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BBB Accredited Business since 01/23/2012

Larsen Digital Services, Inc.

Phone: (801) 782-5155

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Customer Complaints Summary

2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints2

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (2)BBB Closure Definitions
01/12/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue

Complaint: quoted price of $36, they charged $53. legally they don't have to refund but ethically they misquoted me and should have known better.
Full price to digitize one small 8mm home movie film quoted as $36.12 but they billed me $52.91. Had I known they were going to use the most expensive FEDEX service I would have not used their service. I asked for a refund of the additional shipping charges and they refused.

When there was a discrepancy they should have at least contacted me. Hopefully they will quit offering services to people in the state of Hawaii because if they cannot get their act together in quoting shipping.

Perhaps they have the legal right to ship at the highest rated service but ethically I feel they stiffed me.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ******
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****

In response to the case number XXXXXXXX we would like to address the customer complaint.

We received the customers order on 12/19/11, the customer ordering the digital conversion of a 50 foot roll of 8mm movie film. Before shipping, the cost estimated on his order form was $22.45. Our order form allows customers to choose their method of return shipment. The customer chose Fed Ex 3 day air, which we estimated would cost $13.67. We estimated that the customer's total order would be $36.12 after shipping.

Our order form is not integrated with Fed Ex, and we are only able to estimate what the average order would be if shipped Fed Ex 3 day air with their particular quantity of movie film. We are unable to account for rural areas or specific destinations unreachable by Fed Ex. We explain this in our disclaimer that prints out along with the order form. This disclaimer was signed by the customer and is attached (doc 1).

When we prepared the customers order for shipment, due to his location in Hawaii, Fed Ex 3 day air was not offered by Fed Ex. Our options given to us by Fed Ex are listed below:

Overnight (1 day delivery): $69.11
2-Day Express: $30.46
Home Delivery (5 day delivery): $31.02

The customer claims that we chose the most expensive method of return shipment, when in reality we chose the least expensive method that Fed Ex offered for his location.

The customer claims that we should have shipped using the post office. The customer never asked that we ship his order through the post office. We state on our website that we ship using Fed Ex because they are the most reliable carrier, and when dealing with irreplaceable home movie films we can't take any risks. We do not openly offer return shipment through the Post Office because they have proven themselves to be an unreliable mail carrier. We have had many experiences where a customer has shipped their order to us using the Post Office and the order never arrives at our facility. The Post Office does not make any attempt to find lost packages; which we find concerning since the contents are irreplaceable. Had the customer asked that we use the Post Office we would have obliged, but we would have warned them that they are not as reliable as Fed Ex.

However, in light of how small the customers order actually was, we have chosen to refund the customers entire order $52.91. We expect that the customer will be satisfied and his concerns heard. We will amend our company policy so that anytime the estimated shipping differs from actual shipping by a certain percent we will notify the customer prior to shipment. We hope that this matter will be resolved peacefully and amicably.

****** ******

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I asked for a credit in the amount of the extra cost so find it rather odd behavior that they instead would refund the entire amount. I did not ask for it for free. Please pardon me for having a small order.

By the way I do not live in a rural area or specific destinations unreachable by Fed Ex. My package was indeed delivered by Fed Ex, but at a higher level of service than what they anticipated. When an entire U.S. state is in this category one would think that the company might take that into account. I am glad that they will change their process to check with customers when the actual shipping differs significantly from the estimated shipping.

09/28/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received

Complaint: This company is advertising to sell video slideshows from a customers 35mm slides. They have not provided the slideshow they advertise.
I have sucessfully purchased 2 slideshows from this company, both made from 35mm slides I mailed to them, numbered in sequence. These are slideshows I show to various nursing homes,and assisted living facilities. I previously showed these slides using a projector and screen but decided to have DVDs made to be seen on large TVs.On that basis I mailed XXX XXmm slides to them labeled "Flowers and Gardens of Europe 1984" and they acknowleded recipt via email, charging my credit card $196.26, their confirmation no. XID:XXXXXXXX dtd 8/23/12. I received the slideshow, horribly out of sequence and unuseable as presentation material. I spoke to ******** at ****** Digital and was assured they would send me another set that would be "perfect." I requested a refund of my money at that time and was told they would/could only refund the cost of the dvd disc..I think it was in the neighborhood of less than $10.00. She explained that the scanning was the expensive part of the process and again assured me they would send me another "slideshow." This "slideshowa" was received 8/31/12 and while there was no title page, as advertised, the disc appeared to be fine...until it stopped in the middle and said to go to "Disc 2." (there is no disc 2)After fiddling with the remote, I got "disc 2" started and watched the rest of the slideshow. I phoned ******** on 9/4/12 and stated how frustated, upset and angry I was. She ultimately offered a $36.97 refund...again for the dvd. I accepted her refund and she sent me an email 9/4/12 at 11:23:24 confirming the refund.She also said I had a data's out of sequence and I can't use it for anything other than to look at out of order pictures in my computer!
In the meantime I had received a computer generated message from ****** Digital thanking me for my order and asking me to respond via email to let them know what I thought of my experience with them. I responded via email 9/4/12 and said in view of my frustration with their company they should not have sent this request to me. I went on to say I would never use their company, would advise my friends not to use it, and they should stop selling slideshows since they can't deliver. I then received an email on 9/4/12 from **** *******, Customer Service, and she went to great lengths to tell me how to use my remote to get my slideshow to start showing without stopping in the middle.."it sounds like your DVD player is automatically starting the first part of your slideshow." (Duh!! Isn't this what DVD players do??)She was sorry I was frustrated but the effect was to indicate the problem is with my DVD player. I responded via email 9/4/12 to the effect that DVD players start a movie when a disc is inserted, and if this "movie" slideshow they sold me is not supposed to do this, then could she explain to me why the first 2 slideshows I purchased from ****** Digital started showing immediately upon insertion, including starting with a title page. Their records should reflect slideshows titled Noway 1986 and The Galapagos Islands. I told her I had accepted the small refund but was not finished with this matter and was in the process of contacting the BBB. I also said I thought they were playing the old, old game known as CYA. This completes my narrative about my problem with ****** Digital.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ******, President
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: *****

We believe that this complaint is frivilous and without merit in light of the fact that we offered to replace the slideshow or refund the cost of her slideshow and the customer elected to go with the refund and then promply filed this complaint.
****** ****** ordered two services from us on 8/27/2012. Refer to exhibit #1
Line item 1 is for the service of scanning and digitizing XXX XXmm slides. The total for this service was $147.04 which includes the DATA DVD that holds the 403 images. This does not include the shipping charge for returning the slides and discs.

Line item 2 is for the service of taking the 403 digital images and creating a DVD slideshow as described on our website at . Refer to exhibit #2. The total charge for the DVD slideshow was $36.97.
****** contacted us the first time and was extremely upset that the images were not in the sequence that she wanted them. We immediately reviewed her order and found that we had inadvertently placed her images in the slideshow in the incorrect sequence and we corrected the problem and sent her the replacement the following day.
Refer to exhibit #3 to see the actual startup menu for ******'s DVD
Upon receipt of her replacement disc she called the store and screamed at our employee so loud that we could hear her all over the office from the phones handset. Her complaint was that she shouldn't have to use the remote control for her DVD player to navigate to the ''Play All'' so that she could play the entire DVD. Her contention was and is that no other DVD movie requires that action. Her assertion that ''MGM type movies just start to play when inserted'' is blatantly false. Refer to exhibit #3 for a screenshot from a standard Hollywood produced DVD.
It was difficult to get a word in when ****** called but we tried for over 30 minutes to instruct her in how to navigate to the ''Play All'' button on her menu screen but she would have none of it. We finally offered to reduce the chapters from 2 to 1 so that ''Play All'' would be the default on her menu but she declined so we refunded her the full $36.97 in spite of the fact that we had delivered exactly what we had advertised and promised.
Shortly after receiving the refund for her slideshow ****** sent us a nasty email part of which read
''The refund I was finally able to obtain was a pittance. I had checked with the BBB and you already have 2 marks against'd better wise up. You scanned my slides beautifully but it was all down hill (sic) from there...and I have had to pay for a "slideshow" that is totally ridiculous. The scanning is NOT a slideshow so stop selling slideshows since you have great difficulty providing one''
We produce thousands of DVD slideshows each year and this is the first time that a customer has found it too difficult or too bothersome to navigate the menu of the DVD slideshow

By ******'s own admission the scanning of the slides were done ''beautifully''. We have already refunded her the amount that she paid for the slideshow and we consider this matter resolved.
In conclusion it should be noted that we did everything in our power to make this customer happy but we believe that it is an impossible task at this point. We always try to make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied and we attempt to achieve satisfactory results no matter how many attempts it takes.

****** Digital Services

Exhibits are included within the supplemental file upload.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have read and studied the ****** Digital rebuttal od 9/20/2012 and my response is that I find the 9 paragraphs to be a masterpiece of obfuscation, misleading and unnecessary information, but I will try to answer one subject at a time.
The first 3 paragraphs discuss, among other thigs, the way ALL DVDs are made at ******...that every single one has menus of one type or another, that "Play" must be hit to start the DVDs, and at the conclusion of the DVD, a menu page may or may not appear. I point out the final sentence of the second rebuttal paragraph - "That is how all our DVD SlideShows work." This sentence, and all similar and explanatory sentences in the entire rebuttal, describing and insisting on the same information, is a flat out untruth!!! Whether or not ****** will admit it or even knows, and if they don't know, someone should talk to whoever makes the dvds.I happen to know their contention about how their slideshows work is wrong because I happen to have 6 DVDs from ****** that do not work the way they say they do, and never did! The 6 are: 2 each of both Norway 1995 and The Galapagos Islands (that's 4), the first horribly out of sequence DVD of The Flowers & Gardens of Europe, (that's no. 5) and numbeer 6 is the DVD of The Flowers & Gardens that stopped in the middle with the disc 1, disc 2, play all, business that was the VERY FIRST TIME I had ever seen anything of this nature on any of the preceding DVDs. And ****** is the first and only company I have ever used to convert my 35mm slides to a video slideshow.
This is how my DVDs from ****** play: I insert them into the dvd player, a blue ball rotates on the tv screen loading the show, and then the first picture appears, then in 5 or 6 seconds (I've forgotten how long is programmed and don't care)the second picture shows, then the third and so on until the end of the disc.Then the screen remains dark until I remove the disc and click the tv back to tv viewing.
I am very sure my dvd player does not "respond differently", as implied in the third paragraph of the rebuttal. I am sure because I have made it a point to put these DVDs inseveral different tv/dvd player set-ups and they all work identically and "respond" the same as mine. It's pretty simple-if the menu stuff has been put as the first item on a dvd, it would show. If it doesn't show, I'd guess it had never been put there, and I certainly do not have the equipment or knowledge to redo these DVDs.I say this in anticipation of ****** asserting that I, or someone, did. Don't misunderstand: I'm not complaining about how they start and play. I actually prefer that - for my purposes I do not need nor want all this menu, jump point nonsense, Aside from the argument about titles, I was satisfied once my pictures showed in sequence until number 6 stopped in the middle. Which brings me to the first paragraph of the ****** rebuttal...
My question to ****** is: what has made it your business how long I view a slideshow? Why can't you just say you boo-booed instead of trying to justify your actions by saying you wanted to make my viewing easier? My slideshows often last much longer than the 48 minutes that concerned you since the elderly ladies I show this dvd to often want to talk about the lovely flowers, and believe it or not - I do know how to use the "pause" button on the player remote. So forget THAT stupid excuse. and let's get off this business about the chapter/jump points. On the Video DVD SlideShow order blank there is a block where you check if you want chapter/jump points at $0.50/ea. Since I left it blank, why are you talking about jump points?
Now about Titles. On the order blank is a block labeled Main Menu Title. This also appears on the website ****** suggests I go to (been there, done that a long time ago).On the website the Main Menu Title block says "if you have a title for your entire project let us know". There is also an area called Title Slides that says a title will appear at the beginning of each jump point. I didn't assign any jump points but ****** did - where is the title? I had typed my titles in the blank on the order form block labeled Main Menu Title. I simply cannot understand the big deal about providing me all this stuff and titles "at no cost", There wouldn't have been any cost for the titles anyway. And I really don't care anymore, because now I want to discuss DVD number 7, the one mentioned in the last paragraph of the ****** rebuttal...the DVD that presumably will show how well ****** has worked to satisfy a customer, and again, done at no cost.
I received the DVD 9/24/2012 and prepared to watch it. I turned on the tv, the dvd player, inserted the disc and waited for the blue "loading" ball to finish rotating and the show to start. I waited, and waited, and then waited some more. Then I sat here absolutely dumbfounded that this company has had the absolute gall to send me a dvd that WILL NOT LOAD!!! Either in my player or three others. I have now had more than enough of ****** Digital.
This is now addressed to the BBB. I wish to take this complaint to arbitration and I am more than willing to pay the $75 fee to do so. My main purpose is to try to ensure that ****** Digital receives the black mark (or whatever it's called) against them in the BBB records they so rightly deserve, in my opinion...I hardly think they would agree as they will find another bunch of excuses and hope they work. If I need to specify what I would accept to close this matter, I now want ALL of my money refunded, since I think this may be the only way to reach this company. I'd love to ask for double the amount for the irritation of having to read all the garbage and innuendos. However, I will accept the balance of $155.70. The original order was $192.26 including postage (why should I pay for an incorrect item)less the sum of $36.97 already refunded. I am a customer who has 7 ****** DVDs, only 2 of which are useable as presentation material - meaning with a title, and I had to use DVD no, 6 because my presentation of the Flowers & Gardens on 9/21/2012 had been scheduled since mid-August. And yes, when the dvd stopped in the middle, I "navigated the menu" and proceeded with the rest of the slideshow. But - it should not have stopped in the middle.
I need to know how to proceed, what I need to do and how to forward the fee to the BBB. This concludes my comments on the ****** rebuttal dated 9/20/2012.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.

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Videotape, CD, & DVD Duplication & Transfer Services, Document Imaging & Scanning Service, Photo Imaging Service

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BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.