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2 Cool Air Conditioning, Inc.

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2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service1
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints2

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Complaint Resolution Log (2)
12/22/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

2 Cool Air Conditioning came to my address and fell through my ceiling. 3 months later they came again to repair A/C - horrible Customer Service!
On 14 July 2015 2 Cool Air Conditioning entered my home for requested service to move two wall returns to the ceiling. on that day one of the two employees from 2 Cool A/C went through my ceiling in the master bedroom leaving a hole approx. 12"x18". The lead employee said he called the office and was going to have "a friend of the owner that works with drywall get back to me for the repair" but that we had to pay in full today for their services. They were paid $400 for the work they did that day.
Approx. 2 weeks later I get a call from a ********* ******* wanting to come and give me an estimate. I also had some additional drywall repair needed doing so I had them give me a quote on that also - their quote was more than double two other companies that I had gotten quotes from and they wanted to come back 3-4 different times before completing the job - not acceptable.
Early Sept. 2015 I found a reputable company to get all of the drywall repair work done in one day and the portion of the bill that 2 Cool A/C was going to be responsible for was $165 PLUS my time and money to paint the repair 2-3 days later, an additional $135 for a total of $300. In dealing with Marsha w/2 Cool A/C first of all she only wants to reimburse me the $165 but not my time and money to paint their mistake - not too mention the inconvenience and the loss of the A/C that went through that hole before being repaired - call that another $100 for a grand total of a $400+ loss/inconvenience to me. Furthermore, 3 months later I call them back again with an A/C problem thinking I'd get a break and they charge me $75 for a service call and then lie to me regarding the service that needs doing AND their price is $200-$300 higher than two other A/C companies I'd called for 2nd opinions to do the same work. It was like they were going to make up for the extra money they had to pay to fix their mistake of putting a hole in my ceiling... Meanwhile, today is 25 Sept. 2015 and I still have not received even the $165 that was promised to me by Marsha over two weeks ago, or anything extra for my time, money and inconvenience of having to paint the area myself.
Lastly, when I phoned Marsha to ask yet again about the check she was rude, argumentative and then hung up the phone on me - pxxx poor customer service to a disabled service member. Also, I have caught them over inflating the cost of their services to compensate for their earlier mistake at my residence and Pam ******** office has also been contacted regarding this issue!

Desired Settlement
I would like $400 for the drywall repair, paint repair and the loss of A/C that went through the hole that 2 Cool A/C left in my home on 14 July 2015 and I do not want to wait another two weeks to get it. "The checks in the mail" as Marsha has said now on three different occasions is not going to work. I will be inconvenienced once again by having to drive to their shop to personally pick up the check myself - BUT, it will be the last time that I ever communicate with the likes of an A/C company that takes advantage of disabled service members in the heat of the summer and that can not fix their own mistakes of damaging a customers home in a timely manner.

Business Response
Let me start off by stating the facts since Mr. ***** cannot.
Yes we went to his house on 7/14/2015 to do a simple job, unfortunately one of our
Employees did put his knee though a small portion of the ceiling. The lead on the job did inform Mr. ***** we would have the Drywall company we use call him asap.
On 7/17/2015 we received an estimate from ******** ******* for $275.00. Mr. ***** then called Marcia and complained about the time frame that ******** could do it, stating that it shouldn't take that long and he has a guy he uses and he would have him give him a price to do the same work. Marcia said ok. Mr. ***** called back almost 5 weeks later ( by now ******** would have had the repair completed) saying he got a price and it was much cheaper than our quote...He told Marcia it was $165.00. So of course with it being so much cheaper we said " ok, if you are comfortable with this guy go ahead and we will just send it to you". Never did Mr. ***** say anything about additional monies to be paid. We would never agree to that when we have a written estimate for $275.00 TOTAL. In the meantime on 9/14/2015 Mr. ***** called us to his home because his A/C was not working. We promptly sent our service manager David out. David then found that the blower motor on his system was faulty. He called the distributor to check on pricing and warranty. He was then told by the distributor that Mr. ***** is not who the warranty is under so it will not be covered under warranty. David then gave Mr. ***** a price to repair it. Later that day Mr. ***** called Marcia and was very nasty. Saying he called another company and they were doing for less under warranty (committing warranty fraud which we will not do) He then got loud and vulgar and ****** asked him to stop yelling at her or she would end the call, he then screamed into the phone "I'm not yelling yet!" then Marcia did hang up on him. We are an upstanding company and we take care of any and all issues. A payment for Mr. ***** was sent to the bank to be paid out when the rest of our payments go out to our vendors on Monday October 12, 2015. Marcia was mistaken when she told him it was was not physically sent just programmed into the bank for auto pay on the same date the rest of the bills go out. We have done everything Mr. ***** wanted. Attached you will find the estimate from Gallahan Drywall a Licensed contractor. Again, we were willing to have our contractor come do the repair and pay it. Mr. ***** CHOSE not to. He did not get upset until he wanted us to commit fraud and we refused.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The facts are: 2 Cool Air Conditioning came into MY home and damaged the ceiling by putting a hole in it that was not there before they arrived, and by no means was it small. Secondly - I was told that I had to pay the bill in full on the day that they provided the service AND put a hole in my ceiling. Lastly - I was told by the lead A/C guy that day "that the A/C companies owners friend had a drywall company that they always use for situations like this." That's all fine and dandy for the business owner, BUT I'm the homeowner, I'm the one that was inconvenienced, I'm the one that had to pay their bill on the day that they did the damage hoping that they would hold up their end of the bargain in a timely manner - which I should've never done, because they didn't! ...and I've been lied to by Marsha repeatedly, customer service rep. in the office daily about a $165 check that was supposed to have been mailed OVER 3 weeks ago AND that the owner was out of town - but he had the time to respond to my complaint with the BBB, hmmm.....

Gallahan Drywall Inc. <***************>
Jul 22

to me
Mr. ***** -

I apologize but our schedule can not accommodate within a week. I would recommend contacting Marsha at 2 Cool Air Conditioning if you would like to hire another company. I spoke with them today to let them know our scheduling issue. Marsha asked if you would please call her before scheduling with another company.


This was an email I received on 22 July 2015 from "the owners friend's drywall business" stating that I needed to speak with Marsha before having some other company do the work.
Furthermore, I was never given an estimate from Gallahan Drywall to fix the damage that 2 Cool A/C did to my home AND if I didn't like the way That 2 Cool A/C did their work what's to say that I would be satisfied with the likes of some drywall company that the owner just so happens to have as a friend. Nor was I informed by Marsha that they had an estimate to complete the job for $275 OR that they wouldn't pay it if it was over that amount! Sounds like a convenience to the A/C company owner, and a scam to me!! - and this whole mess has been NOTHING but an inconvenience to me.
If I allowed the company that 2 Cool A/C company wanted to do the work they were going to be using MY paint which was also a condition on the estimate that they provided to 2 Cool A/C - also an added expense for me.
Also, I did have another company - Pasco Protective Coatings and Painting - phone # (XXX)XXX-XXXX (Mike) provide me with an estimate on 21 July 2015 for the same work. Because they kept putting me off (3 different times I called back) stating that they had other work that they need to finish up before starting my job and that I was next on the list... When September came and Pasco Protective Coatings and Painting hadn't been here yet to repair the hole in the ceiling from 2 Cool A/C I called upon yet another drywall company to do the work - Norm's Ceilings & Drywall inc. which provided the service needed to not only fill the hole but apply the finish work as well all within the same 2-3 hour period of time that they were in my home - all on the same day no less, not a week or more like Gallahan Drywall needed to have. I was advised I needed to wait another 24-48 hours before I could start painting....
Also, I should've never called 2 Cool A/C back when I had A/C problems in September - I ONLY did because they still OWED me money from the last job they screwed up while at my home. And when they wanted to charge me some $300 MORE than not one but two other A/C companies to do the same work - replace a circuit board for a blower motor - not insurance fraud, but yet another lie, only by the company owner now. I knew I was in the process of being scammed by 2 Cool A/C which is when I started this process. And NOW I have the reason why they wanted to charge me some $300 more than two other companies to swap out a circuit board for a blower motor - the estimate that 2 Cool A/C received from Gallahan Drywall Inc. and included in the BBB response for $275.

Also, complaints have also been filed with the Dept. of Business and Professional regulations Board and as well. What this company has done to me is not right nor is it considered fair working practice and no one should have to be subjected to this type of treatment, much less a disabled veteran!

A check for $275 is not going to satisfy me nor will it have been enough to repair the damage that 2 Cool A/C did to my home. The proof of that was in the quote provided to the BBB by 2 Cool A/C that originated from Gallahan Drywall Inc. stating that they were going to be using my paint to complete the job - not paint that they were going to have to purchase to complete the job.

My offer stands at $400! 2 Cool A/C reimburses me $400 for all of the inconveniences and costs to repair the damage they did to my home while conducting their services within my home.

...and if 2 Cool A/C actually had a customer service person in the office that knew what customer service WAS I wouldn't have had to raise my voice over someone that was trying to talk when I was - extremely rude and a poor excuse for a customer service representative!

Furthermore, as a business owner of an A/C company in Florida - you'd think that the owner would call and attempt to make this right himself when he got back in town, (if he was ever out of town that is) but no call from the owner either, ....even more proof that 2 Cool A/C never really wanted to work this out. Shoddy service at the very least!!

Final Business Response
Our Business is fenced in due to a high break in rate. Hence the slats in the BACK fence. Because copper is a big thing to steal, so after the 4th break in we fenced. Our office hours are 6:30 am until 2:00 pm. Mind you these are just office hours...not business hours. We can be reached 24/7. This has gone on long enough. We will pay the 275.00 only! Mailed to the BBB so we do not have to deal with this person again. Although that is not what was agreed on. As for our employee being drunk, I think we all know that is a fabrication. Our past reputation speaks for itself.

Final Consumer Response

10/24/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Dishonest Billing Practices. Misdiagnosed the problem with the AC and billed me for time while not on the job.
The text below is an email I sent the company. You will get a good idea of what's going on.

Truly a shame. It is companies and people like you that give the AC business the reputation of being the crooks you are.
Like I said, your $355.00 check was mail Friday. You've received and deposited check # ***** But know it will be the last dime of business you ever get out of me in addition to recommending anybody needing AC services to stay away from 2 Cool Air like the plague.
Yes, at the time your tech told me the price it seemed as if I didn't have much of a choice. After doing a little math, comparing your stated hourly rate to the actual time spent on the job, the trip charge I paid AGAIN after misdiagnosing the problem the first time, after providing a service I did not ask for the first time, verifying with the other person that was here as to the time the tech left, nothing was adding up. Everything told me this price needed to be renegotiated.
By the way, I don't give a hoot about what your GPS says about the time he left. For all I know he could have been sitting in the truck twiddling his thumbs till enough time elapsed for it to fit with what you billed. I know what time he walked out of this house. He spent maximum 3 ½ hours on the job here...and that's giving you the 20-30 min he disappeared for what looked like having to go and get the part, which is utter nonsense.
Additionally, your trip charge on the 16th is nothing but *** Let's put it this way, either the trip charge was ** because 2 Cool misdiagnosed the problem and performed a service I did not ask of on the Oct 3, or the hour billed on Oct 3 is ** because you did not fix the problem. So either $50 or 75 should have been applied to the bill on the 16th. That's what a reputable company would have done. An honest company would have billed $75 x 3.5 hrs = $262.50 nothing more, nothing less.
But I'll tell you what. It's not worth it now. Even if you called me back and said, ''Mr. *******, I've been thinking. We want to keep you as a customer and I understand your point and agree the bill should be adjusted downward.'' The damage is done. You have blown every ounce of confidence I had in your willingness to run a fair and reputable business.
What I would be recouping from your outrageous and dishonest billing practice would be far and away offset by knowing I will no longer be a victim of those practices. And also by knowing when AC services are needed a more reputable business will be hired.
These Goodman AC and Handler unites are really not the best. I know too many people, people in the business, who have said the same thing. The useful life of these things falls far short of say a Rheem or better quality brands. So, you know servicing it will be getting more and more frequent and costly. Then there will be a time when the unit will need to be replaced. Guess who's not getting the business.
You don't like people stopping payment? Then maybe you need to reexamine your business practices.
So, is there a ***** here? I think there is. But it sure as **** isn't me.

Desired Settlement
What I believe I should have been billed is as follows: $75 x 3.5 hrs = $262.50

I paid the $355 which is inflated for time not on the job and includes a $55 trip fee they made me pay again because they misdiagnosed the problem in the first place.

The difference being $92.80 representing a refund.

Business Response
First off, Mr. ******* was quoted $ 355.00 to do this job (Not hourly). If the tech would have been there 5 hours the price would still have been $355.00, we do not quote hourly on things of this nature. Mr ******* was well aware of the charges, signed the invoice and PAID for the work at that time with a check (which he later put a stop payment on). He was not unfairly charged at all. In fact, he put a stop payment on the check before even calling our office. That is dishonest and against the law, he is lucky we didn't call the sheriff and press charges for theft of services. He is claiming misdiagnosis, which is untrue. It was an intermittent issue and was working at the time of service and worked for an additional 8 days before we were called back out. We would have gladly refunded 55.00 for the service charge but Mr ******* put a stop payment before even calling our office and was very rude. We have done everything in our power to make him happy. As of this time and date 12:48 pm October 21, 2013 we have NOT been paid for the work completed. He was supposed to mail a new check and we have not received it yet.

Final Consumer Response

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