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BBB Consumer Alert: Tax Preparation Scam Operator Opens Doors Under New Name


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Media Contact:
Joan Coughlin 614-754-4561

BBB Consumer Alert: Tax Preparation Scam Operator opens doors this tax season under new name, X-Press Taxes

Columbus, OH – March 6, 2012 – BBB is alerting the public about a Central Ohio company now doing business as X-Press Taxes. According to consumers complaints in eight states, the company has filed for tax refunds on behalf of consumers and failed to deliver the refund.

In 2011, X-Press Taxes was doing business as Simply the Best Tax Services. Consumers reported losses totaling $30,000, which included a combination of fees paid for tax preparation services and what the consumer was expecting as their income tax refund. Consumers reported they had not received their tax refunds. Some believed they were victims of identity theft as IRS agents said they had no record of the filings and they would not be able to recover their money.

A Missouri consumer stated "They claimed the money was returned to the IRS but it was, in fact, deposited into their bank account. They stole my money from my return."

The company, X-Press Taxes, previously doing business as Simply the Best Tax Services, has an F rating with the BBB.

The company’s advertising targets disabled veterans and unemployed parents by placing advertisements in area newspapers and sending mailings to consumers, which are simply telephone message notes asking them to call about their tax return.

BBB has advised the Ohio Attorney General and the IRS of X-Press Taxes reopening.

BBB advises you may be dealing with an unscrupulous return preparer if they:

  1. Do not sign the return or place a Preparer Tax Identification Number on it.
  2. Do not give you a copy of your tax return.
  3. Promise larger than normal tax refunds.
  4. Charge a percentage of the refund amount as preparation fee.
  5. Require you to split the refund to pay the preparation fee.
  6. Add forms to the return you have never filed before.
  7. Encourage you to place false information on your return, such as false income, expenses and/or credits.
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