BBB Foundation


The Better Business Bureau Foundation was formed to allow the Better Business Bureau to expand its commitment to its community beyond traditional Bureau activities.

      The BBB Foundation is currently developing services through its four major programs:


  • Consumer education
  • Outreach to underserved populations
  • Charity review, and
  • Dispute Resolution

Consumer education: Consumers who can protect themselves and make wise decisions in an often contentious market at not born, they are made. Through the consumer education program, the BBB Foundation develops and provides educational resources for consumers of all age groups. Targeted programs such as Senior Solutions allow the Foundation to specifically aid groups that are often the victims of fraud. Additionally, youth-oriented training ensures young adults just entering the workforce understand how to make wise consumer and financial choices. The development of thematic consumer guides also aids consumers making their first purchases in a variety of settings.

Outreach to Underserved Populations: The services provided by the Better Business Bureau are of benefit to everyone, but special effort is needed to insure that members of populations that are often targets of fraud or unaware that these services are available. The BBB Foundation will work to increase awareness and use of the Bureau’s free public services through targeted information dissemination and non-English information resources. Where special needs are identified, special programs will be developed to aid populations at risk.

Dispute Resolution: As one of the first formal dispute resolution organizations in the United States, the Better Business Bureau has a strong tradition of providing dispute resolution services to consumers and businesses. The Dispute Resolution program of the BBB Foundation expands these services to allow the application of the BBB’s experience and proven dispute resolution systems to disputes otherwise not addressed, such as landlord-tenant, employer-employee, employee-employee, civil and neighborhood disputes, and many more. The Dispute Resolution program also provides training and resolution system leadership for businesses and organizations.

The BBB Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and is supported by contributions from individuals, institutions, and corporations in our community. Your gift to the BBB Foundation is tax deductible and always welcome. For more information on donating to the BBB Foundation or if your organization or corporation is interested in forming a partnership with the BBB Foundation, please email or contact Derek Sweetman, Foundation Director, at 202-783-1356.