Tips to Improve the Security of Your Mobile Device

March 14, 2011

Ever misplaced your iPhone or Blackberry? Today's mobile devices contain a vast array of private information that if put in the wrong hands has the potential to impact you and your business. If you haven't already BBB strongly suggests you consider the following tips to improving the security of your mobile device:

1) Activate your mobile device's password lock. Be sure when your phone is not in use that it is locked down, only to be unlocked via the entering of a private password. Be sure to set the length of time your phone will stay unlocked before automatically locking itself. Five minutes of non use is often recommended

2) The longer and more creative your password - the better. On many mobile devices and smartphones you can set the number of characters that your password must contain, as well as the number of password entry attempts that are allowable before it erases itself.

3) There are a number of apps out there that allow you to use GPS to track and trace the location of your phone, as well as alert others that your phone is lost, or backup sensitive data that you typically store on your phone.

4) Do not use the web browser features on your smartphone that allow you to remember usernames and passwords when logging on and off various online accounts. And while at times it is convenient you probably also want to turn off the auto-fill text feature as well.

5) Securely store your passwords. If your smartphone does not already have a built-in password organizer in place, consider downloading an app that will help you in organizing and remembering all your other passwords so that you don't have to store them directly on you phone.