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Sarasota Kitchen and Bath

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
06/16/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I have been waiting four months to have an improperly installed shower that leaks into the adjacent bedroom repaired.
I discovered over the Christmas holiday that the shower in our guest bathroom that was remodeled by Sarasota Kitchen and Bath was leaking under the wall into the adjacent bedroom. Upon moving the desk and other pieces of furniture that were in the bedroom, I discovered a very wet carpet. My wife called ***** ******* on December 30. He was apologetic and assured her that it would be fixed. Since it was just a few days before New Years, he told her that he couldn't do anything until after the New Year, which was a reasonable request. On January 6th, she again called ***** who sent one of his folks over to take a look on January 9th. He put a sealant around the drain and told us not to use the shower for a few days. On January 12th we tried the showerit still leaked. The next day, I called to let them know it was still leaking. On January 22nd, my wife called ***** who said he would send the same fellow over take another look and he would have to send the tile man out, who would have to take the tile down and seal it because it had been "improperly installed." On February 26th, I called ***** to find out when this fellow was coming out. On March 4th, he came by and later told us that the shower wasn't waterproofed correctly. He said the tile guy would be coming out. On March 17th, I called ***** to tell him no one had showed up. He assured me that there was a work order on the job and them complained that it was "hard to get these guys to fix things." On March 20th, The tile guy called me and said that he would be over on March 24th to "remove the bottom tiles and seal the leak." He was a no show. I called him that same day and he said he would call me Wednesday to arrange another time. On Wednesday (March 26) he did not call. On March 27th, I called the tile guy and he said that he would come by on Friday, which was the next day. When I got home from work, I saw that he had not stopped by, so I called. He called back and stopped by at around 4:30PM. He and another fellow checked out the shower and finally informed me that the lower wall tiles would have to be removed, the floor tiles would have to be removed, some kind of backing board would have to be replaced, the floor "re-floated" and the whole thing sealed. He told me that ***** would have to order the tile. On April 7th, I talked to the tile guy and he said the tile had been ordered and would be in by the end of the week. He said that he would call and set up a time to come out the next week. On April 15th, I called the tile guy and he said the tile was in and asked if we could wait until after Easter to get started. I agreed. I called the tile guy on April 22nd to find out what was going on. I left a message and have not, as of this writing, received a return call. It is fair to say that we are not satisfied customers.

Desired Settlement
I want them to repair the shower. Since I have already waited four months and have been unable to use the shower that I paid for, I think that it is reasonable to expect the shower to be repaired within ten working days of the receipt of this complaint. I feel that we have been more than reasonable and patient. We have not even asked for compensation for the carpeting that will have to be replaced due to mold, or for the water damage that was done to other items. We simply want the shower repaired. And if, as it is beginning to appear, Sarasota Kitchen and Bath has no intention of standing behind their product, at least be honest enough to tell me. I await their call. I know they have my number.

Business Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

We have been working with the customer to resolve this issue. It did take a few weeks to find out where the leak was coming from but we did find the leak and will schedule with the customer to complete the repair.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As of today (May 30, 2014) the repair has not been completed. As I explained to the owner of the company, when the repair is successfully finished, I will be more than happy to inform BBB that the problem has been resolved, not before.

10/24/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details


Desired Settlement

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ******, Owner
Contact Phone: XXX XXX XXXX
Contact Email: ******@SarasotaKitchen and
Please note there was no mention of repairing the shower drain in the customer's contract. We installed a new tile shower over the existing drain which was clogged with hair before we arrived on the scene and of which the customer made no mention. Nevertheless, we retuned "At No Charge" and snaked out the drain as an accomodation to the customer. This complaint is completely unreasonable and unjustified.

Consumer's Final Response

08/17/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Sarasota Kitchen and bath failed to provide the cabinets as described in our contract within the 6 to 8 weeks time that was promised.
They started installing the cabinets when we realized that Sarasota Kitchen and Bath was not able to provide the cabinets that we purchased and the following problems were found with the installation:
1. Island size needs to be made per plan. Right now the island was shortened.
2. The distance between the refrigerator door and island should be 42 inches. The island is currently 38 inches.
3. The cabinets currently butt up against the door casings. This does not allow any room for the granite counter top. The cabinets should be set at least 2 inches from the door casings.
4. Refrigerator side panels should match the depth of the refrigerator and set flush with the wing wall adjacent to the refrigerator. Currently as built, the refrigerator doors will not open.Height of opening is too low for fridge to fit.Conduit under fridge taken care of so fridge and fit into opening. Refrigerator does not fit into opening nor will it open. Refrigerator stove and dishwasher are in garage and measurements were given to Sarasota Kitchen and Bath,
5. The shelve for the microwave is damaged. This cabinet needs to be replaced. Color is be espresso.
6. Espresso color paneling's has been installed incorrectly.
7. Range opening has been built incorrectly and face of panels adjacent to the range do not line up AND are not equal. One is 2 panel width and the other is one.
8. Electrical blank cover needs to be removed including cabinet with hole. Cabinet to be replaced.
9.pull out pantry installed but not Pull out per contract. Only shelving installed.
10.gaps between cabinets to be fixed
11.electrical work done for tape lighting, outlets, lights, chandelier etc
12.splits and chips on any cabinets fixed
13.screws showing on "bumped" out cabinet, you confirmed it should have been made out of wood and you confirmed the light rail covering the tape lighting will be wood as would the crown molding. In our original conversation you said the boxes would be melamine but any exterior parts that are showing would be wood. I am finding that is not true. No Wood installed on cabinets.
14.Installed electrical box on end of cabinet that has doors on it.
15.currently dishwasher does not fit into opening,

All the cabinets arrived with the wrong interior color. Contract was for white interior and exterior and espresso for island. All cabinets arrived with maple color interior bottoms and some sites including in the island.
When brought up to Sarasota Kitchen and bath, we were told that they can re laminate in place.
We did not purchase cabinets to be re-laminated after installation. This raised a red flag with us.

We were promised that the complete kitchen project would take between 6 to 8 weeks, We are now at 8 weeks without a kitchen and cabinet boxes that have to be completely removed and reproduced.

We have also requested copies of his license and insurance on several occasions but were never provided to us.

Desired Settlement
It is apparent that Sarasota Kitchen and Bath is stalling with us. We are done being taken advantage of. The bottom line is Sarasota Kitchen and Bath took on a project, as admitted by the owner, that is more difficult than able to provide. Sarasota Kitchen and Bath measured wrong, ordered wrong and installed the cabinets wrong. It is not our financial responsibility to pay for mistakes made by Sarasota Kitchen and Bath. Sarasota Kitchen and Bath has hurt us financially and emotionally. We Will accept a refund of $16,000. That is a fair offer. It is more than fair considered none of the jobs Sarasota Kitchen and Bath did are complete and they need to be redone.
I hope you realize how fair this offer is. If you chose not to agree we will need a copy of your license and your insurance as we will move forward with getting our money back.

Business Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

In August we wrote up an order for a kitchen remodel with carpentry, electrical and plumbing work included. The first part of the job involved cutting through a wall between the kitchen and opening up a doorway into the dining room. The two rooms are on different levels so we had to make a step down. Also we removed an existing wall inside the kitchen and built in a decorative hip wall in the dining room area since the dining room is sunken. All of that work was done according to the agreement. We also did electrical and plumbing work as well.

The second part of the job involved changing out the cabinetry. I verbally told the customer we were going to try and get it done by Christmas. It was not a guarantee or part of the contract, I just verbally said we were going to try for that timeframe. We had to wait some time to start the job because the customer was having tile work done which took about 10 days. In the meantime we ordered custom made special order cabinetry. There was an error in the cabinetry from the factory. We ordered white interior boxes and they came with maple interior. Maple is more expensive but this was not the color the customer ordered. We offered to have it remade but wouldn't be able to have it done by Christmas. The customer wanted it by Christmas and said they would accept the cabinets, doors and drawer fronts but they wanted the boxes remade. They still wanted it by Christmas. They told us to put it in as is.

The cabinet guy went out to rough-in the placement of cabinets. He made a few errors on angels, etc. They were all redo-able but the next day they were in the home the customer said the cabinet guy was not capable of fixing the errors and refused to allow him back. The kitchen is a complicated kitchen with angels and with the existing cabinets. We did the best we could to measure the kitchen originally but figured we would fine tune it at installation. The customer refused to allow Mark in and said he was doing a lousy job. They told us to get off the job and give them their money back.

We could not continue with the work because the customer would not let us in the house. I agreed to calculate a refund based on the work already done and send it to them. The customer figured the work done was only $3,000; I figured $9,000. The customer is figuring wholesale value, not time and material. I am willing to give them back some money but not what they are asking for. The customer has now contacted an attorney and I will work with him to negotiate an acceptable refund based on the work done.

12/15/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Signed contract the Sarasota Kitchen and Bath for a bathroom remodel for $21,207. with a 50% required deposit, 3-10-14, stating I wanted permits. At signing I paid by check ***** Bk. of Amer. $5603.50 and by Master Card $5000. Work was to start approx. July 1, 2014. In mid June Mr. ******* of Sarasota Kitchen and Bath called me in Michigan and said work could start July 7 or July 14,2014 and I picked July 14th and flew to FL. Morn of July 14th Mr. ******* calls and says the job can't start because he has no general contractor. A few days later he calls and says job can start the next day but without permits. Insisted on permits as stated in the contract and he said OK. I called the Manatee County Clerk's office almost daily up to and including August 8.2014 and was told each time no paper work was ever started for the job at my winter FL home at XXXXX ********* ******* Bradenton XXXXX. Master Card investigated and credited

Desired Settlement
A refund of $5603.50 for no work ever being done. No products received and no demolition done. Design drawings were free of charge.

Business Response
Dear Ms. *******
I am hereby responding to the above captioned complaint. as you know we have been a member of the BBB since 2006 and have maintained an A or A+ rating ever since and in fact you could count complaints about us on less than one hand for that entire period.

I have attached a copy of the original contract with Mrs. ****** and want to begin by pointing out that we never actually did any work for her. The facts are as follows:

We signed a contract with her on March 10, 2014 with plans to do the actual remodel in the summer. Mrs. ****** returned North and I contacted her in late June to set a firm begin date. I suggested July 1 as we had set aside labor etc. for that period but Mrs. ****** pointed out that it would be more convenient for her to travel after the July 4th weekend so we agreed upon the 14th. In the meantime we had ordered all the custom materials including the cabinetry, drawings, etc.

When Mrs. ****** arrived shortly before the 14th I had to inform her that we ran into difficulties obtaining the building permit but that we could start anyway without the permit or wait about two weeks longer as it would take that long to iron out the complications. Mrs. ****** decided she did not want to wait but wanted her money back and cancel the contract.
(Please note there is no commencement date anywhere on the contract as from the beginning it was a verbal - informal, somewhat loose agreement.)

I have included the terms of sale which Mrs. ****** agreed to and as you can see it clearly states that " cancellations after engineering can result in a fee of up to 50%" . As fully 4 months had elapsed since engineering and all the materials and labor were purchased I offered her 2 options: Either we would do the job with an adjustment of 25% off the price to compensate for her inconvenience or offer her the 50% refund. She chose the latter.

I truly regret this unfortunate event as we have strived to and succeeded in maintaining excellent relations with our customer base since our beginning in 2006 and feel we had gone out of our way to accommodate Mrs. ****** in a fair and reasonable manner.

Sincerely, ***** *******
Owner, Sarasota Kitchen & Bath

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First, this was not an informal, verbal or loose agreement, as stated by Mr. ******* of Sarasota Kitchen & Bath, but a 3 page contract signed by both parties, dated 3/10/2014 for a total cost of $21,207. I paid the required 50% deposit of $10,603.50 at signing with a check for $5603.50 and a $5000 charge on MasterCard

Page 2 Item 10 of the contract states that permits & inspections were included as I insisted and as required by Manatee County Clerk's Office. Permits were never applied for and I have a statement from the clerk's office in this fact.
Page 1 of the contract states that work would start approx. 7/1/2014 and would take 4 weeks. We agreed to start 7/14/2014 and I flew to FL the morning of 7/14/14. Mr. ******* calls and says he has no general contractor & work would not begin. No work done, no permits applied for, & no supplies delivered.

A portion of the deposit, $5000, was charged to MasterCard. I filed a dispute with MasterCard resulting in a return of the $5000.

I am requesting a return of the balance of my deposit, $5603.50.

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BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.