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Precision Kia of Wesley Chapel

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

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Complaint Resolution Log (5)BBB Closure Definitions
12/14/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior service

Complaint: Precision Kia of Wesley Chapel repaired my 2011 Kia Optima SX, and I have had to take it back 3 times since they released the car back to me.
My name is ****** ****** and I am a 22 year old full time college student and bartender. I will start by saying that I absolutly love my Kia. I have a Kia Optima with a turbo engine and I couldnt be happier with it. However, I am extremely disatisfied with the quality of work that Precision Kia of WC performed on my car.
Due to an accident on October 27, 2012 I had to have my engine replaced. I originally took my kia to Reutimanns body shop in Zephyrhills to have the damage assessed and they suggested that I take my car to a reputable dealer to ensure quality work because the damage was extensive. I didnt want to void my warranty so I trusted Kia to complete the engine replacement.
Kia recieved my car on 11/7/12 and around 11/13/12 I called and spoke to ************** from service dept to check on my car.******** told me that everything was going good and that I should have my car back by 11-15(thursday) or 11-16(friday). I called on 11-16 and she informed me that this was the very first turbo engine they had put in a car and that she was ensuring everything was done right before I recieved the car back. I told her to take her time because I wanted everything done right.
The morning of 11-19 Rutimanns recieved my car from Kia but had to take it right back that afternoon. Kia had my car for a couple of days while waiting for a tire sensor to come in. At this point I had returned my rental and getting around was a hassle. I was promised my car again around 11-26 but Reutimanns had to call kia to come out to them because they forgot to attach a hose that would of leaked out all of my water. At this point the body shop called me and expressed that various bolts and other areas were left loosened and that they were disappointed with the quality of the work on my car so far.
I finally recieved my car back around 11-30 from Kia. I noticed a loud popping sound everytime I turned a corner or pushed my brakes. Did Kia even test drive it? I was also disgusted with Kia because there was dirt left on my back seat and dark smudges on the white sport cloth.
It was finals week so I was unable to make it back to Kia until 12-5(Wed). I took it to Ruetimanns first to see if maybe it was a simple fix(tightening bolts etc..) but they informed me that I was leaking oil and coolant and my car needed to go to Kia ASAP. I spoke with ***** from Kia and after waiting an hour he came out and told me that I was not leaking oil or coolant at all, and that everything was tight so he was unsure about the noise. He never mentioned them taking the car for a test drive to actually hear the noise. Before returning my car he came out and showed me a bolt or washer that is supposed to be changed every oil change, and admitted that the oil leak could of been from that. The story changed in a matter of 10 min after I told him that the last people to change my oil was them becuase the car was still new to me.
I left Kia finally thinking that my car was fixed but as soon as I pulled out the popping noise started again. Im disgusted with Kia at this point and just want the work done right. This morning(12-9) my brake light came on and the noise is worse. I will never go to WC Kia again because the service and quality of work is horrible. I have even considered trading in my car after all of this because they cant seem to fix the problems.
Customer #: XXXXX
Invoice #: k1csXXXXXX

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ******,Director
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****@****************
Re: ****** ******
2011 Kia Optima
VIN# *****************

The ****** vehicle has been to our service department, but for three separate occurrences.

First time to the store was on 8/21/12 Repair Order XXXXXX for a lack of power under acceleration and a brake light on.
Found both to be caused by a waste gate adjustment necessary for turbo. The vehicle has not been back for this concern again.

Second visit the vehicle was towed in from Reutimann's body shop in Zephyrhills after accident on 11/7/12 Repair Order XXXXXX. We were asked to do the mechanical work for the sake of warranty remaining on the vehicle. We found the right front had extensive damage to the axle where it attaches to the bracket going to the engine block had been broken off. It was necessary to replace the engine. A short block motor was ordered for replacement / repair. All external components were transferred from old block to the new one including the entire oil pan (drain plug was never removed). At the completion of the repair, we allowed an hour run time as part of quality control process. We could not drive the vehicle on the road due to the vehicle body parts were still disassembled and the Reutimann body shop has several parts, containers and fastening pieces throughout the rear seats and flooring (we are assuming this is the cause for the dirty interior Ms ****** is speaking about which we had no reason to be in rear seating area for the type of work performed). Reutimann's was advised due to the still disassembled vehicle that we would not be able to test drive the vehicle and they would have to after assembly. Ms ****** states that she said we were the last place to do and oil change...this vehicle has never been to our facility for an oil change. We only added oil when after swapping oil pan which removal of drain plug is not necessary. We also noticed (we still have the crush washer that should be replaced after EVERY oil change on the drain plug) that the original crush washer (has black paint around it from the factory) was still on the drain plug, the car has 29,624 miles on it. At this time we also cleaned off any residual oils from the chassis and lower engine cover and added a dye to the oil which we mentioned to Ms. ****** in the possibility of any future engine oil leaks. After Reutimann's did their final road test, they stated there was a light on and brought the vehicle back to Precision to diagnose thus the third visit.

The third visit was on 11/27/12 Repair Order XXXXXX. At this time we diagnosed the vehicle for an ABS traction control light that was on. Found to be a speed sensor left front. Reutimann's had replaced both front rims and right front tire due to accident and obviously this was also accident related. We had to order part not in stock and took two days to arrive and install. At this time Reutimann's picked up vehicle.

Few days later we were contacted by **** at Reutimann's collision that the vehicle had a coolant leak and they had found one of the two bolts the #3 coil loose. The vehicle was operational and the coolant leak was a readjustment of a coolant hose clamp to stop leak. Precision Kia sent two technicians to make these repairs at Reutimann's body shop and look over the entire engine and repairs made.

Ms ****** claims a new creaking noise has surfaced, different from the knocking noise at last visit which Reutimann's collision center had tightened or adjusted some components an cured which was accident related, we will gladly inspect the vehicle to determine whether it is engine or collision related. She has made an appointment for 12/12/12 9: AM

Today December 12, 2012

Ms. ****** made an appointment to bring in her vehicle at 9:30am. At this time we wrote a repair order for her concerns of a new squeaking noise when braking and turning. ****** ****** (Director of Fixed Operations) sat down and went over all of the concerns in the BBB contact and found that Reutimann's collision center had not relayed communications with Ms. ****** on the series of events leading to today. Come to find out she had not been told by them when she inquired about all the stains in the rear seating area that they had placed several body parts and components that were greasy in the rear area. Also did not relay to the customer that due to the vehicle missing right front fender and bumper components it was not able to be test driven on the road legally, she said "they just told me you guys would not test drive the vehicle" not telling her why. The coolant leak was the collision center filling the radiator reservoir and spilling over trickling down to lower front engine splash guard and accumulating needing cleaning.
After test driving the vehicle we did hear the customer concern of squeaking. It was found to be coming from the right front lower control arm bolt was found left loose, tightened and road tested noise was gone at first, but quickly started come back and get worse. Re-inspected suspension and found same bolt had come loose and causing noise at which time we determined that the control arm and bolt installed by Reutimann's collision center had been stripped during installation and allowed bolt to work its way back out after driving. Ms. ****** was brought out to the vehicle to observe prior to performing any work. We have made a call to the collision center along with Ms. ****** to advise them of the control arm situation. I (****** ******) did not feel comfortable with customer driving vehicle and placed her in a rental vehicle and having the collision center towing the vehicle from our lot to their collision center. Ms. ****** stated that for whatever reason, she was coached by the collision center to make a BBB contact on our quality of work. Unfortunately all violations mentions here were all theirs.

Thank you and best regards,
****** ******
Director of Fixed Operations

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I recieved exceptional customer service when I took my car back for the last issue. However, I was not 'coached' by rutimanns to answer a certain way. It was a miscommunication on some parts but the bottom line is that I am back in a rental car after 6 weeks of already not having my car. Kia handled this situation with the upmost profession attitude and I appreciate their helpful attitude after I brought the situation to their attention. My car is currently (12-13-12) back at the collision center and the repairs should be done tomorrow. Kia thoroughly explained the issues on my with me, a bolt that holds my control arm in place had been stripped and therefore I needed a new control arm. Kia originally said the collision center was to blame, but after **** spoke with them and reminded them that they had to drop the suspension to fix my car they ordered the control arm. I am not playing the blame game I just want my car fixed. Again, Kia has handled this situation perfectly. I thank them for there service.

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

08/14/2012Problems with Product / Service
04/30/2012Problems with Product / Service
11/02/2011Advertising / Sales Issues
12/06/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint: My 2011 Kia Sorrento was towed to Wesley Chapel Kia Fl. on or about 06/27/12 for rear collision repair. I was told it would take 30 days to repair.
After 5 months at Wesley Chapel Kia Fl. My vehicle is still there. After 4 visits to pick it up (I was told it was finished) All I found was Below Standard Workmanship.Damaged parts still not replaced. The vehicle should have been totalled ! We were told this by Body shop Manager(past) and present The estimate started at $8,400.00 to over $14,000.00. AS of 11/03/12 The vehicle is still not REPAIRED TO FACTORY STANDARDS !!POOR WORKMANSHIP/FAILURE TO REPLACE DAMAGED PARTS.TRYING TO GIVE A UNSAFE VEHICLE BACK. KNOWING IT STILL HAS DAMAGED PARTS !! I HAVE BEEN DRIVING A RENTAL CAR FOR 5 MONTHS..( I AM 70 yrs. OLD AND IN POOR HEALTH, PLUS INJURIES FROM THE COLLISION . NOW UNDER SEVERE STRESS AND DOCTOR'S CARE OVER THIS TYPE OF ACTION..Percision Kia has been very deceptive about the repair and RE-REPAIR OF MY VEHICLE...

Business' Initial Response
I will attempt to give the proper time line and the process that we must adhere to as a Direct Repair Facility for the Insurance Company.

The vehicle was involved in a rear end collision and towed from the scene. We understand the vehicle was towed to another repair or storage facility at the time of the accident. The vehicle was then taken to Copart where it was inspected by the Insurance Company and was deemed repairable and their estimate total was $8535.

The beginning of the process, we are assigned a collision vehicle to estimate. The 2011 Sorento was assigned to us for estimate on June 30, 2012. The vehicle was not drivable so the assigned vehicle had to be transported to our facility. The vehicle was received July10, 2012 by us from Copart. The estimate was begun on July 10, 2012 this entailed tearing the vehicle apart to determine any further damage, the customer called and stopped all work on the 11th. It is unclear when we resumed the estimate process and our initial estimate took several days and the estimate totaled $9941. In repairing vehicles the insurance companies determine how the repairs are to be made; ie aftermarket parts, repair vs replacement, etc.

The customer complained to the Insurance Company that the repairs were not up to factory standards, this created a need for an outside inspection. The Insurance Company at that time assigned an inspector to evaluate the repairs. A complete inspection took place on the 8th of November by the Insurance Company. On November 8, 2012 the Insurance Company held a conference call with the customer, the inspector and our body shop informing the customer that the vehicle met all the standards and the repairs were correctly performed.

It is unfortunate that the accident happened; there has been no deception on Precision Kia's part. We have attempted to trade the vehicle but the amount they want for there trade vehicle was greater than current market value. We will attempt to assist the customer in the purchase of another vehicle but we can not absorb there inequity. The vehicle has high mileage deduction in the book and the value is less than their payoff

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The statement is incorrect..(ONE)..The Kia Sorento was taken to Precision before (July 10th 2012) . I went to Precision Kia to talk to the (PAST) body shop manager) on june 30th 2012. (HE) stated "THERE IS ALOT MORE DAMAGE ON THIS CAR. STATEFARM NEEDS TO GET BACK OUT HERE AND REWRITE THEIR ESTIMATE ! IT SHOULD BE A TOTAL") Also a check was given to (ME) on june 30th 2012 in the amount of $8,285.17. ..(TWO)..There was NO COMFERENCE CALL) with Precision Kia/Statefarm and myself !! Their story is not actual or true.(photo's were taken of my 2011 Kia by me on june 30th 2012 0n Precision Kia's lot)Precision Kia's offer was $11,180.00 for my 2011 Sorento. Mileage is around XXXXX about 5000 about normal.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.


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