BBB Warns of Yellow Page Business

June 28, 2013

The Better Business Bureau of Utah is warning of a yellow page business contacting Utah businesses. According to a local business in Salt Lake City, Your Yellow Pages, located in Petersburg, Florida, is calling and representing themselves as the local yellow page directory company. 

“BBB encourages businesses to always ask for details in writing when any business is selling you a product or service,” says Jane Driggs, BBB of Utah president. “Don’t provide information or a payment if you do not have anything in writing. Thoroughly check out any organization that calls you, prior to agreeing to any purchase.”

Your Yellow Pages has an F rating with the BBB in Clearwater, Florida. More than 50 complaints have been received by the BBB, none of which have been resolved, nor have they even provided a response to the consumer.

The BBB urges consumers to be on the alert and make sure that all employees are aware of this type of offer and suggests that all such calls be routed to one person or group of employees.

BBB offers the following tips for businesses that receive Yellow Page telemarketing solicitations or invoices:

 Always ask for information in writing before agreeing to accept and pay for the product.

 Look over each bill closely before paying it. If you have a question about the legitimacy of your bill, contact your local Yellow Pages representative.

 Have all invoices go through one department and make sure they are cleared with the appropriate executives before they are paid.

 Bogus invoices are sometimes marked with the notice ‘This is Not a Bill.” They may also lack a phone number.

 Check the BBB Business Review on any business that has contacted you before signing anything or giving out any payments or information.

If you believe you have received a call, fax or mailing from a bogus Yellow Pages entity, 
file a complaint with BBB. You can also contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Federal Trade Commission or the Yellow Page Association.