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Honest Air Conditioning of Venice, Inc.

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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
05/11/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Accountant told us 3 months in a row that our refund was in the mail. Owner and salesman unresponsive to our requests for a call back.
9-22/2015 "Honest" Air Conditioning found and replaced failed 45/5ufdual capacitor and charged us $113.00. We advised that parts and labor are covered by our parts and labor warranty by the manufacturer, Amana. Honest Air conditioning would not accept that even though we showed them the contract. Therefore we paid $113.00 up front.The company said they would check with the manufacturer, Amana and refund us the amount.

On Sept.28th, Amber,the accountant, called and verified our warranty and said she would send us a check for $75 not $113. We did not receive.

On Oct. 28th,we called the owner's wife, Courtney, who said she would send the refund for $75. We did not receive.

On November 10th, we called Amber. She said the check was in the mail.We asked for Ron F******, the salesman to call. No one called us back and six months later we have yet to receive any refund of any amount.

In a contrast to Honest Air Conditioning,on April 22, 2016 and April 25, 2016, Unique Air Conditioning serviced our air conditioner replacing the evaporaotor unit and recharged the unit with freon. The $2,500 bill for parts and labor was covered 100% by our warranty with Amana and we paid no money up front.

Today I decided to check Honest Air Conditioning, thinking they must not be in business. If they treated us in this unconscionable manner, they no doubt were treating others in the same way and their business would dwindle and go away. To my surprise Honest still has a Venice address and appears to be doing business here. Therefore, I am submitting this complaint in the hopes Honest Air Conditioning will be prevented from ensnaring other customers in their shady and dishonest practices.

We would still like our $113.00 refund. Please advise.

Desired Settlement
We are owed a refund of $113.00 for labor and parts for which we paid in full with the promise from Honest Air Conditioning to refund that amount once they checked with the manufacturer of our air conditioning unit, Amana, and our warrenty which covers labor and parts 100%.

Unique Air Conditioninig serviced our Amana air conditioner on April 22, 2016 and April 25, 2016. Unique honored our warranty and required no money up front on a $2,500 bill to replace the evaporator unit and recharge unit with freon.

Business Response
I have reviewed your complaint and found that you are absolutely correct and are owed a refund of $113.00. Please accept my apology along with an explanation of events.
We do very little business with the warranty (insurance)company for your brand of air conditioning unit,and were not familiar with the reimbursement policy. This is why we collect at the time of service and file the claim during business hours. This is no different than many medical office policies. We filed the claim as we should have the week after your service. Our first failure was that we never followed up with the warranty company and to this day we have not been reimbursed for your service, (no excuse). As office manager, Amber was responsible to oversee this type of routine transaction, but resigned in January and I don't know what did or didn't happen, again , no excuse.
Again, please accept my apology, and your check will go out Monday. We have filed the claim again for reimbursement and hopefully we can put closure on this. As the owner, I know that all companies make mistakes, but the good companies make it right!

Consumer Response

12/05/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

was charged unfair amount of labor for repair

after paying 85.00 to findout problem was told I needed blower module and that part was under warranty. Given estimate of 188.00 to repair a/c. Part was ordered and company came out to install new part. Repairman was here approx., 15 minutes. I asked why labor charge was so high for such a short repair time and was told that I was charged a flat fee. Asked for old part was told I couldn't have it company needed it for some reason under warranty terms. was even showed if part was replaced. called office to try to find out why labor flat rate fee is so high for such a quick install and was told that just what they charge. she said had they charge by the hour their rate was 110.00 per hour. So I asked why couldn't I pay under hourly rate then. Seems to me consumers should be charged lesser of hourly rate or flat rate. Was told owner would call me next day. He called but was very rude and was told sorry that's just the was it is and no refund would be given and even tried to blame me for even complaining that apparently I was one of THOSE type of people. If by that he meant a senior citizens that doesn't like to be ripped off then yes Iam one of those type.

Desired Settlement
Flat rate fee to excessive at 188.00. Hourly rate at 110.00 would be more in line. would like refund of 78.00.

Business Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

The customer called with no air problem. We sent a technician out and the diagnostic determined that motor model was bad. The part was covered under warranty but the labor was not. We quoted our flat rate price and it was explained to him at that time that was the price to order the part, pick it up and return to install the part. He agreed to the cost. The technician arrived the next day to install it and at that time he was outraged at the cost because he said it only took 15 minutes to install the part. We explained the cost includes the whole process to pick up the part, file the warranty claim. The owner spoke with the customer and again tried to explain all that goes into the warranty replacement but he refused to accept our explanation.

In the end we did everything by the book, gave him up front pricing which is exactly what we charged him. He just doesn't understand or refuses to accept our explanation.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
While the charge of 188.00 was given to me at the time of inspection I assumed the labor was that high because the time to replace the fan assembly would be a couple hours not 15 minutes. I feel the flat rate fee for this job is very excessive and take advantage of senior citizens especially snowbirds as we are not familiar with local business.

Final Business Response
With all due respect, flat rate pricing means exactly that, flat rate. If it took 15 minutes, or 4 hours the price would have been $188.00. What this customer does not understand is what is involved in this cost. So, I will be happy to break it down for him and perhaps then he will realize that we are not taking advantage of "Senior Citizens" or "Snowbirds" or anyone else for that matter:
When our professional service technician arrives at your door, many costs have already been incurred just to get him and our truck there, ready and able to complete the job.
a) Insurance - Trucks, Liability, Fire, theft, Property and Worker's Compensation.
b) Specialized Training.
c) Periodic Literature, Courses and Refreshers
d) Taxes, Income, Property, Social Security, Employment Compensation
e) Trucks/Vans/Ladders etc..
f) Test Equipment
g) Tools
h) Truck Maintenance and Operation - Gas, Oil, Tires etc.
i) Office Rent and Warehouse
j) Phones, light and heat
k) Office staff and equipment.

Without years of training, it would not be possible for a doctor to make a diagnosis and prescribe remedy. Consider a moment that it isn't just his initial training, but an ongoing variety of continuing study, and the expense of maintaining an adequately equipped staff and office. As a patient, you pay for his knowledge and skill plus a share of his business cost (overhead). Even if he spends only a few minutes, his fee could range from $50 to $150 depending upon his degree of expertise. This analogy holds true in any service business. The charge of providing service in your home cannot be determined solely by the time it takes the technician to make the repairs.
A qualified service organization's costs begin with the salary of the professional technician. This amount is the same whether the technician is actually making the repairs on the customer's premises, traveling to keep service appointments or participating in training programs to sharpen his skills.
The cost of doing business (overhead) must also be added to the technician's salary. These overhead costs can amount to substantially more than the technician's salary.
Now comes profit. A 10% profit on the selling price, although seldom realized, would be ideal. Accordingly if your service charge is $200.00 or in this case $188.00 and we are efficient enough to earn 10% of the $188.00, we earn $18.80. We are sure you will agree that is not excessive for providing top quality services on your premises.

All things considered, the cost of a service organization for its service technician's time on the job is the same whether it be 15 minutes or 4 hours.

I hope this clears things up for this customer and he now has a better understanding of how a service industry operates and that we are not out to rip anyone off. We never have and never will, we stand by our name and our reputation.

On that note, we charged him $188.00 our flat rate price for replacing and installing the new blower motor. He agreed to the price before the work was done, just because our technician was skilled and efficient enough to do it in 15 minutes he wants a refund? There will be no refund. Would he request a refund of a surgeon if he told him he was going to be in surgery for two hours but was only in for 45 minutes? Or would be he be happy that he got the result he wanted in a lot less time due to the skills of the person taking care of him?

09/26/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company's failure to comply with the delivery (as promised) and repair of module (warrantied) to central AC unit.
9/2/14: Contacted above company @8am to report problem with Central AC unit.
9/2/14: Tech from company arrived @ approx 11:45 AM to my home to perform Diagnostic test. Determination was Heat Module in the fan motor was not working properlypart is covered under warranty. Tech reported that the part would be in later that day and he would report later that day to make repair.
9/2/14: contacted company-Per ******* part will arrive by 3:30 PM.
9/2/14: ******** called @ 4:41 PM to inform us that part did not arrive and that she would call as soon as it did arrive.
9/3/14: No word yet of status, so I called @ 11am to find out status, ******* said she would inquire and call me right back.
9/3/14 11:40 AM, no call back, so I called again. ******* placed me on hold and then came back to state part is now in and she would have her tech that was currently in Bradenton, FL, swing by part shop in Sarasota and I'd be his first stop when he got back to Venice. I explained we do not live in Venice, but North Port, FL *which she shouldve known that. She explained tech would arrive btwn 1-3PM.
9/3/14: Tech arrived @ 1:15 PM and it took him less than 30 mins to install part.

Desired Settlement
The charge of $85 diagnostic fee, I am in agreement with and have already paid. But the repair cost of $137.50 I do not feel I am responsible for; given the following facts:
-Honest Air did not comply with the promise to return on 9/2 to make the repair as promised.
-My family (which consists of a young child and a 14 yr old dog, myself and my husband) had to endure over 85 degree temps during this ordeal; which, in my opinion, is unhealthy and caused me alot of distress and sleeplessness due to the uncomfortable, non-AC environment. I work from home and had to endure that heat for 2 full days.
-Given the fact, the Tech was only here in my home for a total of 20 mins to make the repair
I feel the Labor charge of $137.50 is not only disgraceful, but unethical. I am requesting either a void of the entire amt or a reduced amt in result of this ordeal.

Business Response
First of all let me say I am utterly amazed by this complaint, given that Honest Air Conditioning went above and beyond in so many ways to help this customer. Attached is our timeline of events as we too keep records of our calls

Not only did we do our best to get this customer air conditioning as quickly as we possibly could, as we do with all of our customers, but ******* in particular kept on top of it as she was well aware of the situation of the young child and older animal in the house. I find it appalling that this customer is not only trying to give our company a bad reputation after everything we did for her, (not to mention working out a payment plan over three months on $137.50 with no interest as she said she didn't have the money to pay it right now) but she is also trying to get an employee who did her best to help her, reprimanded. Now that is what I call disgraceful. To top it all this customer did not even pay for her AC system to begin with, the taxpayer did, through the MCAA weatherization program and we installed it!

To finalize the blower module part was covered under warranty, the cost of the labor was from the flat rate pricing book which was actually $187.50 but we let her use a $50.00 coupon to help bring her cost down and now she wants us to void the $137.50! I don't think so, not everything in life is free and we will expect her first payment of $50.00 on time on the first of the month as agreed and every month thereafter until her bill is paid in full.

Consumer Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

I am offended by the tone of company's response, I qualified for the unit through the weather program and I am offended that they brought it up like I am taking tax payer money. The company did not give good customer service because they waited 2 hours to call me and tell me the part didn't come in. I want a reduction in the high labor charge when the repair only took 20 minutes. They charged $137.50, I want at least 50% reduction in the bill because they didn't return as promised and customer service was poor. It took them 2 hours and 20 minutes to contact me when they found out the part was not in.

Final Business Response
This response was provided verbally to BBB:

We stand by our first response and the amount is owed by the customer.

07/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Since i'm a foreigner this contractor tries to extract moneey from me on false pretense.

This Dealer knowing ful well that i have a freon leak in my AC. gave me a dishonest diagnose test in the first place so that later try to replace it withit w/a $8.5K big item AC. when it could of been repaired.,or take other options instead
Their salesman ******* said that Carrier brand that I have is a contractor model with faulty coils.and have many problems w/them and strongly suggested a replacement
I have called them On 4/15 stayed w/out air till 04/19 when they showed up ended paying a total of, $590 dollars.
At that time they run a test and said there is no leak., in the system so it could be filled.
On 06/08 the AC went down again and was told that they found the leak this time and they were wrong for the first time, but to make up for the mistake, will give me credit of $ 500 which is shown in the new paper proposal as credit toward a new $ 6K different Brand whole new system.
There are many questions that beg to be answered
Why load to full capacity 11 lbs freon when they knew about the faulty coil in the first place and were hiding it from me..? why not charge system less and see if it does leak their test that I paid for turned out to be inaccurate. insix weeks all freon leaked out.
They charged almost $50 dollars per pound ask around most contractors charge max $ 40 dollars/lbs some as low as $30 dollar for that new puron/410
On 06/10 I was told that I could replace only the coil for $ 2.5K
My english is the second language and my life's enemy.. at my almost 70 years old have COPD and Sleep Apneea and live on fix income furthermore, for days they kept me w/out air
After taking multiple quotes for the Fix theirs are thousand of $$$ higher so i requested the "promised credit" cash for which they refuse to honor now.
I believe this is a setup to extract money not so Honest, after all.

Desired Settlement
$500 Dollar check will waive the lost time and sleepless nigths pain and suffering caused to a sick old man

Business' Initial Response
This response was taken verbally by BBB:

The first time we dealt with this customer was on 4/15 when he called our office. We responded to the property with a maintenance technician only to find out that the system was not operable and outside of the skill of the maintenance tech. We sent a service tech that same day. The technician did a diagnostic and found the system out of refrigerant. The homeowner stated that they have problems in the neighborhood with people stealing refrigerant out of systems. We performed an electronic leak search of the system but no leaks were found at that time. We recharged the system and checked operation. Total cost of service including refrigerant was $590.

On 6/7 he called on a Friday night to our answering service demanding to talk to the owner. I called him back and he was very belligerent and accused us of ripping him off. I sent a service technician out Friday night at no charge. He found the system low on refrigerant again and performed another electronic leak search this time finding a refrigerant leak in the indoor coil. Since we could not verify warranty status on a weekend, we wanted to give him options. He inquired about an all aluminum coil so we sent a sales representative on Saturday to give him prices on a new unit with all aluminum coils. On Monday morning we checked warranty status with the manufacture and found the coil is not under warranty. They gave us the cost of replacement coil. We priced the part and labor to install but before we could call the customer he called the office demanding again to talk to the owner. When I called him back to give the price of repair option he was belligerent and made accusations of us ripping him off. I tried to explain that this repair option included a credit for the previous refrigerant that had leaked out. At that time, he stated that he is retired and has lots of time and will go to BBB and TV stations to ruin our reputation or I could give him a check for $500 and he would go away. Since we did not do anything wrong during the service call or follow up there is no basis for any cash refund. We felt that we treated him fairly during the service and tried to reason with him but at this point we are not willing to do anything else.

Consumer's Final Response
I'm sending attacments to support my real events and dates
This Owner has many errors and inaccurate statemens as to dates and events
I called for service on 04/13 Monday 04/15 no service whatsoever been performed ... as stated by mr. ******/owner See service ticket 04/19 could olso produce copy of check $590.81 for the failed and inaccurate test.
After 30 days AC. no good again.
Called Friday 06/7/13 and contrary to what ****** says nothing was done that nigth except that next day 08/09/13 saturday was told by Rob tecky & CRSpecialist that they dropped the ball and will get credit for refrigerant.see E-Mai to Him for date and hour.
Next day Sunday 06/09 Got the proposal from their aggressive salesman offering me $500 for the service ticket performed on 04/19/13 and immediate AC. had I signed proposal rigth there and THan
After all these Lies demanded via E-Mail to the Customer Relation Specialist "Rob..) that came 06/08... see the attach who in return gave me the Final and ultimate Solution for my AC. $2K changing only the Coil and credit for Refrigerant Oil monday 06/10/13
So go figure from 04/13THRU 04/15 No AIR and again 06/07/13THRU 06/10/13(When I decided to get someone Honest tthat would care.)
Thank You
PS please confirm the receival I did try to put this on line but your System did not want it failed the transmission hopefully this will arrive on your desk by tommorow.

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