Dry Tech Systems Sending Random Mailings to Area


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Dry Tech Systems Sending Random Mailings to Area
Company has F rating with BBB

As of September 15, 2011, BBB is receiving inquiries regarding a mailing being sent by this company to our service area consumers offering a business opportunity in the carpet cleaning industry.

While the BBB review for this company states that there is a one-time start-up fee of $2,750, the mailing being sent to this area talks about providing a business opportunity where one can obtain a “finder’s fee” for doing work for the company. In the case of the current mailing to our area, the company is asking $149 for an “instruction booklet.” The business plan is purportedly offered with a "no-risk money-back guarantee," touting earnings claims of $500 a day.

Complainants allege misrepresentation concerning projected income claims. People complain they are unable to generate anywhere near the amount of income claim in the company's advertising.

Other customers complain the company fails to honor their money back guarantee, or that guarantees are deceptively worded or are not clearly disclosed at the time of purchase. A few customers complain the company failed to ship ordered supplies, or the company fails to return calls or email messages when attempting to contact them.

Most complainants request refunds. The company responds to some complaints by denying responsibility for the customer, claiming they are unable to locate the customer in their database. In other cases, the company advises complainants they are not eligible for refunds due to the timeframes outlined in their agreements. In a few cases the company issued refunds or partial refunds.

BBB review here:

If you have an unresolved issue concerning this company we advise you to file a complaint with BBB at: www.bbb.org  

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