Loan Scam out of India Makes its Way to Lubbock


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BBB of the South Plains located in Lubbock, Texas has been alerted to another email scam seeking to have monies wire transferred through Western Union for loan funds in amounts up to $2500.

One savvy consumer out of Pennsylvania received an email stating her loan had been approved and in order to get the monies transferred to her, she was required to wire $80 to Linda Weinstein in Lubbock, Texas.  The loan company, Reliance Cash Investment, a/k/a Reliance Consumer Finance, a/k/a Reliance Capital Ltd., a/k/a Reliance Commercial Finance is out of Mumbai, India.

When questioned by the consumer about the loan that she was totally unaware about, they sent her information that they had been in business since 1983 and a "Better Business Bureau member since 1994" and attached the certificate of membership.  The company's address on the certificate was listed as 3333 66th St., Lubbock, TX  79413 - the BBB's actual address!

  • This company is not and has never been affiliated with BBB | South Plains
  • The membership certificate was forged with BBB's address for the company as well as another BBB CEO's signature was used
  • The company wants monies wired to them
  • The company is using an unknown third party for the wire transfers

BBB | South Plains advises EXTREME CAUTION in doing business with Reliance Cash Investment as this is a scam of the highest order.


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