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Fine's Gallery, LLC

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Problems with Product / Service3
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Complaint Resolution Log (3)
04/22/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Product promised was new & mint condition. Arrived as refurbished/repaired. Also delivery was disorganized & required more than initially explained.
I ordered an antique gold granite fountain on 1/17/2014. It was in-stock. After paying for this item, I was informed that all sales were final and that at delivery, I would need a fork lift to have the item offloaded (this was in addition to the delivery charge I already paid). However, a normal fork lift was not adequate to have this item offloaded from the delivery truck per the delivery company and my installer. This resulted in an extra $600 unforeseen expense. Upon unpacking/installation, we discovered that a large portion of the fountain had been repaired previously, in contrast to the agreement when I purchased this item, which was supposed to be new & unrefurbished. When I raised this issue with the company, they implied that it was I that repaired this item on my own accord, when I have neither the knowledge nor the capacity to do such a thing to a 3,000 pound item. All in all, this has been an unsatisfactory business experience. I wanted a simple deduction in the cost of the item due to the issues faced, but received zero assistance from the company, who merely offered to deliver an epoxy so that I may attempt to repair the leaking fountain myself. As I do not have the knowledge to do such a thing, the repair will amount to yet another expense. I will never do business with this company again and will not recommend anyone to this company either.

Desired Settlement
Deduction in the cost of the item since it was not as advertised.

Final Consumer Response

I recently submitted a complaint for Fine's Gallery in Bonita Springs regarding a fountain I ordered. The company has contacted me and we have resvolved the issue, provided that I remove my complaint. Can you please assist me in deleting my complaint?

Thank you in advance,

******* ******

04/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Fines failed to provide monument that was not cracked or broken in center section. Replacement was shipped with crack, no bronze placque and color off
11/12/2013 deposit on Mem-172 Monument $2250
6/24/2013 paid balance and shipping cost $6136.85
7/25/2013 received crated granite components with main center section with a cracked corner that had be obviously reattached.
8/1/2014 Fines agreed to replace center section and that they would not need to ship original back. Protacted negotiation, but finally agreed.
8/3/2013 had email and discussion about replacement bronze placque and desire to have more contrast. What was shipped was very dark. Agreed to discuss options with warehouse manager.
11/11/2014 My brother received replacement center section. Reported to me that one side of the section reflected a crack running from top to bottom reflecting a depth on the top up to 5 inches or better that was visible. On the side it ran approximately 1 1/2" from one side and angle in deeper as reflected in photos available.
12/4/2014 engaged attorney ***** ***** to represent my interest, and a email aggreement was made that Fines would stand the cost to replace it again, if I would pay $500 for the freight charges. A discussion ensued about shipping liabilities, and it was agreed, that the $500 would be waved and we would pay the freight. I stressed that Fines should make sure the chinese supplier would not ship and cracked or broken granite section as they have done twice before.
I failed to get a response that assurred me that any additional precautions was going to be made.
1/27/2015 attorney ***** ***** contacted *** ****, to check status of replacement section, and reponse was that the deal was off, and we were to return all at our expense before they would reproduce any further replacement.

copies of emails and photo's are available documenting all of the above and will be readily supplied.

I have instructed my attorney to make one final attempt to resolve before filing a lawsuit for the amount I have paid Fines, as well as the fees and expenses involved. Fines will agree the provide the center section required, before I can accept and have the monument erected at the cemetary. All has been stored at *********** ***** who will compensated for storage and handling.

Desired Settlement
If a replacement section not agreed to in short order, with care to provide quality part provided free of cracks, I want a full refund for the cost of the monument, plus attorney fees and expenses. Existing parts and pieces will be recrated and loaded on a truck for a $200 fee, with a one week notice, with return shipping at their expense after receipt of full refund and legal expenses to date.

Monument Cost $8386.85

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ** ****, Owner
Contact Phone: 239.277.0009
Contact Email: ************
We imported a carved granite monument custom made for him as well as a bronze plaque. The bronze plaque was delivered in mint condition. There was nothing wrong with the plaque and no agreement to replace it!

The granite monument arrived in three separate sections. When the customer received delivery he claimed that the center section had a crack in it. Once the crack was brought to our attention we immediately ordered a replacement of just the damaged section. We produced and delivered the replacement FREE of charge.

The replacement section was produced and imported from our overseas supplier through our warehouse where it was inspected prior to shipping out to the customer. We have photos of the piece before it shipped. There was nothing wrong with the replacement piece. The customer contacted us soon after delivery claiming the replacement piece had a crack in it and at that time he claimed that we did not supply him with the bronze plaque. ( However to reiterate there was nothing wrong with the original bronze plaque and never any agreement to replace it. )

We asked the customer to send photos of the area he claimed to be cracked. After reviewing the photos we noticed there is a very fine hairline that runs through a few inch section of the monument. In the natural stone field this is considered acceptable because it is a natural part of the granite. However being that the customer was very persistent we wanted to satisfy him and we offered to make him a third replacement.

We only asked that he pay a shipping charge of $500 from overseas to his door. The customer is now making false claims and demanding that we produce a bronze plaque which is not necessary as he already has the original plaque we shipped him. He's also demanding that if anything is wrong with the 3rd replacement that we refund him in full. However we notified the customer that granite is quarried from a mountain and therefore if there is any natural imperfection in the stone there is nothing we can do about it.

However just to keep him happy we are still willing for the third time to reproduce the granite section and send him high resolution pictures prior to shipping out for his approval.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I contracted with Fines Gallery for the subject monument with a bronze plaque attached, and paid the shipping charges for them to deliver it to Brunswick, Missouri. When the monument was received, it included a center section, as one of 4 pieces, that had one corner broken off and re-attached.

After much back and forth, Fine's Gallery finally agreed to replace the center section. They stated that there was no need to ship the broken one back, further stating, that they were going to replace the bronze plaque. During that conversation, there was a verbal discussion about my request to finishing the plaque without antiquing over the raised letters and raised border. Included is an email response from Chris C. on 8/4/14 in regard to his need to discuss the finishing requested with his warehouse manager, providing proof of my position in regard to the bronze plaque was to have been installed on the replacement monument.

On November 13 2014, I received the replacement monument center section, which was lighter in color than the other pieces, with no bronze plaque. There was also, fissure or crack running 5 to 6 inches from one end on the top, and all the way down the one end. Photos are included that show the crack.

Fine's now state that they never agreed to supply the plaque on the replacement center section, which is simply not true. They are also now suggesting that I, the customer, should remove the plaque from the first monument, and install it on the replacement, or have someone else do it.
This should not be my responsibility. If the plaque was installed properly with screws or fasteners behind it would likely be damaged or destroyed in any attempt to do so. This was confirmed by a monument fabricator in my area.

I simply want what I contracted for, or the replacement cost to replace the center section of the monument. I want the replacement section to be supplied out of quality granite, as close as possible matching the original, with the bronze plaque attached properly in accordance with industry practices, and shipment made and paid for by Fines to Brunswick, Missouri at their expense.

Attached Emails

8/1/14 Chris to JRL agreeing to replace center section. Not in the email, but the phone conversation indicated, that they would not be return one shipped to Missouri to try to utilize existing bronze plaque, that they would supply another.

8/3/14 JRL to Chris thanking them for doing the right thing, and my request to finish the bronze leaving the raised letter and raised border shiny on the next bronze placque. Absolutely no response, that they had no intention to supply.

8/4/14 Chris to JRL reflecting that he was leaving a note to discuss with warehouse manager
Attached are photos of first monument with broken center section, second center section shipped without plaque, and with crack on one end, and finally a photo of all parts behind my brothers shed awaiting acceptable center section prior to erection.

Final Business Response
We read your latest complaint. In despite of the fictitious claims about the bronze plaque we are willing to supply you with a replacement granite slab and plaque at no charge other than the freight from our warehouse to your installation site. The shipping cost ( which includes crating & insurance ) would be figured at the time of delivery. Please note, you have the option to arrange your own shipping carrier. This is our final offer and expires in 10 days from now. Please remove your fictitious claim from the better business buruea immediately. Sincerely, ** ****.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Fines response that my claim is "fictitious is simply not true, and is indicative of how this customer has been dealt with, by this merchant. My case has been clearly reflected with the photo's and emails submitted by me in previous response.

I paid for what was suppose to be a quality monument, and what I got had one corner broken off and reattached. The second has a major fissure that would not hold up for any extended period without failing in the outdoor element, with moisture and freezing causing failure.

I paid for the monument and shipping for what was represented as a quality monument. I will not withdrawal the claim, until such time that Fines has produced and shipped what I have paid for. This includes a replacement section, with plaque, that is satisfactory to me. It is up to them to ensure the part produced does not contain defects such as has been shipped to me in the past.

Once satisfied, I will agree to withdrawal my claim against Fines for any further damages. This has been clearly reflected to them, and anything other than acknowledging same, and providing same, will not satisfy my claim.

12/02/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Bronze statue and plaque were supposed to be 100% bronze. We received a plastic resin bronze with letters falling off.
The graite base had many cracks
The granite base monument has many flaws, including cracks and large chips. The base was supposed to support a large bronze statue. The base was made to small to hold the statue. An apraisl of the statue and monument was made with the results being that the granite base and statue can only be described as cheep junk. Fines would only remady the multipe problems if we paid all the shipping charges, but added that replacement items would not be of any better quality.

Desired Settlement
Full refund

Business Response
Unfortunately, this customer has completely exaggerated and falsified his claims in order to receive a refund on his order because he changed his mind about what he wanted. The bronze & granite monument was custom made specifically for him and was indeed hand carved from high quality granite and hand sculpted from high quality bronze only, and nothing else. This was custom made for him, therefore per our proposal all sales are final, no refunds.

The customer claims there are damages including pieces falling off, cracks and chips. If there was any damage as the customer says, he could have placed an insurance claim. The delivery was fully insured as all of our shipments are. However the customer did not place a claim. This is proof that this is a falsified claim which has been exaggerated to pressure our company by slandering falsely.

The customer claims to have received an appraisal of the statue and states that the results are that the monument is 'cheap junk'. In fact the customer requested that Fine's Gallery deliver our monument to a monument dealer who bad mouthed our product in order to convince the customer to order a product from them. The customer even replied in one of his email responses that 'We think the statue is excellent'. The customer keeps adding complaints and changing the issues in order to create a hard time for us to satisfy him, in order for him to collect money.

Regardless of these false claims it is still our objective to offer this customer full satisfaction. In lieu of any previous offers we are offering to exchange the bronze statue for an exact copy with the only difference being an adjustment to the size of the 'footprint' of the statue which is to be produced at a smaller size.

Just as a good faith gesture, we are even making a better offer than previously just to save our customer any headache of continuing this dispute. We will agree to pay half of the freight. Fine's Gallery will pay to have the original piece ( bronze statue only - not the granite base - not the bronze plaque ) to be delivered back to us The customer only needs to crate the existing statue and pay the freight to ship the replacement statue back to him. This is our final offer and this offer is good for 2 weeks only from today's date October 16th, 2013.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do have the emails that were sent back and forth, so I do in fact have documentation regarding this conflict, plus the pictures that I stated previously that we took of the mounment. I will correct what I had recalled from memory of the shipping cost. In an email that was sent by Fines, that I still have, they gave me a price of $2980 for the shipping one way for the monument if we shipped it back to them. The total shipping cost from all the items that were shipped including the statue and extra piece of granite, originally was only $1500.00. So Fines offers to pay for half but then doubles the shipping cost and for only half the shipment. It appears that Fines will not honor or stand behind their products and would rather insult us instead with their accusations and offers to have us pay for their poor decisions and products. Our attorney checked with Angies list and found out that we are not the first customers to be cheated by Fines. As I stated earlier Fines shipped the items knowing that the statue would not fit on the top of the base. I was told by Fines that the statue only comes in one size so other than cutting off part of the base of the statue I cannot see how they can make it fit. This is not a one of a kind statue. The manufacturer uses a mould that is copied from the oringinal carving. I don't know who he is kidding when states that they will hand carve another statue to fit, the cost would be tremendous. As of today my parents that both passed away in June of 2012 still do not have a marker because of this. Thank you for your help.

Final Business Response
The customer continues to make false statements, which he has no documents to back up. The customer must have misunderstood our offer. We never told the customer the shipping cost was going to be $3200 for the bronze statue replacement.

We do not wish to go back and forth any longer with the customer and are doing everything possible on our part to satisfy him.

To make it very clear, we are offering to pay half of the charge.
Furthermore, to avoid any confusion over what a fair shipping charge is the customer should arrange the shipment of the statue to be returned to us through any trucking company that he chooses at his own expense. We will in turn deliver the replacement bronze statue and ship it to him at no additional cost.

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