Apply ASAP for caregiver benefits, VA says


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The Navy Times recently reported that the Veterans Affairs Department has begun accepting applications for a new, landmark benefits program for the caregivers of severely disabled Iraq- and Afghanistan-era veterans.

Full benefits, which will include living stipends, won’t be paid until July, but there is a good reason for caregivers to apply as soon as possible: Benefits will be retroactive to the date of application.

Applying for benefits is the first of many steps that will require working with caregiver coordinators at VA hospitals, reports the Navy Times. Other steps involve getting the extent of the veteran’s disability assessed by VA doctors and receiving rudimentary medical training in order to be certified as a caregiver. But for those who qualify, the program promises to improve the quality of life for both the disabled veterans, who will be able to stay at home rather than in a hospital or nursing home, and for caregivers, who often feel overburdened and unprepared to provide lifetime care.

Read the Navy Time's full article here.

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