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Wise Property Management, Inc.

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10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues4
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints10

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Complaint Resolution Log (10)
02/03/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Prematurely sent to collections.
Emails proving they knew we were fixing the issue prior to collections.
Since this is pending collections *************** Property Management insists all contact be thru the collections agent **** ****.

Below is the letter sent to **** ****. They contacted *************** and the response was that all fees are due. There is now a total of $1635.38 ($1000 to ********** and $635.38 for the collections fee)

The Letter below listing the events was sent to **** **** on 12/14/2014:

Regarding XXXXX ***** ***** ****** ********* FL XXXXX
On/about 6/11 we received our first notice regarding the oil stain on the driveway. We spoke with **** at ************** to pressure wash the stain. It was completed shortly thereafter along with several other external repairs totaling over $4700. Other more concerning and more visible repairs performed were: Garage door fixed, gutters repaired, stucco repairs, door sill repaired. These were all done around the same time as the oil stain pressure washing which was completed on 7/7. I received no response regarding the oil stain or any of the other items not listed.
On/about 7/31 we received another notice about the stain. Given that it had just been completed and that there was no indication that this was a re-assessment and that the cleaning was inadequate we believe this was just mail that was sent late to us. The notice did not specify that the previous cleaning was inadequate so we believed there was not an issue and that the assessment had not been re-performed.
In the middle of September we received a fine letter. I did not understand why and spoke with a man in Finance department for ********** Association. He said I need to speak with ********** ****** and only via Email. I emailed ********** not understanding the Fine since it was not itemized or explained (simply a dollar amount with no explanation or detail). During email conversations she identified that it was the stain. We explained that it had been pressure washed. She stated she would come out and re-evaluate the stain.
9/15 ********** notified us the pressure washing was not sufficient. At that point our only option was to paint the driveway which requires approval by **** I contacted **** that day and began the approval process.
10/13 **** asked for ********** ****** to verify that the approval had been given. At that point he found out that the approval is still pending and that ********** had left the company. The new contact person is ******** ******* ******** was unaware of the prior driveway efforts or any conversations with **********. ********'s response was ''There is nothing we can do. It has already been sent to the Attorney''. Later that day she informed him that the *** had approved the painting and he should receive the letter within 5 days.
When **** received the approval he promptly had the driveway painted. We were invoiced for this but **** has the exact completion date.
As you can tell we were actively involved in corrected the situation and have gone above the minimum repair requirements requested. Not only was the driveway corrected but we corrected other unspecified issues. We are asking for the fine to be waived.
We are waiting for a response.
*** and ****** *****

12/22/2015 - We had not received an email, letter, or call from **** **** and called asking for a status. Was told verbally that the letter was rejected and no reason given.
1/5/2015 - Called to find out what the attorney fees are and asked for them to be removed since this is their mistake. Also asked about a payment plan.
1/7/2015 - Left voicemail for status.
1/9/2015 - We were told Attorney fees stand and we need to send an email requesting a payment plan.

Desired Settlement
Attorney fees removed.
Reduction in fine.
Payment Plan.

Business Response
We have researched this matter. Please understand that the Board imposes fines. Wise Property Management does not rule to impose fines or forward any resident to the attorney for the association. We have looked into this matter further and see that the violation has been resolved. We are advising the attorney to close their file and will be removing the fine. We will consider this matter resolved. Should there be any further issues please contact me direct. ******* ***, XXX-XXXX ext ****

10/14/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

My husband and I are trying to purchase a unit in Tampa Palms and **** at Wise property management refuses to respond to the bank, the sellers or the buyers regarding basic questions to close the deal. It seems that Wise property management would like to see all the units go into foreclosure instead of assisting sales. We have put the requests in writing and have been refused on two occasions. These are basic questions regarding the state of the community the lender is requesting. I spoke to **** at Wise Property and he told me specifically that it's not his problem, he isn't going to do anything and he doesn't care what happens to the unit. This is not the only problem with Wise management.

Desired Settlement
I would like the answers to the lenders questions answered so we can proceed with our purchase.

Business Response
There is a pending construction lawsuit and we are not able to answer questions regarding this. If the client would forward us the specific questions in writing we will forward them to counsel and get an answer. We are just not able to answer anything regarding the construction defects. Should there be any questions, please give the client me directly at Wise. ******* ***, XXX-XXXX ext ***.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We asked specific questions and counsel information was not an option rather than a " I don't give a **** what you want, that's none of your bussiness". We may not be able to purchase the property and the board of directors said **** is lying to protect investors. Our loan company has even stated that wise property management has been uncooperative in the sale process and believes that they are hiding somthing. Please contact me for supportive documents from my lender. Respectfully, ***

Final Business Response
Wise no longer manages ***** ****** Please contact ********** for further information. This matter was referred to the association attorney for an answer. Wise was not able to comment or answer on pending litigation.

05/16/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

dispute on HOA service and unnecessary citations no respond to any of my problems and offering in good faith solutions but get no fair treatment /help
house purchased and closed on 08/2011.understood all HOA paid to the end of 2011.discoverd in 01/10/012 fees charged $ 956 I paid $981 02/24/012 kept charging me $ 25 late fee $75 admin fees & $100 fine for weeds on 08/21/012.due to water restriction I could not able to replaced it and explained to mngr mr ****** agreed to wait and waive fine (never happened).
we had an agreement with their lawyer and them is to pay the bus ross 6 payments $200/mo (totaled $1200) and pay directly andalucia master association (wise mangement) each quarter directly to them.
in nov/7/2013. every quarter they sent it to the lawyer I was not informed and they kept adding fees penalties intrest and fines

Desired Settlement
I was residing in ***** and explained to them my situation and to wire money to them ,they rejected and ask me to mail them check every month which was impossible to do from ***** .and kept adding penalties.i requested history of my account because when I added all HOA fees and what I paid on time I should not owe them anything .
as far the front lawn I replaced it 3 times cost me $4000 each time .I asked them to have the comon maintance area lawn care to do mine and I will pay extra , they refused I submitted a plane of the front yard to have it looks like some other homeowners need less care they did not respond .
I offered them several options to be fair with me like they doing with others they kept referring meto the lawyer which he is in the other hand never cooperated and insisting to keep adding unnessary charges .
I exhausted all my efforts of trying diffrent solutions in good faith and I kept all my HOA current all the time but they kept adding fees and attorney fees for no reasons .

please I need fair mediation and help because this is affectedmy health redicoulosly

Business Response
Dr. ******* is a dentist in ****** She spends time in ****** ********** and ****** She became delinquent at ********* in 2012 and was sent to **** **** in Aug of 2012, at which time she owed $1,185 to the association.

In Oct of 2012 she proposed a payment plan of $200 per month which the board accepted. She has not been consistent in making the payments per the plan. As of Nov of 2013, she owed $2,466 in delinquent assessments and legal fees. She proposed a reduction in what was owed to $1,088, which the board rejected upon recommendation from **** ****. As of today she still owes ********* $1,850, which does not include interest or attorney's fees.

She has been told repeatedly that she needs to work with **** **** on this but ignores this and tries to bypass ** in coming to *** or **********

01/14/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Wise property was suppose to come out and recheck my lawn and specify exactly what part of my lawn was weed infested since my board meeting in October
Since wise property management has taken over from the other management company I and many other residents have been receiving letters non stop about weed infested lawn however no specific areas where ever told to me what part of my lawn was weed infested. When I went to the board meeting in October they put recheck by my name until I received a letter dated dec.17 stating they were imposing a fine. On the letter there is no amount indicated nor specific areas pointed out of my lawn where the weed infestation is located. At this point instead of improving our subdivision where the weeds are located in our pounds, green slime located on our white fence , they decide to fine everyone one for everything because they said we sign an agreement when we first bought our house. At this point its harassing the residences. Needless to say the letter doesn't say the amount or a phone number to call no pictures to indicate specifically where the problem is located. I've call numerous times to the office and attended meeting's it does absolutely nothing.

Desired Settlement
Remove any imposed fees and be more specific on details with pictures and have reasonable expectations(fees, time frames to settle matters) for residents. Also put a contact number on the letters you send out.

Business Response
Please know that Wise Property Management does not impose fines directly. It is the Rivercrest Association that does. Wise just administers violations and fining. After review of this file we are mailing out picutres of concern in the mail to the owner. We will also ensure no fines are imposed and that the owner is given until Jan 30, 2014 to resolve the concerns with their yard. If the owner has any concern regarding the Rivercrest Community please email ********** in the future.

12/11/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Handles exterior of property and will NOT make exterior repairs that are now causing water intrusion and interior damage
I live in Charlotte NC and have had this property rented out to tenants. Now that the tenants have moved out I am selling the property. I have always made my HOA payments on time to Wize Property Management. Part of the agreement is that they take care of the exterior of the units in this townhome complex up to the drywall and I am responsible for everything inside of the home for repairs. I have been trying to work with two people, ************* (assistant) and ******* *** (property manager) from wize property management because of significant recent damage to the stucco of the exterior that is now causing water intrusion. After them sending out 3 vendors to look at the damage and none of them being able to fix it they finally decided to go and take a look at it themselves. I also have had to call multiple times in order to get a phone call back. At one point they went 17 days with out returning 3 messages that I left for them. They currently are on a 2 week run of not returning 3 more messages. After they looked at the exterior they decided that they did not want to fix the cracks in the wall because they said it was caused by a deck that was installed after the property was built. I asked ******* *** if he was a structural engineer to come to this conclusion and of course the answer was no. With me living in Charlotte now and not knowing the reliability of his assessment I asked if I could hire a structural engineer to assess the damage and let us know how it resulted. I asked ******* if he would have the cracks fixed if the conclusion of the structural engineer's assessment was different than what he found and he agreed that would be fair. After getting a report back from a structural engineer, who has been a structural engineer for 30 years, that stated the damage is from water intrusion and not associated with the deck ******* still will not have the wall repaired.

Desired Settlement
Fix the cracks that have resulted from water intrusion on the rear of the property.

Business Response
This is regarding a townhome in ********* in ************ This community is not a condominium. Each owner owns thier dwelling and the association does not maintain to the drywall inside a unit. The association is only responsible for painting and roofing. The association does fill in minor cracks and paint them for astetics. The concerned cracks on the rear of the unit that are under a wood deck that was installed (and it not maintained or warranted by the association) appears to be the cause of water intrusion. The HOA board will have a contractor look at this and render an opinion as to the cause of water intrusion, however this is not something that would be maintained by the association anyway. Each owner is responsible for any major repairs to the exterior that is beyone roofing or painting. Each owner owns thier unit and the association only maintains the painted surface. This is not a decision made by Wise Property Management. This is decision made by the Board of Directors of ********* of ************

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11/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Soaking rain for more than a week, caused ceiling and drywall to become 'mushy' wet twice during the time I waited for repairs.
Copy of email sent to Wise Property Mgmt

September 19,2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to chronicle a series of events that led to damage in my townhouse at XXXXX **************** There was heavy rain on Tuesday evening and night.

Wednesday morning Sept 17, I was awakened by a large picture mounted over my bed, falling off the wall. Upon inspection, I realized that the drywall where the picture hung was soaking wet from the heavy rain on Tues night. I didn™t know who to call so I asked my mother to make the initial call.

My mother called the HOA representative and explained the situation. She told her that the roofer would be in touch. The roofer called and said he wouldn™t be able to get out for a look until Thursday Sept 18. I called him back to ask if he could put a tarp over my roof and after I left 4 messages he called back and said that he could not.

Roofer comes out on Thursday at 11AM. He quickly finds the problem saying that many of the leaks in this subdivision are in the same spot and that the valleys were not shingled correctly. He also tells me that he has to submit an estimate and get approval before he can do any work. I asked him once again if he could at least tarp the roof to prevent further damage inside but he said he couldn™t do anything.

On Friday morning my mother called the HOA rep to find out what is going on with the approval process and to ask if the roofer would be able to at least tarp the roof. She replied that she would check on the paperwork and ask about the tarp. She called back later that morning and said that everything had been approved and it was up to the roofer to schedule the repair. She said she would call Wise Property Management about the tarp since we were expecting more heavy rain. Their response was that they will not come out just to tarp. They will come out when they can make the repairs. Meanwhile heavy rain again.

The Association is responsible for making repairs to the roof. According to the roofer, repairs in this area of the roof are common. The Association should be aware of this and maintenance should have been done to correct this problem. This leak could have been happening for some time and didn™t present itself until the drywall became so compromised that the picture fell .

I know the bylaws state that the owner is responsible for inside damage, but when the damage is the fault of the lack of maintenance by the association and due to circumstances beyond my control, the insurance company of the Association should be responsible for the damage inside. Additionally, I requested several times that the roof be tarped to avoid further damage but I was told that they wouldn™t do it. This is something that should be done routinely especially during rainy season in Florida to minimize damage when the work can™t be done in a timely manner.

Roofer finally came out on Wed Sept 24 after an additional week of rain almost every day.

I'm concerned that the integrity of the drywall is compromised because of all the rain but more than that I'm concerned about mold.

Desired Settlement
Since the HOA is responsible for the roof and nothing was done to minimize damage on the inside, the HOA/Wise Management's insurance should be responsible not mine.
Because of the possible/probable growth of mold, I would like the affected part of the ceiling and wall replaced and repainted. In addition, I would like the Management company to change and do whatever is possible to prevent further inside damage when the repairs to their covered areas can not be made in a timely manner.

Business Response
We have looked into this issue and here is a timeline of the situation.
1.The roof leak was reported on Wednesday, September 17th.
2. A work order was sent the same day and Certified Construction came out to inspect on Thursday morning, the 18th.
3. Certified Construction had the estimate for the repair to us on Friday morning before office hours. We approved the estimate immediately and authorized them to complete the repair.
4. We followed up and asked if Certified could come back out to put a tarp on the roof. But the roofer had explained to the owner's father why they would not tarp the roof at 11 AM Friday morning . It was a matter of being unable to do so, not unwilling. The roof leak was in two places; a 5' X 5' area plus the 25' long valley, which also had a dormer on it. It was due to the size and configuration of the area needing to be tarped that the roofer could not do so. This was explained to the owner's father when the roofer was out there.
5. The roofer was then out on Tuesday to make the repair. The roof was repaired by September 24th.
6. We believe this was fixed as fast as possible, as we responded and gave authorization for the repair as timely as we could. The roofer would have put a tarp on the area if he could, but as explained, the configuration of the area leaking prohibited that. He simply could not make the area water tight with a tarp. And unfortunately the rain prohibited the repairs from being made as originally authorized and scheduled.

Unfortunately the association does maintain the exterior but each owner is responsible for interior damage as in this case. We are sorry for the inconvenience of this but feel we acted as quickly as weather would allow.

Consumer Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

We understand the association is not responsible for interior but the issue is that the company's delay in repairing the exterior caused the problems on the interior. I was never told the roofer would not tarp the area, I was told that the association would have to approve the tarp to be added to the services and they only approve one service. The whole process took about a week to have the repair made and that week it rained every single day causing more damage. We even asked the property manager if we could just pay someone to tarp the roof and she said that the roofer wouldn't touch the roof if another company touched it. They should be responsible because of the time it took for them to approve the repair and refusing to tarp the leak they caused more damage. I would be happy if the company would send someone out to check for mold, if there is no mold and drywall is not jeopardized I will not have any complaint. But if there is mold I believe they should be responsible for replacing that section of drywall and ceiling because it could have been prevented.

Final Business Response
The repair was approved very quickly. The week that this occurred was a week that it rained everyday. We believe we acted as quickly as possible but were limited due to weather. This was something that was out of our control. Again, the area was not able to be tarped due to the location. This was a matter which delays occurred due to weather and not controllable by us.

08/22/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Misuse of funds, unethical behavior, defensive and threatening emails.
I was satisfied with this company until they broke
ethics laws in 2013 with a few unethical ********** HOA members. They enabled these members to waste thousands of dollars on unnecessary trim paint. Now they are wasting tens of thousands of dollars to unnecessaritly kill 140+ oak trees. The trees are fine-they are not diseased or interfering with drainage, sidewalks, etc. A handful of people want the trees removed.
They wish sick, elderly, and disabled villa owners
to foot the bill again. We have a necessary paint job in 2016. We also have a necessary roofing job within the next 5 years that will cost at least $1,000,000.00!! So far, $600,000.00+ has been set aside. A new statute was passed ** 2013 forbidding pet projects like the trim paint and tree projects in HOAs. Unfortunately, Wise and the HOA do not wish to abide by the law. When I raised these issues, I was threatened by Wise Property Management representatives, **** *** ****** & **** ******, via email. These unlawful and unethical acts need to stop, be investigated and resolved in a manner that will help all of the sick, disabled and elderly villa owners here.

Desired Settlement
Ms. ****** and Mr. ****** removed from ********** HOA activities. If Wise doesn't want to reassign some of their ethical representatives to our community then they need to resign immediately. Wise needs to apologize to me and our villa community. The tree project needs to be tabled or scrapped. Wise needs to refund the cost of the unnecessary trim paint job to the villa treasury. If they are interested in the continued management of the Rivercrest HOA they need to develop an honest and ethical plan to manage the necessary roofing project. Wise needs to drop the assessment fee against my spouse and I. I believe changing the paint color back should be done as well but I doubt that **** be acceptable to Wise.

Business Response
Wise Property Management did not make the decision to change any colors on buildings. Please know the Board for the Homeowners Association makes all decisions regarding this in the community. The Board is currently working with their legal counsel about this owner and matter. Wise Property Management does not association funds without approval of the Board of Directors of Rivercrest. Wise will not remove the property manager from Rivercrest as the Board is happy with him and he is acting at direction of the Board. Wise Property Management see's no wrongdoing by the manager.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If Mr. ****** and Wise Property Management were obeying the new laws enacted in 2013 I wouldn't
have needed to file this complaint. Unfortunately,
an arrogant Mr. ****** and his employer refuse to abide by the state laws. We have retained an attorney to stop this party from wrongfully assessing us for $600. So far, the assessment has been withdrawn. There was an emergency meeting involving Mr. ****** on 7/14/14. Right now we are being charged a late fee on this illegal assessment. In addition, we expect that more illegal behavior will come. We thought that the BBB would try to influence Wise Property Management to follow the laws and be an ethical business to maintain their accreditation. We sincerely hope that the BBB will be successful. It has been our experience that the
West Florida BBB has been ethical and influential
in resolving complaints against businesses that behave unethically and unlawfully. This BBB has been one of my favorite BBBs to deal with in the
entire nation because of their ethical behavior and practices. It would be a shame if Wise Property Mangement and their staff were allowed to continue being an accredited business when they
are clearly breaking the law. We regret that Mr. ****** and his employer, Wise, are arrogant and delusional. We have only The BBB's complaint process, and our attorney to stop this illegal behavior. We hope we don't have to take this matter to court. But if necessary, we ****.

10/28/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Wise Property Management wants to charge us a fee for not moving a bench?

I am a homeowner at Rivercrest and we have been getting this letters about them wanting us to move a bench that we made at home. They don't like it how it looks so they want us to move it and if we don't move it the will send us a fee until we do. We (me and my husband) have been trying to ask them to let us have OUR bench in OUR house it sounds unbelievable that us paying bills for OUR house we have somebody telling us what to do and what to have it is ridiculous. We also have a complain on the way they treat us as they even ended up saying that "It is great that your family does home CRAFTS but they should not be displayed next to your driveway" REALLY??? We are not moving our "CRAFTS" in our OWN property just because they don't like it. We have been reading the rules about it and we cannot find anywhere were it says that we have to do something if they don't like it. There is so many things they should be doing and getting stuff done instead of worrying about a bench that they don't like in our property. Attached are the pictures of our bench and the emails we have been sending to them and their responses. We are a family that likes to have a clean and nice property and this company has no right to tell us what to do and what to have just because they don't like it. We want them to stop sending us letters and threats.

Desired Settlement
we want them to leave us alone and stop the letters to move the bench.

Business Response
Mr. and Mrs. ******** reside at XXXXX ***** ***** ***** in the Rivercrest Community. This is a deed restricted homeowners association, with restrictions and rules with which the ********* legally agreed to comply when they bought their house at the above-referenced address. Our office informed the Stauffers of the remedies at their disposal if they disagreed with the Notices of Noncompliance that were sent to them. Unfortunately, they did not avail themselves of any of the remedies.

As to the accusation of fees being charged to them, they are incorrect. They were sent a Notice of Intent to Fine, which stated that their violation was being referred to the fining committee of Rivercrest. Wise Property has no legal authority to impose any fee or fine for noncompliance.

As for their desire to be left alone, again, they are living in a deed restricted community. Wise Property followed the enforcement policy of the Rivercrest Community as set by the board of directors for the association. If the ********* wish to be left alone, perhaps they would be better suited living in an area not governed by the deed restrictions and rules of a homeowners association.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Final Business Response
When a resident moves into a deed restricted community by purchasing a home they agree to the deed restrictions. The Board of directors of the association is responsible for enforcing those restrictions. Wise Property Management sends notification on behalf of the Board. It is the Boards responsibility to enforce and instruct Wise Property Management send notifications.
Attached is the FL statute (720.401) that explains the responsibility of a home seller to disclose these deed restrictions and also is a form initialed by the ********'s with their mortgage disclosing they are living in Rivercrest a PUD (planned unit development) and deed restricted community.

******* ** ***
Community Association Manager
Wise Property Management

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