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BBB Wins Justice Award From Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster


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St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 1, 2010 –
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster last week recognized the Better Business Bureau’s “extraordinary commitment to justice” in presenting the BBB with the Attorney General’s Justice Award for Consumer and Senior Protection.

“This organization has made remarkable contributions to justice in their work to protect consumers by fighting against fraud and protecting consumers’ rights,” Koster said. He cited the BBB’s warnings against scams, such as exposing deceptive practices of US Fidelis and other companies in the auto service contract business. In the first six months of this year, the BBB issued 52 warnings about scams and fraud.

Michelle L. Corey, BBB president and CEO, said the BBB appreciates the recognition and the opportunity to work closely with Attorney General Koster’s office to protect consumers. The BBB spent more than a year investigating and alerting the public to problems with auto service contract firms, many of them based in the St. Louis suburbs.

“The BBB’s core mission is to promote trust in the marketplace by encouraging businesses to meet its standards and to work with the BBB to resolve disputes with customers,” Corey said. “When we find businesses that abuse the trust consumers have placed in them, we feel a responsibility to alert the public.”

The BBB’s award was among seven that Koster presented Thursday in a ceremony in   Jefferson City. This is the first year the office has presented the Justice Awards.

Contacts: Michelle Corey, President & CEO, 314-645-3300, mcorey@stlouisbbb.org, or Chris Thetford, Director of Communications, 314-645-3300, communications@stlouisbbb.org
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