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3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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Problems with Product / Service3
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12/03/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Property manager for multiple properties failed to provide financial statements and funds from rental income to owner.
**** ********** *** owns a number of investment properties in the Fort Myers/Lehigh area. On March 1st 2013 we have entered a property management agreement with Dragonfly Rentals.

From the start there have been some delays in receiving the agreed monthly financial statements and rental income which this property manager collected from our tenants and monthly statistics about occupancy levels and more. We received assurances that this was only temporary and would improve "the next month". However the delays got worse over time. Since June 2013 we have received no financial statements or funds or statistics at all. We are worried if our properties are managed at all, and what is happening with the rental income the product management company collects on our behalf.

On September 6th we emailed a notice of termination, effective 30 days later. But the rental income for the months July, August, September is still at the hands of the property manager and unaccounted for as of the day of filing this complaint.

Desired Settlement
We must receive immediately financial statements and rental income for the months June, July, September 2013.

Business Response
This owner had several properties and Dragonfly was on a 6 month trial basis with ****. I agreed when I first took the accounts that I would do two other excel spread sheet reports on top of what report is usually generated for property owners. Reports were sent, just not the other excel reports that ending up being more than what I was capable of producing. I am a property manager and although I agreed to do these reports, they were at an accounting level that I was comfortable with.

I did manage to meet the other criteria of our agreement, such as maintaining the rental rates and getting his properties re--rented, fixed up and most tenants current with their rents. I was also successful in enforcing the leases regarding pets that were not supposed to be on the properties and inspections.

We have parted ways and are on good terms. I have been working with his new property manager that has been hired to manage them until she is able to sell the properties as she has put them on the market.

Please let me know if I need to clarify any information.

Thank you for your persistence in this matter.


******** *****,

Dragonfly Properties & Investments, LLC

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Although some facts are twisted or inaccurate in the response of Dragonfly, we shall not continue this discussion for ever. Dragonfly has reluctantly accepted our demand for financial compensation (pending a partial refund to them after completion of the works at a specific property they had neglected and the calculation of the cost) and we have moved on.

Final Business Response
I agree that the trial period was for 6 months.

Dragonfly Properties assisted with the transaction to the new management company, because that is what we do for every customer that changes management.

Our property management agreement allows for us to release a tenant from their lease and return the security deposit at our digression. The unit had no a/c and trouble with the water system. The tenants needed the security deposit to move out. The client was well aware that the unit had issues because he allowed us to waive a month's rent for these tenants a month prior due to the unit being uninhabitable. The ceiling in the kitchen had fell due to the air conditioner drain pan being rusted out and the drain line not being routed properly. The clients even had their own private inspection company view the damages from the ac and concurred that that was the problem. However, after the a/c repair, the ceiling fell again due to the insulation in the ceiling still being wet. On top of that, there may have been a mold issues in the unit and because of this, Dragonfly Properties felt it was safer if the tenant's were gone in order to make the repairs.

Dragonfly was told on Sept. 21st, 2013 that there was a new management company to take over Oct. 1st. We were also told not to make any more repairs to the properties unless necessary. While under our management the power was on, so there was no issue with the refrigerator. This may have been an oversight by the new management company not to have the power turned on upon their takeover.

We have over paid this client in the amount of $2,484.79. This client has refused to refund the the money and hence we did take the position that we would pursue legal action and lien the properties to ensure repayment. However, at this time we have not proceeded. This client has not only not refunded the over payment, but has claimed that we owe him an additional $800 on top of that for a property that was already in disrepair.

Dragonfly's system auto generated emails to this client's tenants because they were not "inactive" by Oct. 1st. So, yes, the tenants were contacted to pay their rent to us, however, once this was brought to our attention, it was immediately corrected. One tenant did pay Dragonfly in the month of Oct., which was deducted from the over payment.

This client did not give Dragonfly the proper 30 day notice that is provided in the management agreement. Had this been done, and everything not rushed, there would have been a better time frame to secure the properties, inactivate the properties and take better care in the accounting.

This client has employed at least 4 management companies in this year alone for these properties. They are very hard to work with and extremely demanding.

We have given all reports, sent all funds and done everything that our contract has required.

12/30/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We rented a home from Dragon fly properties and the living conditions were not to standards and the.home is infested with pests.
We rented a house from Dragonfly Properties and was told the house was rent ready. The HOME was flity and full roaches and mice and termites. They were ants in my dogs bed in living room we had to take the dogs to the vet and to the groomer and the groomer found embedded dead ants in their fur for dogs need to be shaved. there are cockroaches in our bed in the refrigerator bathtub bathroom in the water heater in the refrigerator dishwasher stove . The mice left droppings in kitchen ants got into all of our stuff. The termites were all in the walls and in our wood space fire place heater and wood table. contacted them two days later from the moving date on November 1st in addition to the pest the we were told it was rent ready. I went on 11/10/14 and stated I want my security deposit back that the house is unhealthy to live in I was told from ******* the maintenance super that the owner need to be contacted and that they will let me know. on Wednesday November 12th when *** ***** the owner of dragonfly properties gets back in town the landlord ********* Norton and ******* ****** told ******* that no we are not getting the security deposit back you can happily vacate the premises today on Thursday November 13th I went to the office to talk to *** around 3:48 p.m. To get my security deposit back *** turned around and said no you are evicted you don't deserve your security deposit and you need to get the F out of my office before I have you arrested and a restraining order put on you. When I got home she had an eviction notice on door with my forged signature. *** ***** used foul language and was nasty and threatened me by saying you dont what happens when someone messes with me.

Desired Settlement
For the cost of the security deposit$650.00
Replacement of our bed $1000.00
Replacement of our couches $2100.00
Vet bills $800.00
Cleaning supplies $400.00
Days missed from work $360.00
Moving costs to another home $2000.00

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ******** *****/Broker
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ********
The tenant did a walk through of the property on October 31, 2014. She was aware of the condition of the property. The previous tenants vacated the day before, and **** moved into the house on the 1st. There was not infestation of roaches, ants or mice. After **** vacated the property, we went back over to inspect and found not traces of infestation of any kind. The owners did offer to exterminate the house to appease ****, but that was not what she wanted. We did send an exterminator after she moved out, and he confirmed that there was no infestation. **** signed a lease agreement and then defaulted on the lease. Therefore, she is not entitled to a return of the deposit and she did not fulfill the contract. **** was never told that she was evicted, only judges can do evictions, however, I did put a three day notice to pay rent or quit on her door for balances due, (I worked out a payment plan for her move in costs) along with a copy of the lease, and a seven day notice to cure because she painted one of the bedrooms. It specific to the lease that the tenants no not paint or alter the property without the expressed consent of the owners. She was the one that came into my office irate, turning red and spitting at me while cursing at me. She wanted out of her lease, and with the owners permission, we allowed her to break the lease. Because she was so upset, I asked her to please wait outside until we prepared the agreement to vacate and the other forms that were posted on her door. She left instead of waiting and sped off. There was never a conversation about being arrested or a protection order. Bottom line, she inspected the house, took it in as is condition, and then decided that she didn't want to live there. Then came to my office to intimidate me to return a deposit that legally belongs to the owner when a lease is broken. I also learned that she had found another property and planned on moving in there. Hence, in my opinion,she needed the security deposit from this property to move into the new one.

Consumer Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

I disagree with their response but I do not want to pursue this because I don't think the company will do anything to resolve the situation. They treated me horribly and we lost everything because of them. But we cannot afford to hire an attorney to fight it.

10/29/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We hired the Property Management" Dragonfly Management Company" to manage our property in Lehigh Acres FLorida XXXXX since April 2014.
The agreement was they help to collect rent from out tenant. They will get a 10% commission from the rent payment. Otherwise, we do not need to pay any other service fee. We met the Broker(Owner) ******** ***** at our property on April 18 2014. She came to take all of the pictures from my property which she will knew what kind of furnture is there, and she will make sure everything was still in good condition. Starting in May, our tenant did not pay the rent and we had evicted them. Since we did not have any funds so that ******** was asking for payment in advance in order to process. We agreed with her and transferred the funds to her account immediately. We let them to handle all the process,until Jun 17 2014, we got an email from them and sent us all the damage furniture photos. which show how bad condition in our property. They did not collect our house keys and garage remote from our tenant. They don't even know what date the tenants left from our property. We noticed the situation and we called the police. When we went back to my property, everything was empty without furniture, but the house was dirty and smelly. Besides, we did not give authority to anyone to move out our stuff from our house. I sent twice emails to the Owner ******** , I need our locks and furniture back , they suppose to make every attempt to collect keys from the tenant before changing any locks. But she never gave us an answer instead she sent the outstanding bills to us for remove our stuff out of my property.

Desired Settlement
I have a copy of my email which was mentioned all of my furniture items , and I sent it by email to Dragonfly on April 17 ,2014. They knew those items were belong to us, I still need my furniture and door lock back. And I am disputing her invoices , because we never wanted her to do any repairs , including changing the locks prior to our approval.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ******** *****/Broker
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ********
This complaint is only being filed because I asked Ms. *** to pay me for the electric bills and the invoice to change locks and take out trash. The house needed to be cleaned out because the previous tenants had left food in the refrigerator and the power was off. So, I had the power turned on and the refrigerator cleaned out and any trash removed from the property.

I did meet with Ms. *** at the property in the middle of April. (The same day her husband backed into my car.) I was there as a liaison between her and the tenant because she was very upset with the tenant because they were behind on their rent and she was unhappy with the condition of the carpet and the furniture that she had left in the property for the tenant to use. On that day, Ms. *** took property from the house and left other things there. I was not in the picture when the property was rented to these tenants. I have no way of knowing what the condition of the furniture or property was when it was first rented.

Further more, the tenants were evicted by my company. It is typical when tenants are evicted that they do not turn in keys and remotes. I would NEVER advise a property owner to leave any personal property on the premises, just for this reason. It gets stolen and damaged. I had no control over when the tenants left or what they took with them. I have gone through every computers emails and cannot find the email of pictures of damaged furniture. Ms. *** must be mistaken on that.

We secured the property with a new lockset so that the previous, and obviously angry, tenants did not have access to property. The management agreement that Ms. *** signed allows for the locks to be changed by my company. It also allows for us to have work done up to $250 per month with out owner consent. Which is what transpired in this situation.

I have attached the bills that she has not paid me. That is all I was asking for is for her to send me a check. I notified her on X-XX-XX that I was cancelling our agreement because I had a tenant that was coming in to sign a lease for the property and she chose not to lease the property out. I had to tell the tenants that they could not rent the property because the owner had changed her mind. Which made my company look very unprofessional.

The email that Ms. *** has uploaded is dated four days ago. I had notified her on X-XX-XX that there would be outstanding bills without a response. (please see attached) She knew at that time that there was money owed. She also owes be for procuring a tenant.

I did my job. I cleaned up the property, secured the property, turned on the power to avoid mold, and a ruined refrigerator and found her a qualified tenant. As far as the furniture, it was not there, she needs to contact the previous tenants about that.

Consumer Response
This is an unprofessional answer,

1, She wrote "the same day her husband backed into my car." it was a car accident and I called the insurance company already. I won't be surprised that she answered in an unprofessional way. She wrote a lot of things that were lies and have no proof. She tried to write negative things about us, this is not a professional manner and wouldn't help her business.

2,The house to be cleaned out , Yes "we did" and we hired a professional cleaning company and carpet cleaner company to clean the whole house . The cleaner cleaned the refrigerator and the trash removal. The carpet cleaner was referred by Dragonfly. (attached please see the both invoices) Dragonfly always asked for money first before they did a job. We paid them in advance for the eviction, otherwise, Dragonfly won't take any action which I know them. And I always asked about the prices before they take action.

3, "No way of knowing what the condition of the furniture or property was when it was first rented". She came to the house and took all of the pictures. I don't understand if she knows what she is talking about. Otherwise, we won't meet at my property that day. And I sent an email to Dragonfly before we met. (please see the attached email ) Dragonfly sent us an email with all pictures, the sofa , queen matress , box spring and frame were still in the house. When we went back to our house , the house was empty. I didn't authorize them to move out our stuff. " She said that she can't find the email of pictures of damaged furniture." all pictures were sent by Dragonfly after the tenants left. I couldn't believe that she said that she had no control over when the tenants left or what they took with them. (see attached email with pictures) The sofa , queen mattress, box spring and frame cost $1000.00 , accordingly to the pictures, they were still in good condition.

4, "It is typical when tenants are evicted that they do not turn in keys and remotes." She has never mentioned something like that before, if they had told us that we would go up there to get our house keys and remotes.

5, "allows for the locks to be changed by Dragonfly" I did not sign and allows for the locks to be changed by Dragonfly. Please prove it . And where is the old locks ? I need my old locks back and the old locks cost $100.00

6, "she had to tell the tenants that they could not rent the property because the owner had changed her mind." I had never changed my mind, we still wanted good tenant who has a clean background and so on but she was rushing to get them in ... And made Dragonfly look very unprofessional, and this is true that they are unprofessional.

7,I sent an email to disputed all of your invoices because you did not clean up the property , I hired the cleaning company and they cleaned my property. As far as the furniture were still in my property, I don't need to contact the previous tenants because Dragonfly emailed me photos of my furniture after the previous tenants left. The total coast of my furniture and the old lock are in the amount of $1100.00 . Dragonfly either return all my furniture and the old lock back, or they pay the compensation in the amount of $1100.00 instead.

**** ***

Home owner

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BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.