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Legally Mine, LLC

Phone: (800) 375-2453

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Customer Complaints Summary

35 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 11 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service32
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints35

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Complaint Resolution Log (35)BBB Closure Definitions
10/03/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Delayed completion of service

Complaint: Company never completed their service that they offered. Will not return phone calls or emails.
I purchased this product in March of 2012 at a presentation the company made at a local dental society meeting. They were supposed to form several "entities" for me to help protect my assets and to save on taxes. They told me all entities would be created within 30 days and that I would save at least $5000 in taxes for the year. If neither of these were true they would give me a full refund. I received a call from them the following week to get my info and setup everything. Several weeks passed before hearing from them again. I called and emailed several times to find out what was going on. They would reply that they were "still working on it". I asked for a refund 2 days before my first 30 days were up from **** **** one of their employees. He assured me that if we just gave them a little more time I would be happy with everything and I can still receive a refund if I was 100% satisfied. Several more months passed and nothing happened. I finally received an email from them in Novemvber of 2012 saying my documents were complete. I never received a call from anyone saying how to use the documents or what they actually did for me. There was a link to an online account that showed some documents for corporations they made in my name but I have no idea what I was supposed to do with them or if they are even in fact real corporations. I never was able to talk to their tax attorney who was supposed to save me thousands of dollars per year. I have called and left messages and emailed several times asking for my refund but no one ever calls back. This is a big time scam.

Initial Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******, President
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
Unfortunately this customer appears to be somewhat misinformed on multiple points he made in his complaint. We have worked hard for this customer. We have returned phone calls and email communication, and are somewhat at a loss as to the nature of this complaint. We will attempt to shed some light on the situation.

4/5/12 - Mr. ******* purchased on April 5th 2012 (not March of 2012) at a local Dental meeting in Wisconsin.

4/9/12 - Mr. *******'s order was received the following Monday (due to the speakers travel arrangements) and our company initiated immediate contact via both email and phone - welcoming Mr. *******, and attempting to get the process started for him.

4/11/12 - After two days, Mr. ******* sent our office his completed questionnaire. We had expedited his account, and by the next day we had sent Mr. ******* an electronic copy of his Blueprint - outlining the plan we wished to implement for him. Over the next several days we attempted to schedule a review of the Blueprint with the customer.

4/18/12 - We were finally able to conduct the Blueprint Review mapping out and explaining his asset protection needs and the tools to be used to execute the plan. After consulting with Mr. ******* he approved the work moving forward on his behalf. We requested Mr. ******* sign a Registered Agent Agreement (RAA) - giving us written permission to create these entities on his behalf. Mr. ******* was also asked to provide names he would like for his entities - since this is required by all states when filing entities.

4/26/12 - It took Mr. ******* over a week to sign and send back his RAA. His signed Registered Agent Agreement allowed us to finally move forward on his behalf. However, we had not yet received any names for the creation and filing of the entities. Mr. ******* was reminded of this.

4/27/12 - After being reminded, Mr. ******* communicated to our company the entity names he had chosen for his plan - and our company was fully able to begin creating the entities immediately.

Up to this point Mr.******* had waited on our company 2 whole business days - and our company had waited on Mr. ******* 13 business days. We had multiple phone conversations and email communications getting to this point. To say that after the initial welcome call he didn't hear from us for weeks is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts.

Regarding the execution of Mr. *******'s plan - these entities are used for protection of assets against lawsuits, as well as for reducing taxes. The workings of which were explained to Mr. ******* during his Blueprint review. To state that he has no idea what the entities are for - is also a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. Not only does he have a visual representation that outlines what each entity was for - but he had an entire conversation to explain what these were for - and how they worked.

Unfortunately Mr. ******* is also misinformed as to the timeframe that it takes to complete this in depth process. Since Alaska (where at least one of Mr. *******'s entities has been created) takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to get approval (owing to the specialized nature of the documents). Since all of his other entities were hinged on the Alaskan entity - they could not be completed until the Alaskan entity was approved. There is no way we would have told him or anyone else that the entire program would or COULD be completed in 30 days. Unfortunately, people sometimes hear what they want to hear - and that can cloud their memory. However Mr. ******* is correct that we offer a Tax-Savings Money-Back Guarantee. This guarantee stipulates that the asset protection/tax reduction plan be fully in place for one whole year in order to qualify. There are other requirements that also need to be met to verify the legitimacy of the claim against the guarantee - which Mr. ******* has not even attempted to share with us.

According to the timeline above, Mr. ******* has a poor memory related to the events that have transpired.

When the process of creating and filing of the entities began, several calls were made to update Mr. ******* as to his account status. When phone contact was not successful - emails were sent to keep him informed of his progress. Over the next few months, this became the established pattern for communicating with Mr. ******* - but we always sent communication to him regarding his account. We also made multiple requests that went unanswered.

7/4/12 - Mr. *******'s review period and ability to request a refund expired - without any requests for a refund having been made.

8/3/12 - Mr. ******* sent communication with some questions and account status. We emailed back and answered his questions - and also gave another account status. With Mr. ******** communication we were able to again request him to sign IRS and other paperwork that was needed from him.

8/15/12 - All Utah and Alaska entities completed and filed. Still needed IRS and other paperwork.

8/24/12 - A phone consultation was conducted by our customer service department with Mr. *******. A reminder was made about the IRS and other documents still needing to be signed and sent in.

9/26/12 - Another email was sent reminding the customer that we needed the paperwork he had not yet completed and sent to us - in order to finalize his account.

10/3/12 - Our company finally received the needed documents. Proper IRS filings were made - and the operating agreements were able to have their work started.

11/30/12 - All entity documents were completed and sent to Mr. *******.
Multiple follow up attempts were made to make sure the customer was satisfied and that there were no other questions. Communication was not able to be established. and this conversation was not able to happen - due to the customer being unavailable by phone. (his receptionist said it was due to him leaving for multiple weeks on vacation) we emailed him (and told the receptionist about the email) and waited to hear back from him - there was no response and we considered the account completed.

Our company has continued to operate as a registered agent for all of Mr. *******'s entities - but when we sent him reminders to pay his state filing fees we received emails stating that he wanted his money back.

Not only have we continued to act as his registered agent, but this has opened more of an investigation into this case and we have found that Mr. ******* is delinquent on over $700.00 in the 2012 Premium Plus program, and delinquent on $310.00 of RAA fees.

This customer has received all that he has paid for - owes our company money - and just this week called and made extortion threats against our company.

We see this complaint as fraudulent, and a serious breach of trust. We will be pursuing all legal avenues to correct any injustice. We consider this matter with the BBB closed.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have attached my response. Attached is the original response from Legally Mine, with my responses to them in red.

Final Business Response
We have attached our response. Attached is the original response from our company, the rebuttal from the customer in RED, with our most recent responses to them in Blue.

09/13/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Unauthorized changes to the contract or agreement

Complaint: Tried to cancel contract and company will not resolve. I agreed to $100 charge on AMEX and they placed $5100 charge $5000 on second contract
I heard the owner give a lecture on 3/26/2013 and signed two agreements one was for the legally mine premium maintenance package for $100 per month which included a three day cancellation policy I filled out my AMEX info on this page and agreed to this $100 charge for 12 months
I was given a second form for the premium asset protection package which was to be put in place after my business was evaluated. I assumed incorrectly that this had the same cancellation policy as the other that I had just filled out and I found out the next day that it did not. However I did not have a price listed on my copy and I did not place my AMEX information on this anywhere and did not agree to pay by this card
They charged my AMEX $5100 and I only authorized $100 and I cancelled that contract the next day and i was informed by **** the next day when i tried to cancel both packages that the one was not cancellable. I advised him that I did not put CC info on this and there was no amount filled in for the package and he said that he would have to talk to the owner the next day and see the hard copies of the contracts. I keep calling and am trying to get a refund on my card and he keeps telling me that he will get back with me which he never does. I have received no goods or services and cancelled the agreements the next day
I would like a refund of $5100 to be applied to my AMEX card $100 to cancel the contract that I did authorize the charge on and $5000 extra that was charged but not authorized
I can fax agreements to you if it will help get this resolved
Thank You

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******, President
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
Unfortunately our understanding of what transpired is a little different. Mr. **** agreed to the services he signed for and gave his card to be charged for the amounts he was charged - his card did not process properly the night he handed his card over for charge - and asked that it be charged the next day. which we did. We have tried to make arrangements with Mr. **** - but he has already filed a chargeback with his credit card company - which means the resolution is out of our hands - and will now be decided by his credit card company - the funds have already been deducted from our account, and pending their decision will be credited to Mr. **** - or back to us. We await their decision.

Consumer's Final Response
I called legally mine because I was charged three times $100 each time on April 26, 2013 May 26,2013 and June 7, 2013. This was for a year long contract at $100/ month. This contract was cancellable for three days and was signed on April 26 and cancelled the next day by phone with Mr. **** ****** I called Mr. ***** to see why I was getting charged this as I had cancelled this contract and he said the president had told him to wait to cancel until the chargeback of $5000 was resolved. This should have been cancelled immediately and they should not continue to charge me this monthly charge. Mr. ***** said he would look into it and get back with me which he once again has not. I left another message with him and he still has not returned my call to give me an answer. The other previous dispute with this claim they said they could not resolve my issue because I went to AMEX with an inquiry first.
I am allowing them to resolve this issue and refund my $300 and cancel any remaining charges and they will not answer my calls. I will go through AMEX to get it cancelled but last time they said that I took it out of there hands.
I am allowing them to follow through and refund my money as they should have done in April and they should have not charged me in May or June.
I am asking that they refund my $300 immediately and not charge me anymore monthly charges and then I will consider this resolved

Business' Final Response
It appears that we have an understanding that both our company and Dr. **** assert conflicting claims as to the transpired events - so now we are continuing back and forth on issues that are irrelevant until the AMEX issue is resolved.

However, our company accepts Dr. ****'s suggested resolution that "If he exhausts all of his AMEX options including an appeal, if he loses his first appeal, then he would be open to the BBB's offer for arbitration."

We view this as an acceptable resolution and are happy to act on it when the time comes.

07/05/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services

Complaint: Despite contacting people at legally mine many times, I still do not have documents that are usable. I paid $2000 in Sept 2011 and want a full refund
Legal documents were promised and much time elapsed in between phone conversations and emails. People who were supposed to be servicing me did not respond to phone calls or emails. I am so thoroughly disgusted with this organization I do not feel I can trust them with proper legal representation, which includes drawing up a will and establishing LLCs. People named in the will they drew up were wrongly identified.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******, President
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
Our representatives have placed and received dozens of calls to and from Ms. ********, and have also sent and received dozens of emails trying to help her accomplish the goals she had for simple estate planning and asset protection.

There have been delays on both sides of the fence. But regarding the compiled trust documents sent to the customer for review, we have not received any corrections to be made. We are aware of the request for changes to be made - but have been given no direction as to what those changes need to be.

When this customer called in requesting to cancel the service (5/9/13) this triggered a stop-work request on anything currently being performed on behalf of Ms. ******** - we had already sent the trust documents, as well as having just received approval from the State of Ohio for the legal entity she requested we created and filed for her. We were in process of compiling the remaining supplementary documents to send along, but due to her cancellation request not being resolved - this paperwork has been halted until we know how we are to proceed.

However, despite these hiccups, this customer has received from our office:
Estate Planning Documents including -
A specialized Advanced Healthcare Directive
A Last Will & Testamant
A Living Will
A Springing Durable Power of Attorney with Detailed Powers for ********* ** ********
And A Living Trust
Asset Protection Documents, including -
Filed Specialized Legal Entity for a Family Limited Partnership in the State of Ohio (containing unique and specialized non-pro rata verbage giving the owner greater control over assets)

These Documents and the work that went into them would not be cheap were they to be purchased through a law firm specializing in the areas we do. The standard cost for a bare bones living trust is $3,500 alone. A properly drafted family limited partnership ranges from $5,000-$7,500. Ms. ******** has paid for both of her specialized legal documents for merely $2,000 (saving her at least $8,500-$11,000).

As soon as we receive the corrections from Ms. ******** we can get that corrected for her. Also as soon as we get the authorization to continue work on her account, we can send her the remaining (already state-filed) documents for her FLP.

We look forward to being able to accommodate Ms. ******** in this manner.

06/20/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit

Complaint: Failure of company to provide promised refund.
While attending a recent business conference in Altanta, GA, I attending a seminar by Mr. ******, the CEO of Legally Mine. This company specializes in asset protection. Mr. ****** gave a very impressive and informative presentation. I signed up for his service immediately following the presentation including full payment for future services. After discussing my actions with my significant other, I was strongly encouraged to seek a refund and cancel the aforementioned agreement with the company. I contacted the business and received a phone call from Mr. ****** shortly afterwards. I described my situation in detail to him. He promised via phone a full refund of the money that I had already given the company. It has now been almost one month since this incident. It has been very difficult to contact anyone at Legally Mine. I finally received a phone call from the company promising resolution of the matter but nothing has been done. I have been unable to directly contact Mr. ****** via email or phone.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******, President
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
While Mr. ******* was authorized to receive a refund (after signing a contract agreeing to all sales final) he has not followed the instructions to complete the refund process. Mr. ******* was instructed to send back the product and materials he received at the conference he has referenced. This has not yet been done - and the process has been stalled because of it. Our company stands by the decision to refund Mr. ******* when the process for doing so has been completed. We hope to see the returned materials and product soon so that we may fulfill our end of the agreement.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The materials that were requested by **** at Legally Mine were sent and received according to phone conversation with Dave at Legally Mine on 6/20/2013. We have been told that a full refund is forthcoming now that the complete materials have been received by Legally Mine.

06/19/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue

Complaint: Will not refund fee
Paid $5100 on 3/8/13 to hire Legally Mine to create several legal entities. Received "blueprint" describing the entities along with an itemized list of "entity establishment costs" on 3/14/13. The costs are $1000 each for an LLC, FLP, and 2 cells; $1000 was for estate planning documents. Over the next few weeks, I undertook an intense study of the Legally Mine "blueprint" with associated entities. Their email to which the blueprint was attached stated:"This email does not constitute personal legal or tax advice. For personal legal or tax advice, please consult your licensed personal attorney or personal accountant." At length, I concluded that the blueprint and entities as outlined by Legally Mine is not appropriate for my situation. On 4/22/13 I sent an email requesting a refund, minus a reasonable consultation fee. I recognize that they put in some time with emails and phone calls, and I believe that they should be paid a reasonable sum for that. Yet, the next day, Mr. **** said that he will not refund my money. I then sent a certified letter overnight to Mr. **** requesting a refund and again recognizing that Legally Mine should be paid something for their time. I have heard nothing back from them in just under a month after that letter was received. I called the credit card company to see if they could get a refund. That has been in process for some weeks now. The Legally Mine up-front fee includes payment for their work and payment of fees to Utah and Texas to create the entities. Legally Mine is keeping money that they would have paid to Utah and Texas as fees to create the entities. And, they are keeping "document creation fees" for documents that were never created. The entities were never created, so the fees to Texas and Utah were never paid. I believe it is dishonest for Legally Mine to retain money that is earmarked for creating entities yet the entities were never created. In my line of work, being paid for something I did not do is called fraud. It is completely reasonable that I get a refund. Mr. ***** said that my request date is past the refund arrangement in the contract. But, I have never signed a contract and sent it back to Legally Mine. They sent me a registered agent agreement, but I did not sign it and send it back. In any case, taking a few weeks to comprehend how a trust and 4 legal entities will alter my finances is reasonable. I was told over the phone by their attorney that it is not a problem to unwind the entities: just don't pay the annual fee and the entities disappear. Yet, two Texas trust attorneys told me that unwinding a trust and entities is expensive and can be time-consuming. I did not want to have to create the entities and trust to figure out how to administer them afterwards; I figured it out beforehand. But, I could not figure this out until I knew exactly what Legally Mine was recommending. My request for refund is reasonable and appropriate.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******, President
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
While our company strives to make sure all of our customers are satisfied, there are instances where a customer feels that they need to go outside appropriate channels to try to force our us into an unequal resolution to a situation like this.

In our investigation of the timeline regarding Mr. ****** and our company we have found the following:

3/6/13 - Mr. ****** Attended an association meeting in Texas, where he was taught about lawsuit prevention strategies - and introduced to our company. Mr. ****** declined to sign up for any services at this event.

3/08/13 - Mr. ****** contacted Legally Mine to pursue services he had learned about previously. According to the 2008 FTC Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, sales conducted over the phone are subject to the agreements entered into over the phone. Informed consent was given by Mr. ****** related to the products and associated services he would be receiving. He was informed that the transaction would be all sales final. He agreed - and gave payment method and authorization. He was also sent a copy of the contracts for his further review and reference. He could have decided then to not allow the transaction to take place - which he did not. He continued to take full advantage of the transaction he authorized.

3/11/13 - Work on Mr. ******'s account was initiated and communication with Mr. ****** for his account progress began.

3/12/13 - Legally Mine paralegals called and scheduled an appointment for information to be gathered - set for the 14th of March.

3/14/13 - Questionnaire appointment conducted by paralegal - information passed to company attorney for work in drafting and creating a customized business entity structure and tax reduction strategy - included was preliminary work related to estate planning. A rush was requested on this account from the client.

3/15/13 - Attorney finished initial Blueprint. Senior Legal Consultant reviewed and approved the Blueprint. Paralegal assigned to this account made sure the document was delivered to Mr. ******.

3/18/13 - Paralegal received follow up questions from Mr. ******. Research by one of our specialized attorneys was conducted for specific questions for Mr. ******. Answers were delivered to Mr. ******. Additional follow up questions were received - and subsequently answered.

3/20/13 - Mr. ****** sent more questions and received more answers, via email, related to his account and the work being performed on his behalf.

3/22/13 - Mr. ****** received one-on-one consultation from company attorney. In depth discussions were had related to tax saving options through the use of various legal entities and appropriate tax codes. Arrangements were made to speak with another company attorney to answer some questions and start helping Mr. ****** in the development of his documents.

3/26/13 - Additional follow up for Mr. ****** working with attorney.

3/28/13 - Mr. ****** gave his (email) written consent for continued work on his behalf - our company requested the Registered Agent Agreement that would allow us to create documents on his behalf (not a required document if the customer did not want to take advantage of the free service of Legally Mine creating the documents on his behalf).

3/29/13 - Mr. ****** called in with additional questions. A company paralegal was able to answer all of his questions. Multiple additional calls were made from Mr. ****** with questions regarding the Registered Agent Agreement. One of the calls was taken directly by one of the attorneys working on his account. Answers were given to all of the questions asked by Mr. ******.


4/12/13 - Paralegal called Mr. ****** to follow up on the requested Registered Agent Agreement.

4/16/13 - Mr. ****** sent another string of questions to one of our paralegals, who forwarded the questions to one of the account attorneys. The attorney responded to the question from Mr. ******. Additional questions were sent directly to the attorney - who responded accordingly.

4/23/13 - Mr. ****** sent an email requesting to cancel the account. The assigned paralegal sent this response:

"Dr. ******,

I received your request to cancel your services with our company. Unfortunately this request is outside of the return policy on your contract and so we will not be able to refund at this time.

I would strongly recommend using the program as purchased but if you choose not to that is your decision.

There are also some significant tax savings associated with this program that could easily account for the investment. If you have questions on these savings please feel free to contact your entity specialist who will direct you to the person that can help you in our office."

4/29/13 - Our office received a letter from Mr. ****** indicating his desire for a refund. Since we had already sent him a written response we felt that was sufficient. We waited to hear back regarding his Registered Agent Agreement so that we could move forward with his account.


5/21/13 - Our company received notification that Mr. ****** had filed a chargeback with his credit card company - violating his purchase agreement in which he agreed to binding arbitration regarding ANY disputes with the contract.

5/23/13 - Our company was notified of a BBB complaint filed by Mr. ****** regarding the matter.

Mr. ******'s opening sentence should read, "Making me honor my commitments and contracts."

Mr. ****** purchased a product (access codes to our library of proprietary legal documents) with accompanying services. He received a major portion of that service (which he has had ample time to share with competing companies, or his own personal financial advisors who might have already put in place using our proprietary documents).

Mr. ****** verbally agreed to two contracts, one for a year contract with Premium Plus ($1,200) and another for the access code and the associated service for entity creation ($5,000). These contracts (verbally agreed to) are legally binding.

Mr. ****** has fraudulently filed a chargeback against our company, which has placed a financial burden on us with our merchant account. Since they have debited our account and are sitting on these funds due to this fraudulent action, we are preparing legal actions against this customer. All legal recourses to remedy the damage Mr. ****** has induced by his wrongful actions will be taken. We will also be filing for collections, which will be negatively affecting Mr. ******'s credit reporting, if unpaid.

This complaint is also fraudulent due to the work that has been performed on behalf of this customer.

We are however willing to adhere to Mr. ******'s desired resolution by taking the reasonable fee for the work that was performed. For use of our paralegals and attorneys outside of our standard policy of procedure and billing, our company charges hourly fees compensatory with the level of expertise and specialty that they have in their fields. The hourly rate for working with our paralegals (including email communication, phone conversations, consultations, phone transfers, phone messages, transcriptions, note taking, data entry, and other work conducted on behalf of customers) is $275/hour (with the use of software licensing purchased and used on behalf of customers). The hourly rate for working with our attorneys (including email communication, phone conversations, consultations, phone transfers, phone messages, transcriptions, note taking, data entry, and other work conducted on behalf of customers) is $775/hour (with the use of software licensing purchased and used on behalf of customers).

Our records indicate that Mr. ****** used our paralegals for a total of 8.5 hours of email communication, phone conversations, consultations, phone transfers, phone messages, transcriptions, note taking, and data entry on his behalf. The total amount for this work outside our normal billing procedure is $2,337.50.

Our records also indicate that Mr. ****** used our attorneys for a total of 4.5 hours of email communication, phone conversations, consultations, phone transfers, phone messages, transcriptions, note taking, and data entry on his behalf. The total amount for this work outside our normal billing procedure is $3,487.50.

The A La Carte charge for the Blueprint document that was received and reviewed by Mr. ****** has a flat fee attached if not purchased with one of our other programs (i.e. Premium Plus) of $2,000.00.

This brings our reasonable fee for the work performed on behalf of Mr. ****** to $7,825.00.

Mr. ****** can remit the remainder of his payments to our company within the standard 30 day bil

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05/13/2014Problems with Product / Service

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