Tax Tips

April 07, 2011

BBB recommends following the ten tips this tax season:

1. Start gathering your records: Round up any documents or forms you’ll need when filing your taxes: receipts, canceled checks and other documents that support income or deductions you’re claiming on your return.

2. Be on the lookout: All your relevant tax forms (T4's, T5's etc) should have arrived by now in order for you to file your tax return. If they have not, contact the appropriate business/organization and request they mail you the appropriate forms. 

3. Check out online tax filing software:  There are a number of brand-name tax software or online fillable forms available to help you with filing your taxes. Everyone can find an option to prepare their tax return and e-file it, sometimes for free or a small charge. 

4. Try e-filing: e-filing is a safe, easy and  common way to file a tax return. If you owe taxes, you have payment options to file immediately and pay by the tax deadline. Best of all, combine e-file with direct deposit and you get your refund returned very quickly. 

5. Consider other filing options: There are many different options for filing your tax return. You can prepare it yourself or go to a tax preparer. Give yourself time to weigh all the different options and find the one that best suits your needs.

6. Consider Direct Deposit: If you elect to have your refund directly deposited into your bank account, you’ll receive it faster than waiting for a paper check.

7. Visit the CRA website again and again. The official CRA website is a great place to find everything you’ll need to file your tax return: forms, publications, tips, answers to frequently asked questions and updates on tax law changes.

8. Check out tax credits, deductions and benefits. There are a number of ways for individuals, families, seniors persons with disabilities, homeowners, students and the self-employed to reduce their taxes.

9. Review! Review! Review! Don’t rush. Be sure to double-check all the Social Insurance Numbers, dates and math calculations on your return as these are the most common errors made by taxpayers.

10. Don’t panic! If you run into a problem, remember the CRA is here to help. Try or call toll-free at 1.800.959.8281.

Remember, when seeking the assistance of a tax preparer, always get referrals from friends and family on who they use and check the BBB Business Review on tax preparation services at

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