Second Census Form?

April 07, 2010

Late last week I received a second census form at home. We’d been very diligent about filling out the first form and sending it in, so I was a bit concerned about receiving a second form. Upon making contact with the Census folks – I found out that in early April approximately 40 million households will receive the 10 question Census form for a SECOND TIME. Typically, areas that had a low response rate in 2000 will be targeted for the second mailing. This means that you might receive a second form even if you returned the first form already.

Didn’t know my area had a low response rate in 2000! We’re pretty high this year already (over 50%).

And just be aware - there have been reports of bogus census forms and phony employees making the rounds requesting Social Security Numbers in both Oklahoma and Alabama. As a reminder, the Census Bureau won’t ask for a Social Security number.