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Superior Auto Body Shop, Inc.

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3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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Complaint Resolution Log (3)
11/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Brought the car in for body work, car now has a rattle from the exhaust and barely runs.
I got into an accident which left my drivers side front fender with a dent in it, called the persons insurance company, metlife, and proceeded the process of getting my car repaired. That's when the problem started, I had to contact the company over and over during the course of 7 days to try and find out how long my car was going to take to fix. When the car finally was done being fixed I went to pick it up, but only after calling once again to find the status of my car. So I dropped off the rental metlife put me in and had enterprise drop me off, no problems there. But when I got into my car after paying 1196.77 for the repair through a check from metlife I started to notice things on my car were different, for instance my rear view mirror fell off inside the car when I went to simply adjust it, the fog light covers which I didn't have before were all replaced for no reason, my exhaust is now rattling because of a heat shield that wasnt before, which the company tells me my catalytic converter is busted inside which is false, and my car barely ran. I drove the car home thinking well maybe it would fix itself. Now, today they are telling me it needs spark plugs and wires for 200 dollars, I feel like they have scammed me and metlife at this point. Fwi I already spent 150 dollars replacing the wires and plugs about 4-5 months ago.

Desired Settlement
I would like for them to take back what wasn't needed for the real repair to the car and fix what they broke for free, the car ran perfectly fine when I brought it in and now it doesn't. I would like a refund of the parts used to fix the car.

Business Response
We wrote an estimate on this vehicle several weeks ago (at that time the mileage was at 123,267). The vehicle was brought in 10/19/15 (in mileage 124496) with damage to the left fender and the front bumper. We repaired and refinished those items as billed for. The vehicle was completed 10/26/15. At that time the vehicle was checked over and test driven 1 mile as we do on small repairs. The vehicle was picked up by the owner with an out mileage of 124497. He then brought the vehicle back after driving 11 miles; he said that it wasn't running properly. The vehicle had lack of power. We cleared the codes for misfires for cylinder 1, 2 & 3 and a cam sensor code, however, the owner was informed that we could get it diagnosed, but if it's not part of the accident he'll be responsible for the bill; the owner told us to proceed. We called MDP (Mobile Diagnostics) to plug into a VW laptop to diagnose the problem (see attached invoice). The diagnosis stated that there were two faulty spark plugs, possible ignition wires and catalytic convertor problems. We texted the owner (see attached text) asked if he wanted us to put in plugs and wires, gave him a price and let him know there could be other problems. He okayed the plugs and wires; so we bought and installed them. The vehicle ran better, but was still low on power. I had my technician disconnect the exhaust from the catalytic convertor. The vehicle then had full power. The catalytic converter was breaking down inside; while running pieces from the interior of the converter were blowing out - which in turn plugged the muffler. I spoke to the owner at approximately 4:30pm on 10/27/15, and explained to him that with the rear exhaust disconnected the vehicle seems to run fine. I told him I could get the vehicle to D&A Auto service (VW specialist mechanics) and they could give him a price to fix it. He said that was fine, and he asked if the insurance company would pay for it. I told him there was no way to contribute the mechanical issues to a dented fender and bumper. I also explained to him, that I could see that someone had been into the catalytic converter before, because it wasn't set into the mounts properly. He said it was changed out at 80,000 miles. I tried to explain to him that the problem was coincidental that it happened while here, that the issues were just a part of general maintenance on a vehicle with 125000 miles on it. As far as the inside rearview mirror - we didn't work on anything on the interior of his vehicle. It was in place when it left and in place when he returned. There is a collar hanging from it, but it appears to be fine. Attached is the bill from the Met Life claim, everything on the bill was completed and the workmanship has a lifetime warranty. At this time the owner owes for the plugs and wires (the bill he okayed by text) and the diagnosis bill from MDP (as MetLife declined to pay for it) for a total of $272 owed to Superior Auto Body. He will be dealing directly with D&A regarding his exhaust issues. Note: Owner asked if we could remove the convertor and empty the loose pieces inside. I explained to him that we are body techs not mechanics and tampering with a catalytic convertor is against the law.
When the vehicle originally came in for repair the file was noted with the following issues: additional dents around vehicle, remote key was falling apart and the owner asked us not to roll down the right window because it was inoperable. I understand the vehicle has numerous problems, but that's just a part of having an older vehicle with 125000 miles in need of some maintenance.
If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to call me anytime at XXX-XXX-XXXX.
*** ********

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

08/24/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Work completed by Superior Auto Body was not done to industry standards, took shortcuts in areas not visible and involved safety concerns.
2015 Subaru Forester was T-Boned on driver's side on 5/15/15. Car 3 months old with 3,673 miles. Insurance company recommended having car towed to Superior for repair. Both left side doors replaced, center pillar cut below roof line, left uniside pulls, front left wheel reconditioned, front bumper, lamps, left fender replaced, left rocker replaced, radiator support, rear bumper, quarter panel replaced, performed alignment. Superior knew I was going on vacation on 6/3/15. Told them to take all the time needed as I could pick up car after I returned in 3 weeks. They pushed car as they did not want car on lot. Got car evening before I left on 6/2 at dusk and drove home ... 15 minutes. Car sat in garage 3 weeks. Returned from vacation and noticed issues. Returned to Superior to have front grill aligned and left passenger door aligned. Also took back as the car tracked to the right when I straightened the steering wheel. Realigned and car drove straight, but made a clunking sound that vibrated when turning right. Took back and they acknowledged issues, worked on car and said it just needed lubrication and it was fixed 90 percent. Concerned with this vibration/sound on a brand new car I took car to ************* in Tampa on 7/23/15 and requested that they check issue. Also called ******************** who is handling the claim as their client was determined to be at fault, and let them know the issues. ****** found that the car was completely out of alignment specs, the steering wheel had not been calibrated and the front and rear camber, caster and toe were also out of specifications. ****** then opened up front passenger door panel because I heard a rattle and found that the vapor barrier was not installed, the lock screw cover was broken and the airbag front door impact sensor and nut were not secured. The left front door run channel frame (weather striping) also damaged. I then asked ****** to open up the left passenger door, at my expense if found to be good, to check. Similar issues found. Then had to deal with Superior and ***************** as I REFUSE to return to a repair shop that took shortcuts in areas that are impossible for the consumer to check the workmanship. And in the case of the airbag sensor it could have resulted in an unexpected deployment putting me and others in significant harm or possible death if causing an accident. This is a brand new car that was significantly damaged in an accident and I have no confidence that the work was completed correctly. At this point ********* is asking that all bills be sent to Superior from ******* ****** expects payment and time of service (as they should). I have major concerns as to warranty issues that may arise as I have absolutely to confidence in Superior's. So work done that is supposed to have a lifetime warranty is without coverage on a car that is brand new and expected to last 10 years. Superior clearly did not complete a thorough examination of the mechanics of my Forester, even though the accident was severe enough to require replacing the entire left side of vehicle.At one point Superior questioned whether the alignment issue was caused by the accident and ****** responded that an accident that resulted in having both doors replaced and is brand new just might have alignment issues. My 2015 Subaru Forester is brand new and expected to last 10 years .... what now if I have issues.

Desired Settlement
In the perfect world....a brand new 2015 Subaru Forester. I want a reputable repair shop to do a complete and thorough inspection of my vehicle and to be authorized to make any and all repairs at no expense to me. I also want arrangements for warranty work to be fulfilled by a reputable repair shop at no expense to me. I also want ********* ********* to deal with Superior as I want no contact as this is an insurance claim and ********* is the insurance of the person at fault and not my insurance company.

Business Response
Said 2015 Subaru Forester was towed to our shop 5/15/15 and estimate was written by ********* and liability was accepted, we proceeded to order parts and repair the vehicle. Repairs were completed 6/2/15. Upon completion we had Mrs. ***** pick the car up and take it to her residence rather than leave it here for the three weeks she was going to be gone. We assured her if there were any problems or issues we would handle them. She returned to our shop in July and we made some minor adjustments.
A few weeks later, Dave with ********* (XXX-XXX-XXXX) called to advise me **** ***** had some concerns not addressed on the original estimate they had written. He said to get with ****** ****** and have them take care of the items in question and that ********* would settle up with me.
I called ****** Subaru and they briefed me on the following concerns:
1. There was a clunking noise in the suspension; they advised me they would Re-Torque the suspension and realign the vehicle. I gave them the Ok; ********* said they would cover this even though the vehicle had no damaged suspension from the accident. ****** did the work and notified us that the problem was taken care of.
2. There was a rattle in the left front door which was never brought to our attention. I spoke with ****** ****** and asked what they would charge to remove the interior door panel; they told me $50. So as not to inconvenience **** ******* having her drive back to our shop, I gave ****** the ok to do the inspection themselves. Once they inspected it; they told me the left impact sensor was rattling (which they tightened see work order sheet) and the vapor plastic sheet was in need of replacement I gave them the ok to do so.
3. I was told when they aligned the vehicle the front camber on the left side was out and the rear toe was out of specs. I asked for the alignment sheets and the left front camber was within factory specs. We have an alignment computer readout of when the vehicle left our shop with 3680 miles on it; all readings are within factory specs (sheet attached). ****** realigned the vehicle at 4854 miles, I have no idea what happened within the 1,174 miles between alignments. ********* as a courtesy, said they would take care of the alignment.
After her car left my shop, I had spoken to **** ***** twice and she told me her vehicle looked beautiful. If there are any issues with the vehicle which Superior was paid to repair; we would be happy to address them, because we have a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer. I worked with the dealership and the insurance company to resolve the issues. I've been in business since 1967 and take our repairs seriously.
Upon receipt of this complaint I spoke to Dave at ********* and he asked me to call **** *****. 1 called her at approximately 3pm on 7/28/15 and left a message. I notified Dave at ********* on 7/29/15 in the morning that I had not received a return phone call from **** *****. I received a call back from **** ***** on 7/29/15 at 1:06p.m. After our conversation, she said she would bring the vehicle back to our shop as she didn't like the way the hood and fender fit on the left side. I told her I would get a rental for her to use for the day and make the adjustments. She said she would call me a day ahead of time.
I understand that it is a terrible situation when you have a new vehicle and it gets in an accident. People tend to feel that it will never be the same. I can't take care of the psychological feeling that transpires as a result of this, but I have and do stand behind my work.
If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

06/13/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Last week I went to
the windshield.
needed to have this handled the proper way.
better business I'm asking from your organization to help

Business Response
Said customer had his front bumper and a scratch on the front of the right fender repaired by us (which was paid by a third party that backed into his car). He also paid us to refinish the left fender out of his pocket, as the paint was breaking down from a previous repair which was done elsewhere.
When he came to pick up the completed vehicle (5/2/14) the third party (a woman) showed up. I took them out to the vehicle to show them the work was completed and then she came into the office and paid the bill for the front bumper and right fender. We thanked her and she walked over to the vehicle owner, had words with him in the office and left. I went back to work in the shop. About 15 minutes later I was paged to the office and the owner of the vehicle said "I broke his windshield". I went out to inspect the vehicle and found a 3/16 divot and crack in the lower edge of the windshield. I told him it looked like a BB shot, and he said "No it was from the right windshield wiper". Upon inspection of the wiper arm, I found that it was dislodged from the head of the wiper. He told me that the wiper had been broken for some time. I explained to him that was the reason for his cracked windshield and was considered general maintenance to a vehicle. (It appears that he forgot to mention that in his note.)
He continued telling me he wanted me to buy a windshield. Trying to reason with him, I then asked him "If you don't put oil in your engine and it blows up in my shop, is that my fault?" I told him again that I would not buy his windshield. I told him he could ask around town about me, because after being in business for 47 years I'm a man of principle. It's not about the money, it's about the principle.
We guarantee all of our workmanship designated on the invoice for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. I then told him to leave the shop and not to come back, because we did not want any customers trying to get something for nothing. I never threatened him or his family that is totally ridiculous. It amazes me what some people will do to get something for free.

If I can be of further assistance, please give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First of all I'm not looking to get anything for free I just seek justice.the windshield was broken while in the shop, when I pointed that out to the owner I was threatened and my family too, he said I qoute "I will put you in 5minutes in hospital" , first of all that's not a way to treat someone whose car got him 1000$ from the repair they did. They should treat my car as it's their while in the shop and they should inspect the vehicle before making any actions that may lead to broken shield broken vehicle etc. I want the justice I want the party that broke the windshield to pay for it and not blame me and call me someone who not that kind of person. There was one of his employees who was there while this all took place. I will take any action needed cause I won't let someone make fool of me. I know the windshield was not broken. I will contact their insurance company if needed I will get the police involved. Anybody should be able to go in his store and get the work fixed and be treated fairly , no matter the reason.

Final Business Response
If I thought for one minute said windshield broke from our negligence, I would be replacing it. The fact remains that he stated to me that his windshield broke because of the broken windshield wiper. A wiper that according to him has been broken for some time. As, I stated before, if a vehicle has broken parts on it, not pertaining to the repair order, we have no liability. The point being made, if his vehicle was in proper working order at the time it was in the shop this situation would have no bearing.

He states that the windshield broke while in my shop. When did this occur? He and the third party inspected his car, while we were cleaning it up. He returned to pick up the vehicle, got in his car to leave and a few moments later accuses me of breaking his windshield, specifying how it happened. Did he witness the windshield breaking? Did it break while he prepared to leave? It was raining that day; did he turn his broken wipers on?

I will reiterate again, I did not threaten owner or his family. I simply told him to leave my premises.

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