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Accredited Business Seal Program

Accredited Business Seal Program

Companies who are BBB accredited may identify themselves as such through special BBB accreditation plaques, decals and online seals. Terms, conditions and approval as a BBB accredited business are a prerequisite. Use of the BBB seal or claims of BBB accreditation without being an approved BBB accredited business are considered to be false and misleading advertising. BBB accreditation status is granted upon written BBB approval only. An application for BBB accreditation does not constitute approval.

The BBB accreditation standards allow the accredited business to advertise its BBB affiliation in print and online. In print, the BBB accredited business can use the seal anywhere it does business when its only physical locations are within the service area of the BBB where the business headquarters (HQ) is located. If the BBB accredited business has offices outside of its HQ BBB and wishes to use the seal in those geographic areas, it would need to be accredited by the BBB that serves that given territory. Any seal used online must be set up so that consumers can click the seal and hyperlink directly to the correct BBB confirmation report. Use of the seal in print is permitted in newspapers, direct mail, directories, business cards, company stationary, pricing quotes, invoices, facsimile cover sheets and other business documents.

A BBB accredited business may also identify itself as such in broadcast media by using the phrase “[Your Company] is a BBB accredited business.”