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Doug Smith Autoplex, Inc.

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Customer Complaints Summary

3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (3)BBB Closure Definitions
12/28/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

****** ****** sold us a lemon. Engine blew. We asked them to give us an estimate. Service Manager got hostile, verbally aggressive, and threatening.
We purchased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee in July of 2011 from Salesman, *** ****** at ****** ****** Autoplex in American Fork, Utah. They got us a loan and promised to fix a sensor (low spare tire pressure)and a seat in the car. After driving the car a few days the check engine light came on. I took the vehicle to ****** ****** and asked them to fix the sensor, seat, and check the check engine light. The Service Tech, ******, told me that he would not fix the seat or the sensor because we didn't have it in our contract. He checked the computer code on the check engine light and it said that a cylinder was misfiring. I asked him if they could fix the cylinder since we just bought the car and he said no and that it would cost us $1500.00. We didn't have the money since we had just put all we had down on the car and so I asked if this was a big problem. ****** told me no and that it would be fine until we had to renew and do safety and admissions. I don't know how they passed the car through safety and admissions in the first place with the check engine light, the sensor, and the windows being limosine tint. I left the dealership very unhappy. Less then a year later, my husband noticed white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. He took the jeep to Saratoga Tire in Saratoga Springs, UT and they said we needed a new Motor, Radiator, and Head and quoted us a price of $4400.00. We decided to just replace the head and hope that would work. Unfortunetly, it didn't work and the tech told us that the motor was in really bad shape for only being a 2005. He said the Cylinder had blown and warped the block so bad it had to be replaced. He said that it should have never been sold to us like that. I called ****** ****** and explained what had happened and they said to bring it in. My husband brought them our Jeep and told them to hook it up to the computer and tell us what they thought. We didn't want them taking the motor apart because we had already replaced the head and didn't want to undue what we already paid for unless we had to. We just wanted them to give us their opinion and quote us a price and/or fix it for us at no cost since they sold us a bad car. Once again ****** was our Service Tech and he told my husband that it was just a piston and quoted us a price of $300, but he also wanted to look into it further. ****** never told my husband what he planned to do. ****** dissembled our motor and then quoted us a price of $8000 for a new one. We were angry when we found out he took the motor apart because we never gave them the ok. ****** was extremely rude to my husband and they had a verbal confrontation on the phone. My husband called me and asked that I call and discuss the matter with the Manager. I called and spoke to ******, the Service Manager. He said his Tech would have never taken the motor apart without permission. I told them we disagreed. He said that we would have to pay $430.00 to get our car back. My husband and I were pretty angry. I found out that my coworker is the Son in law to ****** ****** (Owner of ****** ****** Auto) and he gave me his cell phone number. I called ****** and explained the situation. He said he would help. He loaned us a rental car. They said they would replace the engine for $6600. We didn't have the money to fix the engine nor the $430 to get our car back. My husband asked to use the rental longer until we could figure something out and ****** said it was ok and also told me he would take care of the $430. He said it was "the least he could do". We had the rental car for 21 days while we tried with no luck to come up with the money. We had another mechanic quote us a price of $3000. My husband, his parents, and brother in laws went to tow the jeep out of ****** ****** and ****** demanded the $430. My husband explained that ****** would cover the cost. ****** then got into my husbands face, called him a liar, threatened him, and told him to leave. After a verbal confrontation between ****** ****** and my Mother in Law, ****** agreed to pay the $430.

Desired Settlement
Our car has now been broken down for 5 months. It still has no engine. We are still having to make a monthly car payment on a car that does not work. All we are asking for is a replacement of the engine or compensation to replace the engine with another mechanic.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: *** ****** Service Director
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: *****

Customer purchased Jeep July 18, 2011 with 74,525 miles on it. Jeep returned to our Service Department November 14, 2011 @ 80,383 miles for a free oil change only. We have no other documented visits of this Jeep until November 17, 2012 with 90,554 miles now on vehicle for the check engine light being on. 16 months and 16,029 miles between purchase and this most recent visit to Service. Customer was offered a service contract/extended warranty at the time of purchase. It was declined by customer at that time. Dealership provided free loaner vehicle to customer for 21 days while decision was being made regarding the service visit. Rental would have been about $735.00 @ $35.00 per day. ******* approved tear down of motor to ***, our Service Advisor, to determine all of the needed repairs, $400.00 diagnostic/tear down. Original quote of $8,000 was given to replace with a OEM engine. **** ****** asked for a discount for customer and was granted a quote for the customer of $6,600, $1,400 less than the original quote for a factory motor with a 100,000 mile warranty that comes with it. Used engines are most often less money because of the useage and the unknown. Customer showed up to get vehicle and said they were not going to pay the diagnostic/tear down fee. The family spoke with **** and was confrontational at our place of business on a busy day. **** ****** personally paid the diagnostic fee. ******* was called and told to pick up the Jeep. With the amount of time and mileage in between the purchase and the vehicle troubles reported to the dealership, we are unable to provide any further assistance.

Business' Final Response
Vehicle actually came September 22, 2012 not November 17, 2012. The November date is when that repair order closed. That makes the amount of time from purchase and the service visit 14 months instead of the 16 months previously provided. The 16,029 miles between is accurate.

09/14/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I took my Kia in for service because my car wouldn't start. Dealer charged me $451.56 and car stopped working shortly after. Unwilling to compensate.
I took my 2005 Kia Spectra in for a repair because it wouldn't start. The dealer diagnosed the problem saying that it needed an 02 sensor so they replaced it. Replacing the 02 sensor had no effect on the actual problem with the car. 5 days later they said they found a short in the wires and did some repair and I paid $451.56 for the service and drove the car home.

Less than a month later the car wouldn't start again with the same exact symptoms as the first breakdown. I took it into another Kia service center and was told that I needed to replace several parts of the electrical system in order to repair the problem. I was informed that the previous service done by Kia of American Fork was purely corrective and didn't do anything to fix the problem and that's why car broke down this time.

I called Kia of American Fork letting them know that the work they had done on the car lasted a total of 30 days and actually led to more damage to the car because more wires had been fried in addition to the 02 Sensor plug.

Kia of American Fork was unwilling to refund my money even though they hadn't fixed the problem at all. I paid them for an 02 sensor which cost over $451.56 and the 02 sensor was fine. They did nothing to fix the root of the problem and were unwilling to refund me for their lack of proper diagnosis and repair when more problems resulted from them never fixing the root of the problem.

Desired Settlement
I'm seeking full reimbursement of the invoice amount charged. I want $451.56 in full sent to me as a settlement amount. I'm satisfied with the experience if they provide me a full refund but I'm unsatisfied if I have to pay any amount whatsoever.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** *****
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****

On 6/16/12 the 2005 Kia Spectra was brought to us with the customer concern;
The engine ****** not start, cranks but ****** not turn over, keeps popping the 10 amp ECU fuse under the dash.

The technician found that there was a dead short in the load side of the ECU fuse. Disconnected the ECU and found the short still there. Traced the wiring harness to engine campartment and located chaffed wires in the engine harness. found that the harness was missing harness hangers, indicating that someone had been working with this harness in the past. Repaired the wiring harness and secured the wiring harness.

This was the cause of the no start condition.

While doing diagnostics on the vehicle it was found that there were diagnostic trouble codes P0032 and P2626 in the ECU also.
P0032 is for the front O2 sensor heater circuit high input (bank 1 sensor 1)
P2626 is linear HO2S pumping current trim circuit/open (bank 1 sensor 1)
These two trouble codes show that there is a problem with the O2 sensor in bank 1 sensor 1 and that is why the O2 sensor was sold to the customer and replaced. There were 2 different concerns found with this vehicle when the diagnostics were done; 1st the no start problem which was traced to the chaffed wiring found in the engine wiring harness and 2nd a bad O2 sensor that was creating an emissions concern. We repaired the concerns that were present at the time that this vehicle was in our service department.

Yes we corrected the concern of the engine not starting, we could not see any future issues with the wiring harness at that time. We did do corrective repairs with the O2 sensor that, if left unrepaired would have resulted in future problems.

The repairs that we preformed were diagnosed and preformed in the proper manner as would have been done by any repair facility. These repairs were sold to the customer after the diagnostics were done, before the repairs were completed. They agreed to the repairs. We do not see a need to reimburse this customer to cover the costs for the concerns that they are now having with with their vehicle.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
These mechanics were unthorough and there were problems with the car that were covered up by patching a wire. We took the car to another dealer a couple weeks later and they were appauled this Utah dealership did not see that the problems went deeper. They were not new problems. There were wiring problems that had been there for some time and worsened after ****** ******'s mechanics did an unthorough job. The o2 sensor was already in poor condition 2 weeks later and we were advised by our Califonria dealership that we already needed a new sensor 2 weeks later. The sensor was the result of a problem ****** ****** did not find and this is why I would like a refund. I would not recommend this Autoplex to any Kia owner. It took them a week to tell me they'd patched a wire(which got the car running) and replaced an 02 sensor. It was very expensive to pay for a hotel while waiting for this car to be fixed and the fact that the problems went deeper than this dealer realized after they'd looked at it for a week is unexcusable. I would like a refund. Thank you.

Business' Final Response
As stated, the work that we did on this car was work that was needed. The short in the wiring harness was caused because the wiring harness was not secured, indicating that someone else had worked on this car in that area in the past. The repairs were completed and the car was functioning correctly at that time. The O2 sensor was replaced because diagnostics showed that the sensor was failing and would cause other problems with the car if not replaced. We treated this customer with fairness and honesty in the repairs that we did. We cannot forsee future failures that have not yet happened. We certainly feel bad that this customer has experienced more concerns but we do not believe that we caused any problems with the repairs that we did.

04/12/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I have 2 warranty's on my Subaru. Major engine failure requires new block. D ******/Subaru refuses to cover unless I produce all oil change records.
Before I get to the complaint, I would like to offer a quick current real-life analogy that applies in this case. I needed an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan of my left leg this week, with the cost resulting to approximately $2,000. My insurance company did not need any pre-authorization, it was all fine, and they are paying xxx percent. Now imagine if something completely different transpired. What if the Insurance company said "no, we are not paying anything, you have to pay for it all unless you can prove for the last 2 years with records, you have been taking Vitamins." It is extremely unlikely that Vitamins had anything to do with a stress fracture, but I am swindled out of my money unless I either come up with the records that ****** satisfy them or fight them on their denial.
That is nearly my exact position with ****** ****** Subaru. I am not unfamiliar to fighting when companies do bad things. I had a cement contractor try to make off with $2500 of my deposit and not do any work. I was highlighted on a television news episode of "Get Gephardt" and I got the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing involved. I prevailed in that incident.
I have a 2010 Subaru Forester, with approximately 44k miles on it. I had picked up my 10 year old son from school, was getting on the freeway onramp and accelerating to 65 mph with the engine revolutions between 4-5,000 (it is an automatic). All of the sudden a clicking sound started - not too loud, but noticeable. I got off the next ramp, and examined the engine. Nothing unusual could be seen, nothing leaking, nothing loose, no engine lights, no warning lights, nothing. I proceeded home, but the noise got much worse by arrival. I didn't want to drive it further, so it was my idea to have AAA tow it to ****** ****** Subaru, where I had purchased the vehicle. At the time of purchase, I was strongly encouraged to also get the extended warranty for 6 years/100,000 miles, which I did at rather substantial cost. I was told 2 days ago by the service department at ****** ******, that "bad things" had happened inside the engine, it was broken rod, I would need a "new block," and Subaru was not going to pay unless I could produce all oil change records since I purchased the vehicle(!) They said they had no oil change records, so I would need to produce those. I said "wait a minute, I had the oil changed a lot by other people, but I know for a fact you guys changed it once as I had a coupon for it. " They said "hold for a minute," then they came back to the phone "oh yeah, we found that one, and we also saw that you had a sticker on your windshield from last year, but we need more than that." Unless I can prove that I had my oil changed 4-6 months ago and then back to the beginning of my vehicle most likely, they are going to refuse to pay anything. I have had it changed in Seattle, changed in Sacramento, and here in Utah and I am scrambling to find records. This is outrageous, absurd, and smacks of what can be seen in some legal defense firms - deny everything, and assert reasons no matter how farfetched, ridiculous, unlikely, or impossible.
I have started networking to the people I know. Everybody I have talked to is stunned and shocked. I work with someone who was an auto mechanic for 20 years (they are in computers now) who said that is just ridiculous - demanding oil change records and citing that as an excuse for a rod breaking. Since I have purchased the vehicle, never has even one engine warning light come on. It only has 44k miles on it. No check-engine, no oil, no temperature, nothing. I checked all fluid levels usually once a month, and also before going on any trip. This vehicle is not some turbo-charged teenage car that is abused. I am nearly 55 years old, this is a station wagon, and I had my 10 year old son in the car. I have owned and maintained dozens of cars in my lifetime, and this is absolutely crazy.

Desired Settlement
Their refusal to pay unless I produce enough oil change records to satisfy them is outrageous and absurd. Already, 10 people at the firm I work at wanted to know specifically what I drove and who the dealership was. One, a medical Physician, summed it up best after I told him, said and I quote "good to know, I ****** never be going there." I am looking into if 3M (where I have been employed for decades), who is a huge major sponsor of NASCAR (Greg Biffle's car was 3rd in the Daytona 500 a couple of days ago) and of automobile manufacturing, has any indirect ties to the companies represented at ****** ******. I ****** see if I can lodge a formal complaint with the 3M Corporate Auto division. I have already, 3 relatives who have been taking their vehicles there, that upon hearing my story are furious and ready to blacklist. I have had 2 volunteers, who are offering potential legal services. Every single person I have talked to is outraged and tell me to fight this.
This is actually the second vehicle that I have purchased at ****** ******. I also had purchased a Ram Truck, that worked flawless for years until I sold it. Until this happened I was a loyal and repeating customer. This needs intervention and resolution.

I want them to honor at least one of the two warranty's (one I purchased at my personal cost for over almost 2 thousand). Presently they refuse to pay anything unless I produce the oil change records I had done all over the western US. That is ridiculous.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ************ Service Manager
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****

****** ****** Subaru is not refusing to cover the warranty on this 2010 Forester. The warranties are made by Subaru of America, Inc. This customer also has a service contract that is issued by Zurich of North America. The warranty made by Subaru of America (SOA) is the warranty in question by this owner. On most major failures, SOA asks to see the maintenance records of the vehicle. In the Subaru Warranty and Maintenance Booklet, which is part of the owners manuals supplied with every new vehicle, Subaru writes; "Your Maintenance Resposibilities
It is your responsibility to have all scheduled inspection and maintenance services performed at the times and mileagees recommended at the back of this Booklet and to retain proof that inspection and maintenance services are performed when recommended. You are responsible for checking such items as fluid levels and tire pressures regularly." SOA further writes;
"What is Not Covered (Subaru Limitied Warranties)
Damage or Malfunctions Due to Lack of Maintenance or Failure to Follow Instructions
Thes warranties do not cover any part which malfunctions, fails or is damaged due to failure to follow the operating instructions set forth in the Owner's Maunal or a failure to follow the Schedule of Recommended Inspection and Maintenance Services set forth in this Booklet."

When this Forester was towed into ****** ****** Service Department, it was determined that there was a major engine failure and that we would need to provide service records to Subaru of America to get authorization for warranty of this repair. ****** ****** Subaru had serviced this vehicle 1 time, Jan. 20, 2010 at XXXXX miles. The current service sticker on the windshield of the vehicle shows that it was serviced 2/18/2011 and that the next oil change is due at XXXXX miles, the vehicle now has XXXXX miles. Because these are the only 2 records that were available to us, we have asked the owners to provide us with their service records so that we can give them to Subaru of America. In accordance with the policies outlined in the Owners Manual, Subaru cannot honor warranty repairs without service records. These owners have been asked for their service records not because ****** ****** Subaru is denying warranty for this vehicle but because Subaru of America requires us to provide them as a condition to warranty this repair.

On February 24, 2012 at 5:45 pm the owner authorized ****** ****** Subaru to do the repairs to his vehicle, stating that if the warranty on his vehicle was not going to pay for the repairs then he would. So far the owner has been unable or unwilling to provide any records for us to give to Subaru of America.

Consumer's Final Response
I have never refused to either give ****** ****** service records, nor refused their offer to help. I simply stated their offer was totally pointless and useless. I had already exhausted every avenue possible and couldn't find the two service facilities I was seeking. I spent at least 4 hours on the phone calling every listed facility in the out of state areas. Do they think I would not have already done this? What would they do, call them again?
I was never suggesting nor stating that ****** ****** should attempt to break Subaru established policies. Where did I say they should do that?
Subaru can do whatever unethical but legal thing they want. What I did want was ****** ****** to at least contribute 1/2 of the repair cost as a good ****** gesture, since I CAN document a lot of what service was done, and I have purchased two brand new vehicles from them. ****** ****** is passing the total cost of parts and labor on to me. I have now talked to 6 active auto repair mechanics, and not one sides with either Subaru nor the hard line ****** ****** is taking.
I dropped off to ****** ****** Subaru earlier this morning, my detailed records of what service I had done myself, as well as records proof that I had purchased 3 CASES of oil over that past 2 years from Costco, to accomplish what I had detailed. As one auto mechanic said, most warranties honor service records done by either the owner or 3rd parties, as outlined in the Right to Repair Act. The only thing I am missing is 2 of the 13 times service was done, because those were done out of state when I was on vacation.
I did speak with two different Attorneys. As one put it (and you can verify this) he was "rather surprised at the hard line taken by Subaru and ****** ******."

I have now been without my vehicle for one month. Not only do I have car rental expenses, but my life was turned upside down. I have now personally talked to probably 50 people, I have never exaggerated what transpired nor misrepresented any of the facts to them, and not one single person is not absolutely shocked. Nevertheless, as the Attorney I spoke to said, Subaru and ****** ****** can take the hard line position they are taking, and even ignore my submission of my own records that he suggested that I do. With that, it would be a long and hard court battle.

So, if my latest submission to Subaru and ****** ****** is rejected out of hand which I expect it probably ****** be, I can either spend months in court fighting or accept that I lost this one. It goes without saying that I don't have the deep resources that Corporations would have, so I guess I would lose this one. To put it this way in closing, my wife's Visiting Teacher was at our home last night. Her and her husband recently just finished off completely paying for their house, and next month were going to pay cash for a new car. Upon hearing our experience, she said she definitely would be looking to buy her new vehicle elsewhere.

****** ******

Business' Final Response
****** ****** Subaru service department is here to help owners with their maintenance and repair needs of their vehicles. We are willing to assist owners in any way we can. The warranty on the vehicle is made by Subaru of America, not by ****** ******. We must follow the policies and the procedures as set by SOA. SOA is only asking for records to show that the owner has maintained their vehicle. The oil change sticker that was on the windshield indicates that the oil was changed on 2/18/2011 and that the next service is due at XXXXX miles. The records that we have for this vehicle are the reciept for that oil change and the one that was preformed here at ****** ****** Subaru on 1/20/2010 at XXXXX miles. We ****** be happy to assist the owner in obtaining the other records if he ****** tell us when and where he had the services done. Once we can obtain those records we can submit them to SOA. Again, ****** ****** Subaru is here to help the owner in any way that we can.

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