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Don’t Wait for the Post-Holiday Remorse; Develop a Financial Roadmap Today


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Arlington, Va., September 14, 2006 -- Signs of an economic slowdown are mounting and the holiday season will soon be upon us, a time when many people spend more money than they intended. The Better Business Bureau advises consumers to take the initiative now to develop a working budget to guide them through the holidays and beyond.

"According to recent economic indicators, more consumers are taking second and third job to make ends meet, the cost of borrowing money is rising and the ranks of uninsured are growing. Families that have in place effective financial roadmaps will be better equipped to navigate through economic challenges as they may arise," said Steve Cole, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB).

To help guide those who need assistance in improving their spending and savings habits, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) system today released BBBTips™ on How to Develop a Working Budget. The new resource is available online at www.bbb.org/tips/clearpoint for easy access by consumers who want to improve their financial situation.

Included are practical tips for consumers to help assess their monthly income sources and set spending targets for their fixed, variable and periodic expenses. Consumers can learn what steps they should take if their expenses are greater than their income, and find out how best to pursue short-term and long-term financial goals when they are in a position to set aside savings.

The new educational resource is sponsored by ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.™, a System-wide member of the Better Business Bureau. This is the newest release in a series of BBBTips™ articles that include BBBTips™ on Choosing a Credit Counseling Agency, BBBTips™ on Understanding Your Credit Report and BBBTips™ for Consumers Considering Bankruptcy.

"A realistic household budget is the key to positive financial health. We join with the BBB to educate consumers on how to develop a personal spending plan that will help them achieve their financial goals," said Dan Oelrich, president and CEO of ClearPoint.

CBBB's president praised the BBBTips™ credit education partnership for "permitting our two organizations to help more people achieve financial wellness through education."

The BBBTips™ program supplements other helpful information provided by Better Business Bureaus to promote an ethical marketplace. In 2005, BBBs in the United States and Canada provided nearly 90 million instances of service to consumers and businesses."

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About ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.

ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.™ (formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Services of America, Inc.) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers achieve financial wellness through counseling and education. Established in 1980, ClearPoint has helped over one million individuals achieve financial security. ClearPoint is the only non-profit System-wide member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and one of the largest members of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, ClearPoint manages branches across the country. Personalized and confidential consultations are available in person, by phone or online. Visit ClearPoint Financial Solutions at www.ClearPointFinancialSolutions.org or call 877-877-1995. Credit Counselors, CDC Consumer Debt Counseling, and Solutions, Inc. are all trade names of ClearPoint.


BBBTips™ is a trademark of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (CBBB) used for information provided to assist consumers and businesses in making informed and intelligent decisions. BBBTips™ are developed in partnership with the Better Business Bureau Consumer Education Foundation, Inc. and made possible, in part, through the generous financial and technical support provided by corporate sponsors that are members of the CBBB and of the Better Business Bureau where the sponsor is headquartered. As a matter of policy, the CBBB and Better Business Bureaus do not endorse any product, service or company.

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