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BBB Dispute Resolution Programs Help Businesses Self-Regulate


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The expertise and experience supporting BBBs industry leading dispute resolution programs, the National Advertising Division (NAD) and BBB AUTO LINE, is being used every day to help businesses and industries with unique marketplace challenges. These two major programs are regularly cited as leading examples demonstrating the effectiveness of self-regulation at work by businesses, regulators and consumers.
Over the years, BBB has developed and provided dispute resolution services for Consent Agreements reached between major companies and the Federal Trade Commission and the National Association of Attorneys General.  To address unique complaint issues for specific businesses, BBB routinely develops and administers dispute resolution programs to resolve cases under a class action agreement, to provide a channel for consumers to bring complaints in a cost effective and user friendly forum-in either case use of mediation/arbitration can help maintain customer satisfaction and manage litigation costs.   

In recognition of BBBs expertise in the area of complaint handling and dispute resolution, BBB staff served as a U.S. delegate to the ISO committee drafting standards for internal customer complaint handling and third-party dispute resolution.    

BBB dispute resolution provides another way BBB can help support the mission of creating marketplace trust and provide service to National Partners.  For more information: Rod Davis and Richard Woods.

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