Beware of Traveling Driveway Pavers


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clip art of a man laying asphaltYour Better Business Bureau has received a report from a local couple that were approached by two men at their home in Pueblo offering to pave their driveway. The couple reportedly told the men they did not want the work done.

When the couple returned to their home the next day after being out, the driveway had been paved. The employees, who said they were with a company called Pro Pave, wanted to be paid $9,000.

The couple refused to pay for work they had not authorized. However, the homeowners began to receive phone calls from a company called Custom Asphalt stating that they owed the company money.

It should be noted there was no contract – nothing in writing giving the pavers permission to work on the couple’s driveway.

The couple was able to obtain the license plate numbers for the two trucks that were at their home. Both had Colorado plates. One was a white Dodge Ram and the other was a tan/gold Dodge Ram.

The BBB called the number given by the Pueblo pavers for Pro Pave, but it turned out to be a company based out on Lakewood, CO. Furthermore, the owner did not know of any paving work done recently in Pueblo. This may indicate that scammers are falsely using the name and giving out the phone number of a legitimate company. Custom Asphalt could not be reached.

The couple has filed a report with the Pueblo County Sherriff’s Office and is reporting the case to the Pueblo district attorney’s office.

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