Phone Mart Offers Low Prices with High Risk

June 24, 2008

The BBB is alerting consumers to beware of what seems to be a misleading website by a cell phone business, Phone Mart.  Their web site,, indicates that they carry the popular Apple iphone, as well as phones from Nokia, Samsung and other well-known cell phone manufacturers.  Under the FAQ’s the company indicates that they are located at 509 Harrison Street, Monroe, La., 71201, USA.


According to the City of Monroe, their records indicate no company at 509 Harrison Street in Monroe and no occupational license for Phone Mart at that location.  In fact, the BBB in Monroe, Louisiana, states that 509 Harrison Street is a vacant lot.  The company’s web site registration indicates they are out of Ghana, Africa.


“This web site has a lot of red flags.” states BBB of Utah president, Jane Driggs. “Not only does the company have a fake address, they don’t accept credit cards, and have suspiciously lower prices than most other retailers on name brand merchandise.”


BBB Tips for Shopping Online:



·         Check out a company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before choosing to do business with them.

·         Always write down or print out contact information for the company, prior to a purchase.  Information would include company name, physical address, mailing address(es), phone numbers and emails.  If you cannot find all this information you may want to reconsider doing business with the company.

·         Use a search engine to find comments about the company and consider these before doing business with a company.

·         Never use a debit card or your bank account number (bottom of your checks) to purchase online.  Use a credit card, so that you have security if the shipment is not received or if there are fraudulent charges.  Some credit cards will provide a special card to use online: ask your credit card company.

·         Comparison shop for prices of the items you are considering and for shipping charges.  Take this into consideration along with the BBB report, comments found online and other information

·         Read the full terms and conditions, privacy policy and any other polices before purchasing an item.  There may be extra charges added to your purchase, charges in the future, or privacy issues you should be aware of before you do business with a company.