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Ivory Homes Ltd

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Customer Complaints Summary

14 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 7 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues3
Guarantee / Warranty Issues5
Problems with Product / Service6
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints14

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (14)BBB Closure Definitions
09/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Service Complaint Issue

Complaint: My complaint is regarding non delivery of coupon for sod,warranty for floor,delayed closing date, and omitting rate info, and HOA fees.
1.- The day we contacted an Ivory home sales consultant and decided to purchase an Ivory home, we were promised we would get the sod for our house. We would just have to install it. We never got the sod. We contacted them to ask them when we would get the sod and they said we would get a coupon in the mail, but we never did. We just learned from some of our neighbors that they received their coupons for the sod on their closing day.

2.- Unlike our neighbors, we did not get our warranty binder until we closed on the house when we should have receive it earlier.

3.- We set up a closing date for December 8, 2012. They promised we would get our house before Christmas, however we did not close on the house until January 25, 2013. Almost, a two month delay.

4. The floor on our master bedroom is creaking. We contacted them so that they would fix it. They did three attempts to fix it. The warranty department told us that they would come as many time as we request until they creaking noise would disappear because the warranty is one year. However, we submitted a fourth request for them to come to fix the floor and we were informed that they were closing the case and would not do any more attempts to fix the floor. Now, we have a brand new home with a creaking floor.

When we decided to purchase the house and told the sales consultant for ivory homes our credit scores. He said based on our credit scores we would get a 3.5 rate. He also stated that if we got our credit scores higher, we could get a lower rate. He did not inform us that the rates can go up and down and we end up having to take my husband off the loan so that we would get a good rate since they were saying that the rate we were going to get was 4%. But, that was not what we were told initially.

6. We have been paying on HOA fee of $30 since feb. 2013, however as of now 6-16-13 there no play grounds and there is no grass in common areas. All there is dirt. we are paying for a service that we are not able to use.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: *** *********, Customer Care Manager
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
Dear Better Business Bureau:

We will address those items where our customer indicated a desired resolution.

Sod: A sod information card is given to homebuyers at closing, not a coupon for sod. This card provides information on who the buyer should contact to get the sod ordered and delivered. If this customer would have contacted Ivory Homes, we would have provided them with this information. We will not reimburse for any sod purchased.

HOA fees: Wanderwood Cove is a high density single family project. We were timing the installation of the common area space when most of the heavy equipment used during construction was off the site. Plans to work on the common area are underway. The funds that homeowners pay go into the HOA account (not to Ivory Homes) to be used for future HOA expenses.

Creaking floor: The following email was sent to this customer on May 30, 2013 @ 9:39 a.m. "Thank you for your email regarding some noise associated with the duct work in your home. In the Ivory Homes limited warranty book, which governs warranty work, section 2.2.13, number 3 it states, "ductwork noisy - when mental ducts heat and cool, some noise will result. Expansion and contraction of building materials will also cause "oil canning" noise. It is not possible to completely eliminate these sounds". Builders responsibility is to make reasonable efforts to reduce these noises. Air Design has been to your home and has made reasonable efforts to reduce this noise. We now consider this issue closed."

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Sod. We would like to get the sod promised to us by the Ivory Homes' sales agent. We will no longer ask for a reimbursement. We just want the sod promised by Ivory Homes.

Noise in the floor of the master bedroom. We would like someone to come check our floor. The HVAC company Ivory Homes recommends can come to our house on August 27th anytime from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Once the sod has been delivered and someone from HVAC has come to check our master bedroom floor, we would be happy to drop the BBB complaint.

Business' Final Response
We are happy to still honor your sod certificate. You can contact Sure Gro Turf Farms directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX and they will make arrangements with you for sod delivery. Just give them your lot and subdivision information when you call.

We have set up an appointment with the HVAC Company for Tuesday, August 27 between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

09/03/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior repair

Complaint: Window leaks
Window leaks - We have been having leak since we moved in (Jan 2011). It is on the window in the living room. It gets so bad that the water damaged our baseboards and flooring at one point and also started to leak in the basement. They "attempted" to fix it !!!4 times!!! already but it is still leaking. Every time they take the stucco apart and redo it they do bad patching and now our both upstairs and downstairs windows look like they have stains around them. You can see it from far away that it was patched up - we did not buy our house looking like that! We are asking them to fix the window once again. They need to take apart the whole wall to be able to properly identify and fix the issue but they keep just doing little patches and window keeps leaking. Every time it rains long enough we have to collect water, put towels and stay up at night so it doesn't cause more damage to our house. The home was built in 2010 so it has been leaking since then. I am afraid we might have mold by now. It has been really frustrating to deal with them. **** the warranty person has been nice but that doesn't solve our problem and the crew just can't fix it and it is taking them very long time to just come out and work on it once case submitted. It is costing us time and vacation hours from work to come home when they work on it.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: *** *********, Customer Care Manager
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
August 2, 2013

We have been and are in contact with this homeowner regarding this window leak. We are looking at the step flashing on the roof presently and will stay in contact with this buyer.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you!
Hopefully it fill fix the issue permanently.

Business' Final Response
We will be removing the stucco off the back wall of this town home. A Typar/Tyvek stucco wrap system will be installed, and then stucco will be reinstalled.

04/24/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices

Complaint: Ivory sold us a home with mold and then later refused to fix the source of the water and compensate us for loss in market value due to mold stigma.
In August 2011, Ivory sold us a new home that had been flooded prior to our purchase and failed to inform us of the flooding. Less than 60 days after moving into our home, the basement flooded with rain water from the outside window well. Ivory promptly came to our aide and pumped water from our basement. Within hours of the flooding, Ivory began pulling out drywall that had been water soaked. We discovered black mold growing all over the studs, drywall, and finish work. Since the time that had elapsed between this flood and the discovery of the mold was mere hours, it was obvious the mold came from a prior flooding. We had never experienced a prior flooding in the two months we had been living in the home, so we knew (and Ivory admitted) that the flooding had happened prior to our moving into the unit. Months passed, and Ivory promised to fix the source of the flooding. No permanent fix ever came -- just a weak sump pump that failed twice. I spent many hours pulling water from the window well with a 5-gallon bucket between October 2011 and the present day. In September 2012, only days after the one-year warranty expired on our house, Ivory sent us a letter saying that it would no longer fix the problem. For the first time, I threatened legal action and Ivory immediately put me in touch with its attorney at ****** ********* For 90 days until December 2012, Ivory continued to deny my request to fix the window well. Only recently, in the past week, has Ivory finally offered to fix the window well, certify the mold remediation, and create a warranty. It still will not compensate us for the potential mold stigma associated with our home, which may cause devaluation of the home upon resale. Worse, however, is that Ivory holds the note to the home and Ivory has threatened to foreclose on our home on April 1 if we do not refinance. Despite 750+ credit scores and 6-figure incomes, it does not appear we can get financing because the underwriters do not want to lend on a house that has severe a problem as flooding. In essence, Ivory sold us a home and didn't disclose a material defect. It refused for months to fix the defect and only after prolonged negotiations with Ivory's attorney did Ivory finally relent. Still worse, Ivory is threatening to ruin our credit and foreclose in an effort to get a cheap settlement from us. We cannot refinance because of the very defect that Ivory created and has failed to fix.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: Ivory Homes
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
**** ******* filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on February 22, 2013, complaining of black mold; the devaluation of his home based on "potential mold stigma;" the inability to get financing on his home because "underwriters do not want to lend on a house that has severe a problem as flooding;" and, that Ivory is "threatening to ruin his credit," concluding that he cannot refinance because of the "defect that Ivory created and has failed to fix."

Mr. ******* informed Ivory of flooding in his basement on October 3, 2011. Ivory immediately responded and, at its expense, cleaned up the water, repaired the damage, remediated a small amount of mold, and installed a sump pump in his window well on a dedicated line. All work was complete on October 18, 2011. Mr. *******'s basement has not flooded since.

On January 21, 2012, Mr. ******* informed Ivory that his window well was filling with water from a storm event. Ivory immediately responded and re-trenched the drain lines from the window well sump to a depth where they would not freeze. To Ivory's knowledge, Mr. *******'s window well has not filled with water since.

On August 20, 2012, Mr. ******* complained to Ivory that while he has not experienced any flooding in his basement or window well, the flooding issue was still open. A heavy storm occurred on September 2, 2012 and, as a courtesy, Ivory inspected Mr. *******'s window well. There was no flooding. Ivory therefore informed Mr. ******* that Ivory's obligations under his Ivory Home Warranty had been satisfied.

On October 23, 2012, Mr. ******* began his threats of suit for breach of contract, fraud and unfair and deceptive business practices," coupled with a threat to make "aware the appropriate authorities and the public of Ivory's deception . . ." in his campaign to have Ivory provide his services beyond his warranty and pay him money damages.

Since then and beginning on December 14, 2012, Ivory has made six offers, each offering services beyond that required under its Ivory Home Warranty and thrice gave him the option of finally resolving his concerns about refinancing his home.

In response, Mr. *******'s threats and counter-offers have continually increased in virulence and amount.

While Mr. ******* complains that his home has black mold "growing all over the studs, drywall, and finish work," and a "severe" flooding problem, after the events of October 2011, Mr. ******* had his unfinished basement finished at a reported cost to him personally of $20,000. For this work, Mr. ******* pulled a permit for the basement finish on November 2, 2011 and received a final inspection on February 4, 2013.

Provided this matter can be resolved by March 31, 2013, Ivory stands on its February 26, 2013 offer of two remedial options to Mr. *******.

Consumer's Final Response
There are two issues at hand in this case. The first is the flooding and mold that Ivory knew about before we moved into our home. The second is the repair of the flooding defect under the warranty.

Ivory's position is that it will make the repairs that it is required to make under the warranty if we waive our legal rights to the flooding and mold. In my response, I said I would be willing to accept their offer to make the warranty repairs as long as I am not required to waive my rights with respect to the mold and flooding that Ivory knew about before we moved in. This is a middle ground. Please take this compromise back to Ivory.

Business' Final Response
Ivory Homes, Ltd. ("Ivory") responds to Mr. *******'s complaint as follows:

Undone Drywall Work. Mr. ******* complains that Ivory left work undone when it cleaned up his basement after some flooding in October of 2011. As Mr. ******* was soon to have drywall work done for his basement finish, Ivory agreed to reimburse Mr. ******* for the minor drywall work stemming from the October 2011 clean up. He includes invoices for $196.29 in his rebuttal for drywall patching performed "under stairs and in stair hallway." In addition to paying for the cost of repair and clean-up, Ivory reimbursed Mr. ******* $259.41 for damage to his basement (including the $196.29 for drywall) at which time it understood that he had been fully compensated for damage caused by the flooding.

Scope of Ivory Home Warranty. Mr. ******* incorrectly protests that the services which Ivory has offered in settlement are not services beyond those required under his Ivory Home Warranty (IHW). In the first year, the IHW provides that an owner experiencing ground settlement around the foundation will be reimbursed for the cost of having one load of dirt brought to the home. The IHW does not require a soils inspection and remediation of problems uncovered by that inspection. See IHW ¶ 2.2.2. The IHW also provides that Ivory will be responsible in the first year from closing for grading lots to avoid water flowing from neighboring property or water flowing into a homeowner's basement. Specifically it provides "actual leakage of water (actual flowing and accumulation) into the basement will be corrected using methods as are necessary to stop the flow of water." This warranty extends for the first year. See IHW ¶ 2.2.3.

Mr. *******'s IHW does not require Ivory to (1) have a mold expert inspect the home and certify levels of mold spores; (2) to perform mold remediation; (3) to provide additional ten-year warranties against basement and window well flooding and related damages; (4) or, to pay a homeowner cash for alleged damages.

Mr. ******* contends that certain items are "structural" and therefore fit within the IHW ten year warranty coverage. The IHW defines what warranted structural components are: including rafters and trusses, joists, load bearing walls, load bearing columns, load bearing lintels, load bearing beams, foundation walls and footings, and the failure of the major structural components of the house which affect its load bearing function to the degree that the home is no longer safe for the occupants. Items expressly not "structural" for purposes of the IHW's ten-year warranty include wall petitions and drywall. See IHW ¶ 2.4.

Mr. *******'s IHW expressly excludes from coverage loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by flood, wind driven water, surface water, overflow of a body of water..... and health risk due to the presence of mold. See 1.7.25 and 26.

As Mr. ******* purchased his home in August of 2011, any components and repairs required under the one year coverage of his IHW have long since expired. With the exception of the remaining two year coverage of plumbing and mechanical, and the ten year coverage of structural components under his IHW, Ivory has no further warranty obligation to Mr. *******. Every item of Ivory's offer and much of the work it has already performed for Mr. ******* to date exceeds Ivory's current obligation under its IHW.

Miscellaneous Claims. While Mr. ******* states that he experiences continuous water accumulation on his foundation wall and severe settling of his home, he has not provided Ivory any information that there has been any flooding since its October 2011 repair or that the home itself has settled.

Settlement Waiver. Mr. ******* protests Ivory's request that he sign a waiver and non-disclosure in exchange for Ivory performing the offered terms. Waivers, releases and non-disclosure provisions are common terms of settlement agreements and are used generally in the industry. There is nothing untoward or "bullying" in Ivory's request that it be given a release, waiver and covenant of confidentiality in exchange for the items of work and payments offered in settlement of Mr. *******'s claims.

Legal Involvement. Finally, Mr. ******* protests Ivory introducing its attorneys into the process. Such occurred as a matter of company policy only after Mr. ******* threatened Ivory Homes and its principles with suit.

02/25/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint: To Whom it may concern:I have decided not to invest any more time or effort in this home buying process with ****** Homes. I have absolutely no confidence in ****** ******** and ****** Homes and their ability to deliver a quality product in a timely manner for an affordable price. There was initial confusion over an additional $15,000.00 that ****** Homes wanted to charge me for some upgrades. The conflicting information provided by the design center and the realtor is the biggest factor I am walking away. The realtor had one timeframe in mind and the design center had a different timeframe in mind for getting decisions made and documents signed and when I inquired about the discrepancy, instead of them coming together on a combined timeframe and united front they just pointed the finger at each other and blamed the other party. The lack of customer focus by the design center is appalling. I felt like I was being sold a used a car. The numbers game they were playing was confusing and unnecessary. I asked the design center representative very specifically about why we have all this confusion and I was told in no uncertain terms that the process they have is geared toward their vendors and not their customers. Very specifically the spreadsheet with the costs for the upgrades. If I am going to spend 200,000.00+ on a townhouse- that focus needs to be changed to me, the customer not to your vendors. Regardless of the circumstances, it needs to be easy to read, easy to understand, and to the point. The cost for adding an additional shower head in master bathroom at $4066.00. Really? When I asked for clarification on the price I was told no I couldn't have it because I would be able to figure out what the contractors markup was. Look- I'm not against people making a profit on what they sale and their labor, but I am fair and I believe I know what a fair markup is. 400% is not a fair markup. When ****** ******** sent me the documentation to sign and get back to him for the additions/upgrades, there was no detail, no summary. Just a dollar figure. Do people really sign blank documents? When ****** ******** started asking about getting the shower head decision made I told him that I hadn't received the cost quote yet. He actually had the nerve to tell me that he sent it by email and I missed it. Essentially blaming the lack of communication on me. Is that what you call customer service? Even if I did miss it- Is that what you teach your Realtors? Blame the customer? When I finally did get the revised documentation to sign I was out of town, and completely unavailable. I told him I wouldn't be available before I left and he chose to wait to get the detail into the documentation then blamed me for not getting it back to him. Thats when I decided to walk away from this process with ****** Homes. I am new to the Salt Lake City area and the lack of customer service and the willingness of the business's in the area to put the customer first is puzzling. I have had another experience where the employees at Shrivers on 3300 South were rude and would never say thank you when I purchased a meal from there. So I complained to the management via email and I never received a response. Now when I drive by there and there is no one in the drive thru, I think to myself that they could have had ten dollars from me if they only had a sense customer service and appreciated me as a customer. I meet many people in my day to day travels and I make no secret I am new to the area. The one thing people ask me is how I like Salt Lake City. I plan on telling everyone the bad experience I have had and how unfairly I have been treated by ****** Homes. How your processes are confusing and not customer oriented, how your sales force blames the customer and how your design center left me feeling like I was buying a car from a used car salesman.
Product_Or_Service: Home
Order_Number: ************

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** Homes
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

On October 24, 2012, Mr. ****** ****** submitted an offer on lot************************** East subdivision. The offer received and accepted was substantially lower than the asking price. Mr. ****** was given an opportunity to approve pre-selected colors and options in the unit and his deposit was refundable until November 2, 2012. We recently received an email from Mr. ****** relator stating "I will remove the complaint as a condition of refund of the $1,000.00 earnest money. Thank you, ******". It appears that the buyer had second thoughts on purchasing the unit after the November 2, 2012 deadline had passed and filed this complaint in an attempt to have his non-refundable deposit returned.

Consumer's Final Response
I am sending you this email trail in response to the update that ****** Homes submitted to my BBB complaint XXXXXXXX. I will use your website as the official mechanism to respond to their claim but I wanted to show you that there business practices are as I have said.

07/01/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues
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09/05/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation did not disclose complete pricing information

Complaint: Overcharged on the sales price of a house.
On July 3, 2012 we purchased a house from Ivory Homes. For the 5 weeks prior to this date, I had been requesting a complete set of change orders and amendments. I was not given a set until we sat down to sign the papers for the house. When I objected to the calculations, our salesperson **** ****** said he saw the miscalculation, and that it would be best to sign the papers and Ivory would cut a check for $983 within 2 weeks. **** ***** (Ivory Homes mortgage person agreed to this). **** stated that if we did not do it that way, then we would have to wait for 5 days to have the papers re-drawn up and for the holiday weekend to pass. As we were living in a motel, we felt extreme pressure to take his advice, and had no reason to believe that he was being dishonest.

The disputed item is a charge for a refund on concrete that was deleted. On the spreadsheet, it is clear that there are 2 separate charges for this exact item.

We have never received payment for this. **** ****** has indicated that the sales manager **** ****** would be able to credit us with landscaping materials that would equal that amount. **** repeatedly said that he would talk with ****. After months of being given the run around, we emailed **** ******. He states that he cannot figure it out either.

He told us to refer back to **** ******* **** told us to Refer to **** ******. I am requesting a solution to this problem.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: *** *********, Customer Care Manager
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
I have outlined the change orders or amendments which are involved in the driveway extension which cost $983.00

April 17, 2012, change order #4 - extend driveway to 12" off property line $983.00 was added to the price of the home

April 25, 2012, amendment #3 - agent to pay $983.00, $983.00 was taken off the price of the home

April 30, 2012, amendment #4 - eliminate extended driveway concrete $983.00 taken off the price of the home

April 30, 2012 change order #6 - eliminate extended driveway concrete $983.00 taken off the price of the home

May 7, 2012 amendment #5 - credit for extended driveway concrete given twice $983.00 added to the price of the home

May 23, 2012 amendment #6 - credit for extended driveway concrete given twice $983.00 added to price of home.

The extended driveway concrete was not added to the home. By the above calculations, $983.00 was added three times to the home and taken off three times. This makes these charges a wash. There is no money due the buyer.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My realtor **** *****, my wife, and myself were assured by both **** ******* **** ***** ( Ivory Employees) that there was an error and that Ivory would issue a check for $983. As Ivory employees, they stated that I would be paid $983 to fix this. I never agreed to be defrauded out of $983.

Business' Final Response
Please refer to our response dated August 16, 2013.

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