Possible phone scam targets local Chinese residents


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A possible telemarketing scam is targeting local Chinese residents. It has been reported to BBB that people have been receiving phone calls from a female Cantonese caller claiming to represent a Chinese company says that they are conducting “survey”, and seeking personal information.  

After survey, the caller provides a code to remember for future prize claim. 

BBB advises the public that these phone calls are common, and people should:

Treat all unsolicited phone calls with skepticism. Check with the organization directly that the caller is claiming to be from, using the contact numbers found on their website.

Do not provide any personal information. Many of these scam calls are an attempt to steal your identity, not just your money. Don’t provide personal information over the telephone.

Never provide credit or debit card information for payment. You may be able to reverse charges made through your credit card, but you’ve given enough information for fraudsters to use your account for other transactions. And debit purchases are difficult to reverse.

Report any fraudulent activity, especially if you’ve been a victim. Consumers should report any fraudulent activity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1 (888) 495-8501 or www.antifraudcentre.ca.

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