for any new molding can take anywhere from 45 - 60 days.

Please be advised that all orders have been delayed, including military orders, due to the fact that new machinery has been implemented, as well as new moldings. This process does take quite a bit of time, in order to proceed, and, samples of the product must be manufactured, before being approved for full product.

As our facilities, are in various locations, visitation would not be permitted, due to corporate trade secrets.

We will be happy to refund your payment, as per our telephone discussions; however, please remember that payment of the product was of your choice, in order to reserve your order, and to be placed in the "Ship First" listing, when the product was available.

Please advise if you wish a refund.

Your product will not be shipped, until production has been completed, the product has been inspected, tested, and meets our strict safety & quality standards, of which we will not compromise, due to the fact that our product is designed (Tested by*****), to function as a "multi-fuel" product. Therefore, as stated earlier, we will not compromise in the manufacture of this product, due to safety issues.

Again....Please advise if you wish a refund.

Consumer's Final Response
I would like the product I purchased sent to me, please. Britelyt has had my money for 14 months. I would like interest on the money, if they think of a refund, but I want my product not the money.

Thank you

Business' Final Response
A refund check has been sent to Mr. & Mrs. ******, via Priority mail.

Interest is not provided, as BriteLyt, Inc. is not a financial institution. "Reserved/Pre-Pay" payments are at the discretion of the purchaser, in order to receive discounted pricing of the product at the time of order, and to be placed in the "Ship First" category.

If Mr. or Mrs. ****** does not accept refund check, please void check and return to us. We will place your order back into the "Ship First" status.

Product will not be shipped, until manufacture is completed, and the product has passed inspection.

12/17/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Promises from BriteLyt to refund money for my customer (due to ongoing delays in receiving products ordered) not forthcoming.
I, ****** ******, placed an order with BritLyt, Inc. on behalf of my company, SOS General Store. The order was for several of their multi-fuel lantern packages as well as replacement parts. A check was sent to BriteLyt 3/10/11 for $4,502.70 with anticipated shipment of product within a few months. We have emailed and called ****** at Britelyt numerous times over the past 18 months checking on our order, only to be told EACH TIME that it would be another couple of months, as they had problems with the manufacturing not being "to their specs". We even tried to provide a solution by giving contact info of a company who could do the work. On June 28th, I was emailed: "In final assembly stage now, and will begin pressure-testing each unit. Expect to begin shipping late July - August." More recent communication was that it will now be late Dec. or Jan--2013. One of my customers who had ordered several items requested a refund as he was tired of waiting and felt the company was being negligent and unreliable. I requested a refund from BriteLyt the middle of August, 2012. There proceeded to be several back-and-forth emails about this, including comments from them about the accountant already sending me a check and then saying they would have to put a stop payment on it since there was a misunderstanding on the amount of the refund. Needless to say, I have never received any refund check. I feel they are just giving rhetoric and excuses and I feel our order is in jeopardy of being partially refunded and/or ever being delivered. They've had our money over 20 months, with only one small previous refund that they did make good on in Aug of 2011. I've heard rumor that they may have legal issues. My customers, who pre-ordered the products, are questioning the constant delays and BriteLyt's integrity. I feel they are avoiding giving us any reimbursement.

Desired Settlement
The total of the refund requested was for $481.00. We are requesting BBB to look into the standing of BriteLyt, Inc, and if this company proves to be unable to deliver any product in the near future, we would request a full refund of our total order.

****** ******

Business' Initial Response
1. ********** was advised that, due to disruption in manufacturing, the product availability would be delayed.

2. ********** was advised via telephone conversation that, all pre-paid orders, would be considered as "reserved", and that her product would be manufactured for her company. ********** was also advised that manufacturing would be delayed, due to set up of new manufacturing facilities, equipment, moldings, etc.

3. ********** was advised by BriteLyt, Inc. that any orders, she/SOS General Store, accepted by her (SOS General Store) clients, would be her responsibility; therefore, any pre-paid orders by her/SOS General Store, were at her discretion, as any monies accepted, or refunds issued, by ********** or SOS General Store to/from her clients, was her/their sole responsibility, and not that of BriteLyt, Inc.

3. ********** was provided "factory pricing" (pricing includes manufacturing cost of goods, import/duty fees, & freight fees), in order to begin her endeavors as a dealership, and allowed to purchase an amount of product, under the required 144 pcs. minimum, as set forth in the PDF file, sent to her via email. (See attached copy of file)

4. ********** was also advised that there would be no refunds, as her product has been "factored" into our manufacturing schedule.

5. ********** was advised that there would be further delay, due to imperfection in new molding & manufacturing equipment.

6. ********** has received a refund of $_______
as a courtesy to her/SOS General Store, dated ______________.

7. Confusion about amount to refund, in her last email. (see attached emails)

8. ********** also notified that no further refunds would be issued.

9. **********'s statements of "I have heard rumor that they may have legal issues", is totally unfounded.

10. **********'s (SOS General Store) product will be delivered to their facility, when the product has completed manufacture, and has passed our strict safety & quality testing.

As it is understandable, under the circumstances, for ********** (SOS General Store) to become a tad bit disgruntled, due to the delay in manufacturing, we also understand that she is not totally knowledgeable in regards to manufacturing procedures, as well as import/customs/etc., as well as the delays of manufacture, should any unforeseen complications arise from problems with molding, machinery, and the basic output of the product by the factory.

As per her statement (********** of SOS General Store), of "We even tried to provide a solution by giving contact info of a company who could do the work", we believe that she is totally unaware of the procedures, in regards to establishing a manufacturing base, not including the legal documentation/processes required for protection of patent/Intellectual Property rights, as well as moldings.

Our product, when broken down (lantern product) has to be manufactured with precision, in order to meet our specifications for safety purposes. As a unique piece of machinery, tested by not only NSIE (National Safety Information & Exchange), but also by the Consumer Protection Agency of the United States, our product cannot be manufactured, by a new facility within a small period of time, as suggested by **********.

BriteLyt, Inc. has been in business for over 14 years now, and will stand firm on quality & safety in regards to our product, and will not compromise, in that regard.

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.