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JC General Contractors, LLC

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06/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Hired JC Contractors Jan 2014. After 4 months, still not done and any work done is substandard for our remodel of a commercial restaurant.
A general contractor is responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project. The general contractor hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work.

JC Contractors performed what was described either fraudulently, unsafely and below industry standards. Thus, causing us more and more money and lots of delays in opening of our restaurant. ***** of JC Contractors caused constant delays beginning with his lack of communication with the blue prints. He came in with a EXTREMELY LOW quote based on the simple commercial remodel we needed for our new restaurant. We used him because he was supposedly a referral from the current leasing company. When we asked questions, he was rude and talked fast and was extremely hard to communicate with because of his broken English. He was argumentative so that we would finally just agree to get the job started. We had issues with his delays in getting the permits, getting inspections, his untrained family crew members he left by themselves, and even his sub contractors that he hired.

He was never there to work on a consistent basis. We would have to call, text and then check up day after day. Sometimes, it was a week before someone showed up. And when they did, they would stay for a couple of hours and then just leave. They left materials for other jobs, NEVER cleaned up. Left unsafe work conditions. Left ladders open, wires hanging, nails out in the driveways, etc. We asked and asked until we finally cleaned up ourselves.

After all the delays, he always had excuses as to why which were never validated. He just kept talking over you and since he wasn't easy to understand, you were forced to stop asking. We should have opened by April 1st. After that is when he started to cause more delays and try and charge us more money. We found out that the electrician he used didn't have insurance and that caused delays. He had family members work and they weren't experienced either.

We found the following things substandard: Crooked walls, drywall mud not properly spread, drywall over existing walls, corners not even, molding, etc. Lighting that wasn't properly installed so we had to hire another electrician come out to re install light switches, etc. Bar tops not level, used wrong materials when building to cause replacement. The list goes on and on. He even went as far as to call an inspector at one point to tell them not to pass us because we weren't letting him do extra work that WASN'T necessary. We basically bullied us so that he could do work that wasn't warranted.

After paying JC Contractors well over the first estimated bid, we found inconsistencies in the invoices. There are items listed on the scope of work double or he NEVER even did. He charged us for materials WE BOUGHT. Charged us for work WE already did. He added things to the blueprints that weren't existing so that caused issues as well.

He constantly kept asking for more money and making threats about us not opening. Again, when we questioned him, he argued and talked fast and never would actually answer the questions. When we finally put our foot down and said enough is enough. He made threats and told us he will hold the certificate of occupancy so we can't open until he gets more money. So if we were to pay him the amount he wants, its going to be over $20k extra than his first initial bid. And we didn't add anything but two extra outlets. This wasn't a difficult remodel. It was based on an existing restaurant. Other general contractors had told us it was such a small job, they couldn't take it cause they were too busy. So we feel he took advantage of us. ***** knew that we were on a time crunch and used that leverage everytime we questioned his work. He is unethical and does substandard work. He is a complete example of contractors YOU SHOULD AVOID.

Desired Settlement
We have filed legal complaints against JC General Contractors and our attorney has been notified.

Business Response
Hello bbb, i contact you on april 30 2014 as soon as i received the complain, i contact you in order to send you all the information required for you i contact Mr. **** by phone and i try to contact ***** too, i send paper work about these case , on april 28 i do a lien for non payment as i show you on papers., we pull permit on the city of sarasota with all the subcontractors with state license that required the building department the building department issue permits for those contractors that comply with all requirements from the state of florida and the construction industry,
we have a permit if we comply with all the insurances and covers of liabilities.,
in order to pass inspections, we have to inform to the building department who will be the subcontractors that will perform the job and has to comply with all the requirements of the building department be a estate license of florida for the building industry and all insurance, liabilities and scope of work that they are approve to do for that license., in order for us o hire a subcontractor, we need to summit the subcontractors form were the subcontractor signed and put his estate license to be verify for the building department to issue the permit, in order for us to pass the inspection the job has been performed for those subcontractors that we get approved for the building department, plumber, electric, a/c ., as you see the escape of work never goes as he said to $20,000 extra, , he authorized changes on the scope of work on 4/1/2014., plus the balance thats what our lien is requesting for payment, before i receive the complain on 4/29.2014 as you see i already send on april 28 a day before propose of resolution of these matter, we feel sorry about these inconvenience, but we have people to pay , in order for us to close these job we, need to give to the tenant and to the building owner a realease of lien that hows that everybody gets pay in that expesific job, as you see on the letter that i send you it describes the schedule of the inspection and how we have to be force to stop the work because the owner change the floor plan, and the scope of work too., these is a copy of the email that i send him on 4/28/2014 before you send me these complain in order to solve these problem with Mr. ****

at the same time we do other job for the same building owner, and the tenant was so happy with his job and either the owner of the building, and these is what we expect to do with Mr. ****. but as soon as we ask him for our money he change his attitude with us everything was fine but , he said that he needs 30 days for us to
wait to get paid but i need to paid the subcontractors too.

i send these letter on april 29 to Mr. **** Nd The building owner to let them know that we are willing to do the best for our customer

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 ************** RESTAURANT ****************
As stated in our signed contract that the full amount will be paid as final inspection is done , you agreed to compensate me for a total balance due of $11,137.50. af- ter the scope of work that you make changes and agree to be performed and paid it., those changes that we per- formed you signed for us 4/1/14, and describe each item and cost involved that you were agree to paid those extra charges for the additional scope of work were described, item by item.,
I understand that you are not satisfied with some of my work and, as I have informed the property manager, I am willing to correct this.
At this time, I am willing either fix it or work with you on a fair amount of credit for the work, that, you feel has been unsatisfactory.
Please respond with a credit proposal, for which, you feel would be a fair amount, to be deducted, off of the agreed upon balance due of $11,137.50.
I feel that we can come to a fair conclusion of this matter. After I have received the agreed upon balance due, I would be more than happy to release the Certifi- cate of Occupancy.
Thank You Very Much.
Kind Regards,
***** ******** General Contractor CGCXXXXXXX., XXX-XXX-XXXX

what we request for our customer a meeting on the bob offices and he could bring the prove of the extra charges that he said that goes up to 20,000, the electrician ,company that he said that do work and license with the estate of florida, contract, and all pictures or paper work that he required in order to get to one agreement with him
by the same way i will take all paper work there to who the originals and conciliate these matter

I'm able any day any time

so much

***** ********

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Again, the owner "*****" wasn't ever willing to fix anything until he rec'd this complaint. We tried to go over line by line of the original scope of work,and he laughed in our face. He has continued to make false statements to the lease co. His work is not satisfactory, and we shouldn't have to ask for him to fix it. It should have been done right the first time. We have several emails, texts, etc asking ***** to show up, asking where things were, asking to resolve this matter, etc. It's just another excuse with what he wrote in his broken English. He can't be trusted. In addition, after we filed this complaint, we noticed we have things in our restaurant that were taken by ***** and his crew members. So not only has he acted in bad faith , he has also stolen items that were OURS. At this time, there is no resolving this without seeking legal council.

Final Business Response
**** these is what i can do for you

the people is really upset for waiting for payment

you pay me $5000.00 now and 1500 in one moth and 1500 in the second month, that will give you time and that will no make these people go legal
im sorry for all inconvenience

let me know



the subcontractors pass already inspection and are the ones that needs to get paid and as you know here in florida the general contractor is the administrator , but I'm one that make the job too in some cases., but my role is to be sure that the blue prints go according to owner needs and comply with building code authorities
administrated the construction process, if you have a commercial job you can not do by yourself you need to hire a general contractor an pass inspection , he is the one that has the knowledge of what you can and can not do, the good think to be dealing with BBB is that he is not in my favor or yours , your need to prove what you write in the complain
thats why everything is on writing and I'm sending copy to your register agent in the business , my goal as a business is to provide a good services but we need to get paid, as you seen my other customer see you in his business at 476 **** Ringling blvd as you see he is so happy with the job i do not have complains but we get paid., for me to fix what you ask me to fix after pass inspections is one day fix max 2 days , it is because we pass final inspections and there were there 5 to 10 inspectors checking the job, in order to pass inspection., and verify the job and as you said BBB that i took 4 moths in construction., attach is the city of sarasota dates for your permit a day after the contract, the permit application, date is 2/6/2014 , the permit issue by the city was 3/7/2014 of issue permit a month later we have the permit 12 days later first inspection on march 20 the electrical inspection was rejected it was because you change the scope of work and the floor plan change and the equipment location was relocated, these take 1 week to redo blue prints and seal and one week for resubmitted new blue prints and get plan review for building department to be approved, on april 1 we pass the next inspection after we loss 2 weeks for new blue prints and i charge you i think 320 dlls for a new set of prints with engineering's seal plus the 5 copies per set i think i charge you 80 dlls , i don't think so that there is a architect or engineer that will charge you that amount of money for re do the blue print,
from the permit issue to the last inspection in april 21 .,
from march 7 to april 21 there six weeks construction and we loss week and half to re do blue print and summit to building department , after we get the new floor plan changes and new scope of work we give you the extra cost for the changes and you approved and signed the extra scope of work.,unfortunately the building department take 1 moth to issue the permit but that is out of my hands.

i write these to show you that the subcontractors do their job and pass inspections, and they need to be paid I'm really so considerate with you , but BBB has al paper work in their hands that proves that we are alway willing to negotiate, but be need to be paid, and all contract and new charges for the scope of work, that you signed and approved

And remember I'm the administrator., and supervisor and i give directions, but the people as soon as they do their job they request me paid ., when somebody ask for repair if you own me 11 thousands, you paid 9000 and tell me come to fix these thing and after you fix it , I paid you the balance, but not holding all money , because if all job is wrong then you do not have to go legal with me , you need to go legal to the whole building department and inspectors that do the inspection, plus the engineer, what i suppose to fix is a manor thing and im really so nice with you because , the people already has their lawyer and he want me to seat with him about these matter , they know that they do their job and pass inspections, and they know that i have the co original in my hands , and they have a copy of the proposal that i send you on april 29 ., their lawyer told them as soon as he sees me and i show him my contract and the permit and the co. will have the tools to go legal, has already knowledge that you already open the business and he is really upset , knowing that if you open the business with out a blue print original signed and seal for the construction from the building department and with out original co to pass the health final inspection to open your business he is really upset about these, if I do not have one agreement with you and show him he will force me to go legal the subcontractors and me and will force to paid you all that you own plus all his legal fess plus any other involved charges that the subcontractors filled for non payment, his lawyer kwos what you are filling on BBB he has knowledge of everything that we send us and what we answer each one, he is just waiting for you , your last answer.

thats why i was surprise about your answer last time that you said i do not have money to pay you , the problem is not just with me is with the subcontractors too.

we have a co means everything is ok , and any money that they expend in legal matter, will be charge to you plus their losses and wherever they get involved for no payment, thats why it is not me, i have to do what is right to protect the rights of the people.,
please answer to my e mail today before they take action with their lawyer , because as soon as their lawyer call me i will seat with him and show him all my paper work and all the information that you summited to BBB and my answers and if he push me to go legal , because we do not receive a right answer, then nothing i can do for you

3000 is a lot of credit that Im giving you , plus 2 months balance 1500, first month and 1500 on second month,
but you have to send in writing with a copy to me a to BBB and i think to their lawyer

sometimes the people is thinking o not he will be no a legal problem because they do not have money, but when we are 4 companies asking for the money, plus the health department if he pass inspection, plus the building department , and food and services for allowing open a business without original blue print and Co.


***** ********

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.