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Door-To-Door Security System Sales Leave Customers Feeling Anything But Safe


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BBB has fielded nearly 40 calls over the past week regarding door-to-door salespeople selling, upgrading, or 'checking on' residential alarm systems. Six different business names and/or affiliations have been reported: Stryke Alarm, LLC, Vision Security, Pinnacle Security, LLC, Honeywell, GE Securities, and Devcon Security.

One customer reported that the salesperson used high-pressure tactics to gain access into the home and deceived with a 'free' offer that come with a $300 installation fee and 60 month service contract.

Upon investigation, some of the companies mentioned have acquired the necessary licensing and registration to sell door-to-door in our area. BBB cautions though that representatives are not always truthful and may use well known, legitimate company names in order to gain your trust. Per our investigation, we believe this is the case in Spokane.

If you encounter a door-to-door salesperson, BBB offers the following tips to stay safe and confident:

  • Always think safety first. If you’re home alone and don’t recognize the person, don’t open the door. If they are a legitimate company, they will leave a brochure or business card.
  • Be aware that because you have a security sign or other type of sign in your yard, you could be a target for this type of unethical selling practices.
  • Always, always check with your own security company, or other company, first. You can even ask the sales representative to wait outside while you do. If they are telling the truth, why would they mind waiting?
  • Scare tactics may not work on everyone but they can on our senior citizens and others who have no one to turn to for advice. If you believe this type of business practice is happening in your neighborhood, please call the police and let them know. At least there will be a record on file.
  • Tell your Neighborhood Watch if there is one established. BBB can come out and speak to your group on this matter and other scams to advise you of the red flags to be aware of.
  • Finally, if there will be any changes to your service you will be contacted by your company. You won’t hear this information from someone who knocks at your door, and especially someone who tries to scare you. Try and remember the name of the company the person is representing and file a complaint with BBB. Trust and truth in the marketplace is all of our responsibility.

If you have any questions about door-to-door sales or scams, call our BBB at 509-455-4200. If you have been solicited and feel like your safety has been compromised, call Spokane Crime Check (509) 456-2233.

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