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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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Billing / Collection Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
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03/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I paid the company $100 for 2 service visits. The company never showed up for the second service and won't refund me the $50 for the second service.
My original service was on 8/19/14. the serviceman said they would call to schedule my 2nd service. They are a bi-monthly service. They called and set up my next service but the service man never show up. Then I was billed for my next 2 services, $101.41. $100 for the service and $1.41 Finance charge which I don't understand. I called then to get this straighten out and told them their serviceman never showed. They re-scheduled and again no one showed up. I called again and was told "He did show up", which he didn't. I then wrote a letter to the owner asking for a refund of $50. and asked why am I being Billed for another $101.41. He told me that they never sent me a bill. I said to him, *****, I will fax you a copy if you wish. He also said that my wife told the serviceman Not to do the inside of the house. That Never happened, and why would we Not want service inside? I doesn't make sense! He never responded to my last letter. All I want is a refund for the $50 I paid them in advance.

Desired Settlement
I just want the $50 I paid them for the service I didn't get. It's that simple!

Business Response
To whom it may concern,
We have attached our response to the complaint from Mr. ****.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
thanks so much,
***** *******
Green Tech Termite & Pest

Todays date: Feb 9th 2015

Re: **** ***** ****** ***
********** ** XXXXX

To whom it may concern:
I have attached a copy of the contract & our service time line for your review.
The contract states $100 for the initial pest control visit and $100 per service every other month thereafter as per the attached copy of the contract. The original service date was 8/19/14, our technician ******* performed the inside initial pest control service.
The next service was due around the middle of Ocober 2014. We called Mr. **** and left him a message that we'd be out to do his service on October 22nd, 2014 between 3:00-5:00 and if that day and time wasn't good for him to call back, we didn't receive a return call from Mr. **** so ***** our technician that normally handles Clearwater went out on the 22nd and did an outside perimeter treatment & left a bill. Again, we never heard back from Mr. ****.
We called Mr. **** in January to collect the money from October and to schedule his January service and he complained about the bill from October (3 months prior). We told him that we'd waive the $100 service fee from October even though he should have called us and had us come back out and treat the inside. We tried to schedule his January service with him, but he refused to continue unless we credit his account ANOTHER $50.00.
To this day, we've only been paid $100.00 total. In order to continue service with Mr. ****, we need to be paid for our time and chemicals when we come out. We do not feel as though we owe him any other monies. As we have already waived his entire October service fee.

***** *******
Green Tech Termite & Pest Control

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In response to what Green Tech replied with I have some corrections to state:

The $100.00 was for two visits told to us by the first technician. On the receipt he clearly wrote inside/outside service. When we were talking we told him we can only have Saturday service and to call first. We got a call for a weekday job and I called back and said it has to be a Saturday. So they did schedule it for a Saturday 1 1/2 wks later and never showed or called. Another few weeks passed and they scheduled us for another Saturday (never mentioning they had been here and did the outside, nor did their technician leave a bill. So we had no idea he was ever here.***** states his technician talked to my wife and she told him "no inside work today". That is false. They never showed up again on that scheduled Saturday or called.

The 3rd time they called me I said forget it, you owe me $50.00 for the "2nd" job that they never performed.

I'm 68 years old and I don't need this problem for $50.00. I don't need the $50.00 but they never did the work and so I'm reporting this is on principle. I liked the first technician that came out and trusted them. I suggest to NOT do business with this Company. They are feuding over $50.00 that they owe and their facts just don't add up. What happened to the customer is always right?

So in a nutshell they came out only one time. Charged us $100.00 and kept sending us $100.00 invoices (with interest) for work never performed.

The only way this will resolve is if they refund my $50.00 or I can see them in small claims court.

I will agree to remove this negative review upon receipt of my $50.00.


Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
All I really wanted was the service I was promised which didn't happen.

I thank the BBB for helping with this problem.

Thank You,


Final Business Response
This response was taken verbally by the BBB: We provided the service and have already given Mr. **** a $50 credit. As a goodwill gesture we will give the additional $50 that our customer is requesting.
We want all of our customers to be satisfied with the services that we provide. Our customers are very important to us and we want all our customers to be happy.
I will send Mr. **** a check in the amount of $50 and we will look at this as finalizing this transaction with this customer. Please allow 5-7 business days to received. Thank you

01/12/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Unwilling to rectify a pest control issue due to insufficient product services provided by Green Tech. Nor willing to implement money back guarantee.
Within the last few months we have contacted Green Tech to express our concerns and that we were displeased with the service and wanted to find a way to successfully fix our pest control problem. With that we were guided to speak with ***** about these concerns directly and to be advised about the next steps in implementing the money back guarantee if need be. During the month of October we continually spoke with *****, ***** and front office associates about the the problem. **** our Tech was finally instructed to be sent out to our home, at no charge, with the new product ***** stated would finally make the problem go away. Unfortunately, this was not the case thus when our scheduled bi-monthly treatment came along, **** provided us with a bill, which was appalling to us, so we requested he stop treatment immediately until we got in touch with someone in the office.

Once I spoke with the front office associate I requested the reasoning for billing when the product obviously hasn't been working. Her response was that this is your regular service date and that to continue service we would have to pay. Once I expressed to her the obscenity in paying or continuing service for a product that does not work and we are dissatisfied with. She explained that either we can pay to continue service or cancel if we are unhappy. I then proceeded to cancel our service but requested that either ***** or ***** contact us back to discuss the money back guarantee. To no avail we did not receive a callback from either of them. We continued to try reaching them until finally on Nov. 12th **** was able to speak with *****, before our holiday travel to have them handle the problem or begin the money back guarantee process. ***** stated he would send *****, I presume a Senior Tech, to our home on 11/13/14 to conduct an inspection and provide a new treatment and sadly enough that never occurred.

Upon our return from our vacation my husband contacted Green Tech/***** and was provided less than satisfactory customer service. Rather an argument between the two of them ensued, in which the owner berated **** for "not following up", mentioning that "many customers make false accusations so how am I to believe your wife's complaints", and he also addressed our concerns by stating that "Come October you were out of our lives and service was no longer a priority", shortly proceeding those statements ***** hung up the phone on **** as he was speaking. So in just we were belittled, called liars and informed that our problem was no longer a concern to the company. All due to the fact that we ultimately wanted to do our due diligence and have our pest control problem solved or our money back so that we can contract with another pest control company.

Since 12/1/14 it has become obviously clear that Green Tech does not value their customers satisfaction, lack amicable customer service skills & non apologetically provide insufficient products. And with this knowledge our decision to cancel service was truly reinforced!

Through the past few months we have grown increasingly distraught and agitated by the way the company has neglected to adequately rectify and handled our pest control problem and needs. As well as become infuriated by the way we have personally been treated as human beings in such and aggressive and disrespectful manner. I personally reached out to the owner, *****, yesterday via email and the phone in order to speak with him directly about the line that has been crossed and how to officially proceed forward with the money back guarantee request. No surprise to us neither ***** or ***** have responded via email or the phone to my request to speak with them. Thus, we are now formally making this complaint through the BBB in hopes to have a more successful resolution to our problem .

Thank You,
******* *****

Desired Settlement
I would expect that the owner(s) of the company, ***** & *****, would have tried their hardest to make this situation right! A humble apology to my husband and myself would be more than appreciated for he was only trying to be proficient and follow through on a problem that NEEDS to be fixed.

Also, I would expect that a local business such as Green Tech, that prides themselves on their products and service would make sure the needs of dissatisfied customers would be a priority and would have gone out of their way to make sure our needs were met at NO additional charge proceeding forward. Thus that has not been a viable option presented to us rather the need to verbally attack us and have the office associated deliver the message that we are at a "standstill", we feel the most amicable solution now in this settlement would be to refund monies paid for an unsuccessful service with the company via Green Techs' money back guarantee. This will allow allow us to proceed forward with another pest control company to rectify the problem.

Business Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

We have been servicing this customer as a bi-monthly account since September 2013. In between the bi-monthly services they were calling us out for ant problems. On the times we went out there were very few ants were seen. We did our last service on 9/25/14. The customer was due for service again in October and the customer cancelled the service before that date. Now they are calling us in December for service that they cancelled at the end of September. We are no longer under contract or warranty with this customer.

We hope that the customer is able to find another pest control company that can take good care of them.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Services were officially cancelled in October not September to clarify. Shortly following the visit from our Tech for our originally scheduled October bi-monthly treatment. As well additional services were not requested on a regular base between bi-monthly visits until September when we noted that the initial guarantee to resolve the pest control problem within a year was null. Hence the ant problem continued beyond that time frame. That is when we began to reach out to Green Tech to rectify the problem especially since there were more than a "few ants" in our bedrooms, bathrooms, entrance ways and in the front windows of our home. As mentioned on a phone conversation to *****, in which **** our tech was sent to our home with "new products" he to recognized/acknowledged the increased amount of ants in those areas, especially the ones that covered our night stand, that were around the sink area in our bathroom and that had a trail outside our front windows. Despite *****'s promise that the new product would stop the problem or that if the product does not work we can proceed forward with the money back guarantee, neither option has happened. The ants continue to be spotted around the house, in our bedroom, and entrance ways. We have made several attempts to contact the owners about their inability to solve the problem and the money back guarantee with no avail. Again, this has led us to contact the BBB to conclude this dispute. I am currently in the process of obtaining phone records that prove the multiple attempts we have made to the company before our cancellation and after, specifically due to the lack of customer service and successful product service. These records are to go to show our continual attempts to contact the company to rectify the situation and the lack of response from Green Tech to assist with the problem. Once received, documentation will be attached to this claim.
As mentioned in the original claim the few conversations we've had between ***** or *****, empty promises were made such as, "***** will come out to inspect and treat on 11/13", which was suppose to occur before we left for vacation. As well as the final conversation on 12/1 which occurred upon the return of our vacation in which ***** verbally attacked my husband and for reasons unbeknownst to me insinuated that I was a liar. As a company who advertises that they "strive to attain 110% client satisfaction" it is very disappointing that they have not made the attempt to truly obtain customer satisfaction. Simply by providing products that would successfully end our problem as originally guaranteed or by implementing the money back guarantee so that we can "find another pest control company that can take care of us". They may not have considered or even comprehend the huge financial disservice it would be for us as a customer to have paid for over a year for services that weren't successful and now be placed in a bind where we would now have to pay out of pocket again to have another company come behind Green Tech and rectify the situation that we originally paid them for. It is my hope that the BBB can mediate a resolve that would please both us as the customer and merchant.

Final Business Response
Mr. and Mrs. **** *****'s home was treated for pest control by our Company, Green Tech Termite & Pest Control starting on September 26, 2013. We have been treating their home on an ongoing basis since then.

In between "regular services" we would also come out and treat their ant problem at no additional charge as we were continually working on rectifying their pest issue.

Their next service was supposed to be done in October, but they called in after the respray at no additional charge at the end of September to cancel the contract saying that the reason being was the on-going ant problem.

In December, we received a phone call from them asking us to come out and take care of the ant problem again at no additional charge. Keep in mind we hadn't been there since September. We explained to them that we've been putting down different chemicals to rectify the problem and we must charge when we come out especially since we hadn't been there in a few Months as it costs us time & extra chemical if the home isn't kept on a regular maintenance plan.

Neither Mr. or Mrs. ***** would accept this for an answer. Mr. ***** continued to call and request a full refund of his money for the year since he didn't feel we rectified his problem. We felt as though we went above and beyond to satisfy them both. We told him that we could not give him a refund of his moneys. ***** and ***** had both said if you'd like us to come back out and treat again, we will have to charge for the service call since October's service had already been skipped and its imperative for the service to be continued on an ongoing basis or the infestation could possibly increase.

We are sorry that the *****'s are upset with our Company, but we also feel as though we tried all we can do to make things right with them and they were still unhappy. We wish them well in the future and hope they can find another company that will satisfy their needs.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This letter is in response to the Green Tech Termite & Pest Control letter dated December 26, 2014. It is true that Green Tech has been treating our home for ants since September of 2013. Unfortunately, at no point during this year of service has our ant problem been totally rectified. When my wife, *******, and I cancelled our service in October it was due to Green Tech coming to our home just a week after treating our home to retreat and provide us with a bill. The "free" retreatment they speak of was not actually a free treatment at all! In fact, our assigned service technician, ****, had visited our home a little over a week prior to the "free" service and treated the outside because neither I nor ******* were home at the time for him to treat the inside. After calling, we asked for Green Tech to send **** back to our home to treat the inside because we were still experiencing ant problems. After **** revisited our home he was sent back a little over a week later for our regular scheduled appointment. At that time we expressed our unhappiness and called the Green Tech office. We then, clearly expressed to them that we were not going to continue to pay for a service that fails to work. It was at this time that we cancelled and told the representative that we would be calling for our money back if the treatment that **** did a week prior failed to work.

In the beginning of November we started to experience ants again and I tried multiple times to contact ***** to no avail. The first week of November I called, twice, to speak to ***** and he was either in a meeting or not in the office. The second week of November I was able to speak with him and told him about our problem. I also let ***** know that me and my family were going to Ohio for a two week vacation starting the 14th November and wished to have some of these issues resolved before we left. ***** told me to call ***** and that ***** would personally come and treat our home because there was no reason we should still be experiencing this problem. I called to speak to ***** but he did not answer. I then left a message. After returning from our trip 30 November, I immediately called ***** who then continued to transfer me to his assistant or other associates or secretaries within the office. Only after I threatened to contact the BBB did he return my call. While we were talking I informed him that we still weren't able to get anyone out to our home and that on our return there were "literally" not figuratively hundreds of dead ants on our bathroom counter and floor. Our conversation did turn sour because of my request for a refund which the company and he stood by. I even went as far as telling him that the money "initially" wasn't my concern and that if they (Green Tech) would agree to rectify our issue with no additional coast to my family then I would be satisfied. However, if I had to seek another pest control company then I would need my monies returned. ***** then went on to state how Green Tech treated our house of two different occasions free of charge and that we got a good deal /"discount" when we signed up so we should be satisfied! I expressed that no matter how significant the discount/deal was I still spent money for a service that is ineffective. Unfortunately, ***** thought I was lying and stated that he "can't trust everyone" then hung up on me. I even called back and informed the secretary that ***** was more than willing to come and look at the hundreds of dead ants on our bathroom counter to prove that we weren't lying.

This may be unfortunate but the only ones being affected is me and my family. I value my dollars, as does ***** I'm sure, but I am unhappy at the fact that I paid for a money back guarantee service that did not produce absolute results. I'm also unhappy at that fact I've called multiple times and never got a call back from ***** and had to threaten to contact the BBB for me to get a call back. Of course he's just now spoken with me in December but I've been calling since the first week of November! How do we resolve this?? I still have ants and they still have my money. Like I told the secretary over the phone, if they are willing to use the new product and treat my home until we don't have ants anymore then I would be satisfied. If not, then we need our money back so we can contact another pest control service.

**** *****

09/10/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company did not control pests. Owner said in three months the problem would be solved. Billing was done on my credit card without my permission etc.
I hired this pest control company to rid my apartments of pests in 2011. The owner ***** said in three months he could rid the place of roaches. There has been no improvement since I began. They are a difficult company to work with. The only time I heard from them is when they charged my card without my permission. I received a call last week from ***** wanting his money and after paying him they still did not service the unit as they said they would after our conversation. I paid 120.00 this month. I expect this to be refunded to me and owner said no. This is the most unorganized company I have ever worked with. ***** called last week and said I will have to stop everything we are doing to look for past slips left at the unit. I did not ask him for that and was never sent a slip. He was angry with me when I thought my goodness it is up to you to know where the slips are not me. Just a mess of a company.

Desired Settlement
I feel I should be refunded the entire period he was paid. If I pay a house cleaner she has to clean the house. This person should have done their job or refund my money.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** *******
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
RE: XXXXX *** *** **** A & B Largo, FL XXXXX

In response to Mrs. ***** complaints, I wanted to explain our side of the story. I'm sorry to hear Mrs. ***** is upset; however, we do feel that we've gone above and beyond to help her resolve her pest control issue.
Mrs. ***** property is a duplex which consists of Unit A & Unit B. We have been servicing her duplex since 6/8/12. There were many times in our servicing history at the above property when there were times that tenants in Unit A, would NOT let us service the inside of the unit.
Unit B has a tenant named Mrs. ****** who would communicate very well with our technician and was serviced on an on-going Monthly Service without interruption. It is detrimental that if you are set up on a Monthly Service Plan, when having an infestation, that we are able to gain access to the inside of both units, which many times in the Unit A's case, we were unable. Our technician would make several attempts every month to gain access to the unit, but the tenant would either ignore his phone calls or would have an excuse as to why we were unable to be let in. Many times, we would even make a second trip in one Month to the home to accommodate the homeowner & tenants, but would not charge extra.
On the 4th of April 2013, Our Technician, ****, serviced the property & then again on April 25th, 2013 to re-treat Unit B. Our other Technician, ***, serviced the property on August 10th, 2013 for an extra service call in which he was let inside to both Unit A & B. August 15th, 2013 was the regular Monthly Service day, in which *** met Mrs. *****'s husband, ***** at 2:30pm to let *** inside Unit B only. The point is, we do go above and beyond to meet our customers needs.
The property was set up to be serviced on a Monthly basis @ $60 per Month. And was also set up on what we call "auto-pay" which means that as we did the service, we would automatically run Mrs. *****'s credit card. Several times when we were unable to be let "inside" unit A, Mrs. ***** would call us for a refund. Our records indicate that we did indeed give her a $30 refund on two separate occasions even though the agreement was $60 per Month and it wasn't our fault that we were unable be let in to Unit A consistently.
Last week, we received a call from Mrs. ***** again requesting a $60 refund and also said that we never were let into either of the units, and that she wanted her card refunded for another $60. When we did indeed do the service in August twice! One of the times, we were let in by her husband!
We cannot continue to service her property without getting paid. We held up to our end of the bargain, but don't feel as though she has fulfilled her responsibility of giving us full access to both units every Month. We also, have copies of our work orders from our technicians of each time we serviced her property.
We would be glad to continue to service her property as long as she is able to give us full access to the inside of both units on a continuous basis.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Again your technician never called me. I was never informed of the when the service was provided and what was done period. I find this to be a great opportunity I bought some Advion. The product is amazing it is the gel bait. Roaches were gone in 5 days. I hope this helps anyone trying to get rid of paying for service when they did not do the job. Best Regards to all.

Final Business Response
Our technician did indeed inform Mrs. ***** that the access to Unit A was denied by the tenant. That is why Mrs. ***** had requested a $30 refund on two separate occasions, knowing that Unit A was unable to be serviced on the inside.
The owner said that the pests would be gone in three months in hopes that both units would be fully accessible each time we serviced the property. Because we weren't able to get inside, that is why Mrs. ***** was unable to see improvement.
I am very sorry that Mrs. ***** is not happy. We strive to keep customers satisfied 110%.

01/22/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Dear Sir or Madam:I am writing to you to explain my reason to dispute the $73.00 from Green Tech Termite and Pest Control. I have been a customer of Green Tech since 2005 receiving regular, quarterly in-wall treatments. For these past seven years I have been a solid customer who never complained and was rather happy with my service. The root of my problem goes back to the Spring of 2012 when my family began noticing Pharaoh Ants in the shared bedroom of my two girls (ages 3 and 7), my sons bedroom (age 5), their shared bathroom and the master bathroom. At this time we had a new tech, *******, servicing our home since our long time tech was no longer with the company. We have had occurrences of these ants in the past. Typically, it required the tech to come out in between quarterly services and treat the problem once. Around April/May of 2012 we began seeing the appearance of these ants in our master bathroom. A call was placed to Green Tech for our tech to come out. He applied a treatment and we awaited the result of no longer seeing these ants. The appearance of these ants did not subside. Rather within weeks they began appearing in my sons room. A follow-up call was placed to Green Tech and another treatment was done. Several weeks pass and we begin seeing them in the kids shared bathroom and then next in the girls room. Calls are now being placed on a regular basis to Green Tech. Green Tech is responsive in sending ******* out but the problem is getting worse and worse. This continues all throughout the summer. Calls are placed to Green Tech asking if someone other than ******* can come out as it is apparent that he is not rectifying the problem. This request is made on several occasions. Another tech is never sent out as ******* appears every time. Requests are also being made to speak with ****** the owner but a call from him never comes. I want to stress that on August 7th, our quarterly treatment is done at a rate of $73.00 by *******. As has always been customary, the charge is auto billed to our credit card on file. We remain paying customers despite this mayhem.It is now September. There are Pharaoh Ants marching in lines across the kids bathroom from the shower behind the toilet across the sink and into the rooms lightswitch. In the girls bedroom the ants are coming out of the closet and window and marching in and out of their dresser. They are also marching across the girls floor and are even being found in the girls beds. They are marching from the window across the double sink in the master. In my sons room they are coming out of the window and marching across the floor. We are seeing ants march up and down the outside walls of our house in multiple locations. Bear in mind that at this point it is a heavy and steady stream of these ants. Never before have we seen them like this in our house. We are concerned that they are next heading to kitchen. During *******s last visit, he professes things like lets hope for a cold winter, he asks what do we do with our lawn, he informs us we should treat our lawn with (some chemical he cant pronounce but says it starts with a B), he also asks us to find out what our neighbors use on their lawns. During his last visit *******s phone is ringing. He is heard muttering loudly, why dont these people stop bothering me. It is at this point that I begin literally screaming at Green Tech to send me a qualified person. It also at this point that I find myself at Lowes buying ant baits and sprays because Green Tech is not helping me.Finally in September I get *************, svc manager, to come out. Im not sure why this is the first time I get this persons name after I all had been through during the summer. In any case he comes out and is quite surprised to see how extensive the infestation is. He does some treatments that show immediate results. He has to come back out on several occasions throughout September, October and November to put this infestation down. ***** is a nice enough guy although he does let it be known that we are outside of his service area. He can only come at the very end of the day (i.e. 6PM or later) and it appears we are an inconvenience to him. During a visit on 10/19/12, our quarterly in-wall service is done by *****.By mid November the ants are largely gone but we still are noticing some in the master bathroom. At this time, I place a call to ***** for him to come back out. I do not receive a call back. I wait until Monday 11/26/12 to call him again. He tells me he cannot get out there until 12/6/12. I get the sense that ***** doesnt want to keep being bothered by this problem. In any case, he comes for the reason that I called about but also does our quarterly in-wall service again at a rate of $73.00 just 6 weeks after it was last done. I am not at home at this time but my wife is.I come home from a business trip to find that we have been charged $73.00 for a quarterly service when all I asked was that he comes for some remnants of the ants in the bathroom. I call ***** and we get into it. Hes largely unprofessional as he tells me to just pay my last bill and be done. On 12/10/12 I call Green Tech and demand that I speak with ******. ****** was completely unaware of any of this issue that I had all year. I am upset about this sneaky charge that was done to me but ****** wont budge. He tells me I got the other one for free so it is evident that ***** came out 6 short weeks later as a makeup and did the service again when not needed so as to generate an invoice. Bear in mind that the invoice says This invoice will be charged to my Credit Card on file Thank you. I tell ****** I dont think I should pay that $73.00 and I wont. On 12/26/12, I receive a letter from Transworld Systems Collection Agency informing me that I owe Green Tech $88.00. This is beyond abusive and dishonest. There was no other letter stating that I was past due (which I wasnt). It was 20 days
Product_Or_Service: Quarterly in-wall service

Desired Settlement
Refund of my $73.00 for the quarterly in-wall service that was not requested to be done on 12/6/12 and had last been done on 10/19/12.

Business' Initial Response
This response was taken verbally by BBB:

We serviced this customers whole house, inside and out, 3 times at no charge. On the 4th service visit he was given a bill for that one service only and refused to pay it. At that time the customer became verbally abusive to company employees. The bill due is valid as customer was given 3 service treatments at absolutely no charge and we will be proceeding with collection efforts if not paid.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I had been a customer for approximately 7 years with no issue. I had a new technician assigned to my account who is grossly incompetent. He let a small problem that started in April get completely out of control to the point there were ants everywhere in the house. The "service" that I was paying for was supposed to include free follow-ups. They would somehow like to score these free follow-ups as lost revenue because ****** is an incompetent and absentee owner. I had asked to speak with him on several occasions throughout the summer of 2012 and the message was never passed along. Yes they did have to come out several times because of their own doing. Green Tech operated in a very underhanded and disingenous manner by coming back out for another follow up (that should be included) and performing a quarterly service that had just been done 6 weeks ago. The manner in which Green Tech (formerly New Tech) operates is gross mismanagement, gross incompetence, coupled with a lack of responsiveness and attention along with a cavalier and disdainful attitude towards its customers.
It is laughable that I was the one abusive. I gave these guys months and months to correct a problem that they mismanaged. I did not appreciate ******'s (Svc Mgr) attitude towards me and I think ****** should actually get involved with his business.
They essentially are charging me for a quarterly service that had been done 6 weeks prior. This service is to fill tubes in the wall with a chemical. Clearly these tubes did not need to be refilled after such a short period of time but Green Tech clearly was just looking at making up some lost revenue. As ****** told me over the phone "just pay your last bill and be done with us." That's who someone hires as a Service Manager? Sure - but I'm abusive.

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.


What is a BBB Business Review?

We offer free reviews on businesses that include background, licensing, consumer experience and other information such as governmental actions that is known to BBB. These reviews are provided for businesses that are BBB accredited and also for businesses that are not BBB accredited.


BBB Reporting Policy

As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.